ASSHOLES Keaton Miller and Joshua White broke both of a newly adopted puppy’s legs and ripped away the ligaments for going potty on the floor



Keaton Alexander Messina Miller, 20, and Joshua Ryan White, 19, both of 418 Grouse Court, Keaton Miller and Joshua White ADDRESS 418 Grouse Ct Wilmington NC 28403-2871 Neighborhood: College Park

face charges after a Tennessee hound they adopted had to be euthanized due to extensive injuries.

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – A Tennessee hound adopted from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services Unit had to be euthanized after the dog’s owners are accused of abusing it.

Charlie, a Tennessee hound adopted from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services Unit, had to be euthanized after the dog’s owners beat the hell out of him because he went potty on the floor
On Dec. 29, 2017, Keaton Alexander Messina Miller and Joshua Ryan White, both of Wilmington, surrendered ownership of their dog, Charlie, to New Hanover County Animal Services due to the dog having some form of hip or rear leg injury.

Miller went before a judge Tuesday afternoon on felony animal abuse charges. Investigators stated that Miller told them the dog defecated on the floor and in response, Miller smacked the dog.

During intake assessment, Charlie was unable to stand on his rear legs, according to Lt. Jerry Brewer with the NHCSO.

“X-rays were taken and it revealed that both femurs were broken in half just above the knee joints and the femoral head and the ligaments were torn away from the left hip,” Brewer said. “Charlie had to be humanely euthanized due to the extent of his injuries.”

As a result of its investigation, the sheriff’s office charged Miller with a felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty for “being directly responsible for the injuries Charlie sustained.” Miller was arrested on Monday and posted an $800 bond.

On Tuesday, the judge increased his bond to $5,000. He made bond, and the judge ruled that he cannot be in contact with any animals.

White was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for failure to get medical care for Charlie within a reasonable amount of time.

Miller’s next court date is Feb. 15.

Dogs are Beaten into Submission to Walk Upright Wearing Human Clothes This is an Asian Amusement that needs Awareness to stop them from doing it.

At first sight, this might seem cute to some onlookers but if they only know how these abused dogs are tortured into submission to walk on their back hind legs with human clothes on. If you happen to see this please report the video, report it to the authorities, reprimand the makers of the video or in person.


Ever wonder how they get them to walk upright? They beat them into submission of course.  This is common practice in some Asian countries.





Clinton Lamont McQueen smashed his dogs head in with a hammer

ASHEBORO, N.C. —Clinton Lamont McQueen has been charged with animal cruelty after smashing his dog in the head with a hammer, according to a press release from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

Clinton Lamont McQueen, 48, was booked earlier this month into the Randolph County Jail under a $20,000 secured bond.

On Jan. 9, authorities responded to 1665 Independence Ave. in Asheboro. Information obtained by the original call alleged that a dog was struck and killed with a hammer moments before the call was made. When units arrived on scene they located McQueen and spoke with him about the incident.

While speaking with McQueen, they observed a dog that appeared to be badly injured and suffering from a head injury.

The animal was taken to a local veterinary hospital where it was evaluated and determined the most humane option for the animal was medical euthanasia.

During the scene processing, two hammers were seized.

McQueen who is a POS posted bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 26.

From Sheriff Robert A. Graves:

On January 9th, 2018, The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, as well as Randolph County Animal Control officers, responded to 1665 Independence Ave., Asheboro in reference to an “Animal Cruelty” call for service. Information obtained by the original call alleged that a dog was struck and killed with a hammer moments before the call was made. When units arrived on scene they located Mr. McQueen and spoke with him about this incident. While engaging with Mr. McQueen they observed a canine that appeared to be badly injured and suffering from an obvious head injury. The animal was taken to a local veterinary hospital where it was evaluated and determined the most humane option for the animal was medical euthanasia.
Mr. McQueen was arrested by the Patrol Division “C-Team” for felony animal cruelty and booked into the Randolph County Jail under a $20,000.00 secured bond. During the scene, processing, and subsequent investigation two hammers were seized. The canine was sent to the North Carolina Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for necropsy testing and conclusive results of injuries related to this incident.
Previous records indicate that Mr. McQueen has a long-standing violent criminal history as well as multiple pending non-related felony charges. Mr. McQueen posted bond and is scheduled to appear in court on January 26th, 2018 in Randolph County District Court. This investigation was a multi-agency collaboration and the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division would like to extend its gratitude to Randolph County Animal Control and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for their assistance with this incident.
Clinton Lamont McQueen (48 years old)


So the monsters of this story are bee slavemasters Justin and Tori Engelhardt and the 2 little shits who did the actual murder.

Vandals smash beehives, killing 500,000 bees
note: i don't care about the business 
that had these bees working as slaves; 
had they been free they would still be 
alive so i blame the slave masters that 
ran this operation. I am sad for the 
murder of the 1/2 million bees that lost 
their lives because they lived in slavery.

Bees are rapidly disappearing around the U.S., and that could be potentially devastating because bees are essential to the production of many major food crops. Without bees, there would be no blueberries or apples. Now one Iowa honey company says vandals smashed 50 beehives and killed at least half a million bees, and nearly destroyed the entire business completely.

Justin and Tori Engelhardt of Iowa’s Wild Hill Honey discovered the smashed beehives on Thursday, December 28, when they went out in the morning to check on the bees. All 50 of their hives had been smashed to pieces. The bees, unable to survive the cold temperatures outside the hive, were piled dead in the snow. Justin Engelhardt said nothing was stolen except for the security camera.

At the time, Engelhardt said the destruction had probably destroyed Wild Hill Honey completely because insurers don’t offer beehive insurance and the business couldn’t absorb the approximately $50,000 worth of damage that had been done.

Since news of the vandalism got out, however, Go Fund Me efforts on Wild Hill Honey’s behalf have raised more than $35,000. Engelhardt posted to the company’s Facebook page that the money would allow them to rebuild and start operating again in the spring.

“Thank you to everyone for your generous contributions and your amazing show of support. Because of you, we will be able to continue our business in the spring. We are deeply moved by your compassion,” Engelhardt wrote on Facebook. “Between the contributions and the equipment we were able to salvage, our needs have been met. There are so many great causes to support. Our wish is that this spirit of compassion will be used to help others now. All fundraisers for Wild Hill Honey are now closed. Thank you.”

Smashing the beehives and killing half a million bees was a senseless attack, and police are still looking for the culprits. But the fact that thousands of strangers saved the business from ruin makes this one of the most inspiring food stories of 2017.

If anyone has the 2 brats names please message me, you can remain anonymous,

Honduran Monsters Tied Explosives to a Street Dog and Lit the Fuse

The Monsters Among Us

On January 1st, 2015 MONSTERS Victor José Laínez, Misael Santiágo Laínez Fugón “Chago”, Rony César Nólasco Laínez “Blás” and Antonio Velásques Ortiz tied 2 enormous mortar explosives to an innocent and starving street dog that they dragged 15 blocks to the location and who looked trustingly at the boys possibly even thinking they were playing with him. He Stood patiently still as they attached the explosives to both of his sides, having no idea what these evil sadists had planned for him. The soulless individuals could be heard laughing throughout the entire video.


As they gleefully lit the fuse and the explosives ignited the innocent little dog who would have loved anyone of these boys unconditionally was ripped apart by the violent explosion all the while their evil laughter could still be heard.

This same evil group hunts their own country’s national animal The protected species Yucatan white-tailed deer and…

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I told you about these horses over a year ago and tonight I’m driving and on the radio is Susan Ash of  @HavasupaiHorses talking about the horrors still going on there.  I naively thought my exposing them that tourists would choose a different destination for their vacation, not so! PLEASE take action and help these starved, abused, kicked, whipped, rarely given water horses.

They are literally worked to death; they steal baby horses from the wild before they are ready to be taken away from their mother, work them till they drop dead on trail leave them there because they’ll just get another. I will be posting places and people to contact. From listening to Susan tonight it seems that the best action we can take is to discouraged patrons of this trail, to find alternate ways of getting to the top of the mountain; there are helicopters rides for 90 bucks

Links about the issue


source CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation

June 2017


I know it sounds unthinkable, but the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) is funding experiments that have deliberately starved pregnant baboons to see what effect it will have on their offspring.

One study looked at heart development of young baboons born to malnourished mothers. Not surprisingly, these young baboons had cardiac abnormalities that resulted in premature aging of the heart.

Click here to send your comment to the Director of the NICHD objecting to the use of federal funds to carry out these cruel and medically pointless experiments which cost tax-payers $1.78 million in 2017 alone.


See this NIH grant – Mechanisms of placental, fetal brain and renal outcomes of IUGR

The study, conducted on baboons housed at the Southwest National Primate Research Center, was carried out by the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Wyoming.

Pregnant baboons were starved on a diet lacking one-third of the calories in a normal diet so that they were chronically malnourished during pregnancy and nursing. This is a huge deficit for pregnant animals whose bodies must cope with the metabolic burden of the developing infant.

The young baboons weigh 10% less than normal baboons of the same age and are now being used in studies to determine what effects this has on their developing bodies.

After the heart study is over, they will be used in further research. Tragically, these unfortunate animals will be subjected to a lifetime of experiments.

The baboons are housed in a colony and must be captured, isolated and sedated to get regular blood pressure measurements. They also undergo cardiac MRIs, which is normally a non-invasive procedure in people. But because animals cannot voluntarily cooperate, they are given general anesthesia and intubated on a respiratory ventilator.

The stress that these invasive procedures place on the baboons undoubtedly has a profound impact on their entire cardiovascular system, negating the validity of the research.

Worldwide, there have been many studies on the effects of low-birth-weight on children, including cardiac defects. Cardiac MRI is a painless and non-invasive way to study the physiology of the heart in human patients, including children. The baboon studies are nothing but cruel and unjustifiable.