Kyle A. Jenkins Cuts Puppies Heads Off and Starves Kittens

CIRCLEVILLE – A Circleville man will serve 10 days in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty.
Kyle A. Jenkins, 19, was sentenced last week after three animals, including a decapitated puppy, were discovered in his Nicholas Drive apartment in September, according to court documents. Jenkins had been reported to the Circle Area Humane Society on Sept. 17 after many of his dogs either died or went missing. One of his dogs, a Husky mix puppy, was being kept at the Kingston Veterinary Hospital in poor condition. After receiving the complaints, the Circle Area Humane Society and Circleville Police searched his apartment on Sept. 25 and found two dead puppies in the bedrooms and a neglected 4-month-old kitten in the basement without food or water .
The dead puppies were identified as a Husky and a Papillon. The Papillon puppy was found in a kennel with its head and leg cut off, and the head was never located. Both puppies were covered in maggots.  Christine Roan, president of the humane society, described Jenkins’ apartment in court documents as having no furniture and a floor covered in trash and feces.
Police also reported that it appeared someone had been sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor, and wire kennels were found in an upstairs bedroom.  Jenkins admitted to depriving the animals of food, water and appropriate shelter. He also admitted to decapitating the Papillon puppy.  He was charged with four counts of animal cruelty, but two counts were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea.  Jenkins was sentenced to 360 days in jail with 350 days suspended and two years on probation.  Roan said this was the first time to her knowledge that a defendant has been given jail time in an animal cruelty case.  She also said Jenkins cannot have contact with animals during his probation period and must attend counseling.

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  1. sob like these should get same as if that
    dog was a human child.They are family members and deserve same the same justice and protection we ourselves get.

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