The Most Evil ~ Kayla Bourque – How soon we forget, [Luka Magnotta]

A 22-year-old former Simon Fraser University student who killed animals and allegedly fantasized about murdering homeless people will be released from custody in just two months.
Kayla Bourque was sentenced to eight months in jail this week after pleading guilty to injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possession of a weapon, but authorities fear she may be capable of much worse.
Search warrant documents obtained by CTV News contain pages of police evidence suggesting Bourque also fantasized about killing human beings since childhood.
Kayla Bourque
Convicted animal killer Kayla Bourque is seen in this undated photo. (
She allegedly told friends she wanted “to get a gun and kill homeless people” as well as “kill her mother and younger brother,” according to the documents.
As a student, Bourque took a class with criminology professor Robert Gordon, who said she took an interest in serial killers.
“What we had here was arguably a serial killer in the making,” Gordon said. “It was an outstanding case, probably the worst one I’ve ever come across.”
Authorities were eventually alerted to her behaviour in March by a classmate, and a search warrant was executed at her university residence.
During the search, officers found what they describe as a “kill kit containing a knife, syringe, restraints, black gloves and a demon mask.
The also seized a laptop, three USB storage devices and a binder containing depictions of sexual homicide, dismemberment, serial killers and a tortured cat.
Bourque has already served six months in custody, so will be out in two – though her release will be highly supervised.
The judge in her case imposed an extensive probation order with 46 conditions, including that she stay away from animals, keep off the internet and not keep weapons. She also can’t have anything considered a restraining device.
The judge said that, given the extreme concern, Bourque could be supervised the rest of her life.
With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Scott Roberts
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  1. Wow. This psychopath is from Romania. Could be a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler! Somebody’s going to die by her hands for sure. Why is she locked up?

  2. Everyone’s tax dollars are better used than to babysit this psycho. If my money is to be pissed away to restrain this woman anyway, I rather my money be spent to secure her in a cell, not walk around in the city I live in.

  3. Hi there; I am a Blackfoot shaman… (Fair-Sikh) I first of all just want to state that I am strictly talking about this particular case… I love the way you white gentiles invited this Romanian vampire into Canada and then have the nerve to complain… along with funding the mass production of pork, beef, poultry etc… You see; your frivolous western lifestyle has consequences… When you vote morons into power who terrorize and oppress the rest of the wold it eventually comes back on you. Expect waves upon waves of vicious beasts! Kayla is an animal… you get that? She is an ANIMAL! This is your just Karma… You silly white gentiles call Canada your own… you open it to foreign strangers as if citizenship is a free continental breakfast… but you will get yours… Kayla is just a puppy. She was born in one of the worst periods of Romanian history… She was neglected in an orphanage… she was adopted into foreign land… etc. So for you privileged white gentiles to set up a little blog to shame her… when pork farms and poultry factories are the norm; IS SICKENINGLY HYPOCRITICAL! I have three cats who are reincarnated authors… I know how special pets are, But I also respect how dangerous humans can be. Which is why we need to rehabilitate… to heal and ensure the cycle doesn’t repeat! So I offer up myself as a monster as well! Every time I have dealt with racism from ingrate gentile piglets, I have wanted to kill… to curbstomp, to tear limb from socket! and beat with the bloody end! You white, sheltered cunts have it so good! You will never know how much it hurts to constantly be the odd one out! To walk alone… and to stand by yourself in a room full of enemies. FUCK YOU! Fuck your blog and fuck yourselves to hell! Armchair activist pieces of shit! Its always the Shaman that has to clean up the mess and put things back together… Thanks again for the smallpox! Cunts!

    1. Ok you racist, speciest, pos go ahead and tell this to your reincarnated cats and maybe one day Kayla Bourque will come visit you and your animals.
      and by the way you do not know me or anything about me so before you judge why don’t you check the facts and stop playing victim and get out there and make a change, make the world a better place.

  4. those people i believe need psychoactive therapy to change their stock home and isolated mental boundries in a babysat controlled invironment and fed organic food

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