Top Ten Most Outrageous Animal “Research” Experiments for 2012



Sources: In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Editor’s Note: This is Defense of Animals yealy report. I added pictures to show how these horrific crimes look.

The American public should be outraged by the torturous, inhumane and fraudulent use of animal life for research. For this reason, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has created the “Outragies Awards”, to highlight the worst use of animals in cruel, repetitive and wasteful research- like tormenting baby rats to study “child abuse”, giving hallucinogenic drugs to monkeys to create an animal model of schizophrenia, and hanging mice upside down by their tails to study depression. Tragically, there are hundreds of animal experiments that are outrageous and these Top Ten simply exemplify some of the worst. These experiments—the cream of the crop —show that your tax dollars and animals’ lives are unjustifiably wasted on research that adds nothing to medical progress and does not promote human health.

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