URGENT: Animals in Laton, California, Need Your Voice!

Our Compass


This Sunday, the Laton Lions Club has reportedly scheduled a “Barnyard Scramble” for the organization’s 49th annual rodeo. Bunnies, piglets, calves, lambs, and chicks will be released into the arena and frantically pursued by children ages 4 to 7. Being chased and subjected to rough handling, crowds, and loud noises is a terrifying (and easily injurious) ordeal for these animals, who have no opportunity to escape or defend themselves. To make matters worse, the animals used in the event will be sent home with participants! Sadly, every year, countless animals are “won” as prizes. Many die within weeks from neglect or are bounced around from home to home, relegated to lonely rooms or backyards, and ignored. Participants and their families are simply unprepared for the extraordinary responsibility of caring for their “prizes.”

Please urge the Laton Lions Club to cancel this cruel event. And spread this…

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