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Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau used a nail gun to shoot nails through a snakes head


Derrick was bragging about it by saying “this was a good shot”

Serial Killers in training

These two morons used a nail gun to kill a snake then thought if would be funny to post on Facebook.  Tables are turned and now i’m exposing your ugly mugs to the world, to show the latest serial killers in the making.

Derrick_Moran                          brandon_Juneau

Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau


Since they are so proud of their work and the fact that they love to kill animals here is all their information:


Brandon Juneau
2341 Highway 452
Marksville, Louisiana 71351-3459
Avoyelles Parrish
(318) 264-8709

They also practice defrauding the government in an Indian check fraud scandal, they are James Bryant, Brandon Juneau, Jay-lynn Goudeau, Jon Jon Decuir,Derrick Moran, Mike Flex James and many others


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24 Responses to “Derrick Moran and Brandon Juneau used a nail gun to shoot nails through a snakes head”

    • Linda Beane

      Report them to the police and IRS for the alleged check fraud and also the FBI! Obviously they killed the snake for no reason but sadistic pleasure and shared it on face book for all to see. This is allegedly illegal too, animal cruelty.I hope they like orange clothes.

  1. glenda

    I know these two boys to, they are monsters and moochers off the government. They fake documents claiming that they are Indian when they are not. Turn them into the government !!

  2. Brandon

    Actually I am Indian I just don’t mooch off a tribe. Nor did i kill this snake. Get your facts straight if your going to talk shit.

  3. Alafair

    So Brandon you didn’t kill the snake? You just used a nail gun to torture the snake and it died of old age? YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD.

  4. glenda

    He is not a Indian flood his inbox, im gonna get his address so yall can kill him, his girl, and his evil baby for what they did

    • Alafair

      please send me all and any info you have on any of these guys that were cruel to the snake and who are defrauding the government

    • Alafair

      I put a link on the blog post to your Facebook page will re share with the idiots information, please friend me on Facebook and keep me updated on these stupid morons

    • Mike

      We are sueing whoever made this page. And indian check fraud? Im mike james and im a native american. What fraud am im doing? Im pressing charges for bringing my name up

  5. Mike James

    This is a bunch off bullshit! Government fraud???? Wtf?? Im getting the police in on this shit! Making up a stupid page and LYING on people? I already have an idea who did it and started this

  6. glenda

    Respect animals and dont commit fraud, animals are not food to be killed and hunted they need love just like humans

  7. Claudia

    These two even look like the morons scum that they are. Sharing this article.

  8. Derrick Moran

    Well, this should be interesting. I challenge you to find one fraudulent document from me, or one check I’ve ever received for being Native American (that’s the way you are suppose to say it, I definitely don’t receive checks from the government of India).

  9. glenda

    The government investigating Derrick Moran, James Bryant Brandon Juneau and many others the truth will come out

  10. glenda

    Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the page , lets celebrate by turning these boys into jail!!!!


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