African Lion skinned in PAKISTAN

HIGH WARNING VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOGRAPH – Cee4life had this photo sent to us about a week ago to see if we could track down where this happened and if it was illegal and could be addressed.
What we have found.LionSkinnedInPakistan This African Lion was skinned in PAKISTAN. Over there, there are virtually NO animal laws, and anyone can keep an exotic animal. Most of them end up dead in one way or another, however you can GUARANTEE most are abused, and in the case of this dear boy, he just became useless and a burden.
He was electrocuted immensely prior to skinning, causing the blood to boil and thin so much, hence why there is little blood. However, they are excellent “skinners” His skin was probably sold, and his meat either eaten or sold along with his bones for the lies of TCM ABP. ( the FAKE Traditional Chinese Medicines Animal Body Part Use) This African Lion endured hell. If anyone can identify the faces of these scum in the photos and is near them and loves animals, please go put a electric prod up their arses for me and let them burn….. This IS the mentality of many in Pakistan with animals. ie: horror and they can get away with it, as its not illegal.
African Lions…. dying for dollars. Please contact the Pakistan Embassy in your country, you have permission to attach this photo and information, and ask them to enforce laws which protect these animals, and address these murder

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