RSPCA hunt man who ‘kicked Dalmatian in the head’

Our Compass

Source Coventry Observer
By Matthew Bates

CCTV cameras have captured the shocking moment a man kicks his dog in the head.

The images, taken from a Coventry subway last month, allegedly show the man stopping before aiming two kicks at the helpless Dalmatian’s head.

RSPCA chiefs branded the footage stomach churning and are appealing for information in a bid to find the man’s identity. Footage of the incident has not been made available but this CCTV still has been released.

It comes after a concerned member of the public tipped off the charity.

The incident happened on Saturday, September 28 between 12.22pm and 12.24pm in the Central 6 Subway.

Charity Inspector Louise Labram said: “This is pretty stomach churning footage to watch – and it appears to be completely unnecessary and unprovoked.

“I am keen to speak to anyone who may recognise the man in the CCTV stills

“In the…

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