Hunters Kill Family Dog Because She got In their Way.

1424513_641694362547429_1385493337_nTown of Rome, Wisconsin – This is Zoey’s story. I was killed by hunters the weekend of 10/25/13. I went missing on 10/25/13 at about 9:00 A.M. When my family was looking for me they asked some hunters (Neighbors) if they had seen me. They stated they did on 10/25/13 at about 9:30 A.M. They stated they threw sticks at me because I was disrupting their hunting but have not seen me since. On 10/26/13 my family asked the hunters (Neighbors) a second time if they seen me. They said no. My family searched for me every day for hours and hours, shouting, calling, walking miles but could not find me. On 10/28/13 my family found me 30 feet from the hunters (Neighbors) tree stand with an arrow hole through my back and neck. I was left to suffer and die. My body was in clear view of the hunters tree stand and path. It is undeniable to say I could not have been seen. My family loved me and is devastated by my murder. Please help me and my family bring justice to the hunters (Neighbors) who wrongfully murdered me. Share my story to everybody and let the world know I did not deserve to die.

8 thoughts on “Hunters Kill Family Dog Because She got In their Way.”

    1. June Arseneault, Canada

      This behaviour is totally unacceptable against any animal. All of these animals belong to GOD & should be respected as such. If they did this act with my dog, I don’t know what I would do to them but it wouldn’t be very pleasant. These people deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the law. AND THAN SOME!!!

    2. this is not in the same league as house-burning, but a few years back when i saw some kids shooting at birds in my neighborhood, then were aiming at a cat — i ran out of my house, easily ran them down, grabbed the gun, and threw it into the lake. about two hours later there was a knock at my door (“oh no” i thought, their brain-dead parent coming by… ) well, the parent wasn’t brain-dead: they thanked me!

      1. Well good on ya! We need more people like you. Guns are too accessible in this country. I recently watched a movie via Netflix streaming entitled: Machine Gun Preacher and I thought to myself, “Damn! I need to be like that, only with protecting animals.” I wish I could live on the fringe, risking everything to save animals.

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