Man beats bear to death with a rock after hitting him with his car


Warning: images are disturbing! Man Kills Bear in Gravenhurst A man accidentally hit a bear with his truck near Gravenhurst on November 3rd, 2013. The bear didn’t die on impact, and despite pleas from bystanders to call the OPP to perform a humane euthanasia, he proceeded to beat the bear with a rock and eventually loaded the bear (still alive) into his truck. The bear died a slow and painful death as a result of this man’s actions. There are a number of more appropriate ways that this situation could have been resolved without the needless suffering on the bear’s part that undoubtedly took place. For one, the man – or a bystander – could have called Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. We would have gone out to get the bear and his condition would have been assessed. If treatment was an option, we would have treated his injuries and he would go on to return to the wild after recovery. If treatment was not an option, he would have been quickly and painlessly euthanized – not bludgeoned with a rock. Another option would have been to call the OPP or MNR who would have killed the bear quickly using a firearm – also a generally accepted form of euthanasia. The way this man chose to approach this situation is cruel, and the bear suffered as a result of this man’s poor choices. We hope that at the very least this story brings awareness to humane euthanasia practices and encourage people call for help if they find themselves in a similar situation. We will keep our ‘followers’ informed on this case and if you would like to voice your opinion on this story you can write a letter to the editor at Cottage Country Now by sending your letter to:

6 thoughts on “Man beats bear to death with a rock after hitting him with his car”

  1. This is terrible! That poor little bear cowering in the road. Heartbreaking!. I don’t suppose anything will happen to this imbecile for doing this, but he needs to be taught some sort of lesson. Complete inhumane. As you say in the article, perhaps the bear could have been treated. What an evil monster. I find it hard to believe no one tried physically to stop him. One of them, at least, had time to whip out a camera.. This reinforces the meaning of the word ‘bystander’. IMO they are just as culpable – they did nothing to help that poor little thing Total shame on them. 🙁

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