Mutation of Poachers


(Reblogged from Sybelle Foxcroft)
At a time when there is an unprecedented slaughter of elephants, and the worlds creatures are spiralling to extinction due to un natural deaths caused by humans, here we still have the heinous venues of Sth Africa carrying on their hunting venues, and claiming falsey that it is all for conservation.
When you track the spread of the human population over earth, we move like a virus, taking over everything. And like some strands of virus, it mutates so it can continue to spread. These people who run these hunting venues are the type of virus that mimicks and promotes itself by stealth. They hide in broad daylight, presenting themselves as harmless and “helping conservation” but in reality they are psychotics promoting death.
Hunting of these great creatures is NOT conservation, it is legalised murder, and these places are like a virus.
As the statistics and facts keep showing that these creatures are going to un natural extinction, by the hand of humans, do we only rely on the Governments around the world to end these hunting farms?

These “people” are the legalised poachers, who have mutated like a virus to mask their poaching status. Just like a poacher, their business is to kill elite animals and earn money from them. There is only one difference between them and the criminal syndicates, the hunting venues do this in broad daylight under a host called Sth African Government.
These “people” are a virus and this virus needs to be stopped.

I once interviewed a hunter who made every excuse in the world to justify his hunting business. He was a very charming virus masking his murderous business in the name of conservation.

I pray that the Government innoculates itself soon against this outbreak, and annilhilates these plague hunters off the face of the earth. If not, it is up to you and I to protect the last of these wonderous creatures. Without the animals, we are nothing.

This elephant was quietly eating when these vile beings killed it, then the smileing assassins posed as if heroic…..
RIP Dear Elephants
~ Sybelle
(This disgraceful photo and more can be found at this legalised poachers business – )

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