Zackaryie Hawkins punches a puppy in the head


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Zackaryie Hawkins Address: 618 Applewhite St,
Alexandria, Rapides County, LA-71302

Authorities in Alexandria, La., arrested a 13-year-old teen on one count of animal cruelty following the circulation of a video, via social media, which showed the alleged abuse, reported Monday’s KALB News.

Dozens of concerned individuals who watched the disturbing video, which appears to show a teenage male striking a small puppy, contacted the authorities over the weekend; the outpouring of concern and a demand for action prompted the Alexandria Police Department to launch an investigation.

On Sunday, the police department released the following statement:

Final update on animal cruelty investigation: Officers located the puppy, the puppy is fine and was placed in a shelter for the night. Charges are pending. As the officers are still working – nothing further can be released at this time.

Please do not call HQ w questions as these officers have been inundated and they can release nothing further. Additional info will be made available tomorrow via media relations officer. Again thanks to the public for their assistance and patience.

Though it was social media, specifically Facebook, which led the authorities to the alleged abuser, the Alexandria Police Department reminded the public that reports of alleged abuse should be made directly to their department, rather than through social media outlets.

We ask that everyone contact the police there at this link
Officer-in-Charge:  Lieutenant Eddie Andrus
5903 Coliseum Boulevard
Alexandria, LA 71301
318-484-2190 Office
318-484-2128 Fax
February 3, 2014e-mail:

And last but not least here are photos of the ugly little monster

Region Capture


15 thoughts on “Zackaryie Hawkins punches a puppy in the head”

    1. Future abusive boyfriend/husband/father. You can always judge what’s in someones heart, by how they treat animals. (defensive baby animals in this case)
      I’d be very upset if they gave that puppy back.
      And I’d love to know how his parents feel about it.

  1. You have the wrong address for Zackaryie. That’s not his home. Seems to me you were in such a hurry to make this child look bad, you didn’t do your full research. You are putting this family’s address out here for the world to see and they had absolutely nothing to do with this. I would hate for something to happen to the people that live there because of your recklessness. I suggest you do better research before hitting the submit button.

    P.S. He is still a child, so hold off with all of the name calling. As children and young adults we’ve all made mistakes (some worse than others) and some of you are still making the same mistakes as older adults today. No one is perfect! In stead of criticizing this child, say a good prayer for him. Don’t judge him because you are not God!

    1. I will call out anyone who abuses animals, if the parents are not going to do their job then i will, I am not judging i am warning to world because the single common denominator of EVERY SERIAL KILLER is animal abuse, so stop minimising it as something stupid or a mistake this is serious

    2. He didn’t steal a soda or candy. He abused a living, breathing life. This individual is not a child. Children have an innocence about them. He has crossed over into full adult behavior which is not one to be tolerated at any point in life. You can take your opinion and shove it.

    3. this is not about a child…he is old enough to know,how animals should be treated.And his familiy is guilty too,because they failed to teach him.If he does not learn it now,he will never learn it.

  2. real bold, encouraging people to bully a child because they did something stupid once
    you animal rights activists are becoming worse than the people you claim to be stopping

    1. And real bold for you to encourage abusing animals. I don’t care if he is 9! He is nothing a little dick head who thinks they can get away with whatever in the hell he wants to because y’all say it okay. He needs his ass beat and then slapped in the face like he did to that puppy.

  3. I don’t care HOW OLD someone is…………… only takes ONE time to begin this cycle of abuse. It’s time to step up and be RESPONSIBLE for your actions. If that were MY child…….the first thing I would be wondering is, “Where did I go wrong as a parent?” No one person or ANIMAL should suffer the abuse of someone that OBVIOUSLY needs professional help.

  4. I don’t care if he is a child! Lock the monster away from other living things immediately! Thank you whoever posted this!

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