Cruelty for Entertainment, Cruelty to Animals, Rape
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Michael Jones and Reid of Fontaine Herkimer County, New York state RAPE cows

Cows from a farm in Herkimer County, New York state, were behaving oddly and weren’t producing the usual quantity of milk. The owner of the farm installed a surveillance camera to check out the situation.Image
35-year-old Michael Jones and 31-year-old Reid Fontaine RAPE COWS

Imagines captured on tape were appalling: he discovered that two men had been breaking into his barn at night and filming themselves having sex with his cows
The farmer – who ask to remain unidentified – immediately alerted the police, who started investigating. 35-year-old Michael Jones and 31-year-old Reid Fontaine were arrested for misconduct, but were eventually released on an appearance ticket.
We ask the honourable sentencing judge from Herkimer County Supreme Court to apply the maximum penalty available under the current laws
Please Sign the Petition and help convict these people. We demand a punishment that fits the crime!


  1. Tell these sick losers to bend over and touch their toes. Now, tie their wrists to their ankles and ship them off to jail. Pin signs on their back “I fuck cows”.

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