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Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distressed Dolphin as a Toy

Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distress Dolphin as a Toy

THE MONSTERS HERE ARE Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres, BOTH LIVE IN LIMA PERU.
These two teenagers had a lot of fun with this distressed dolphin on the beaches of Lima, and then uploaded the pictures on Facebook. It is unclear if the dolphin had died before reaching the beach, or passed away after being used as a toy by these unconscious people.

We can’t understand why these two would fail to alert the authorities and instead chose to harm the poor marine mammal.

The names of the two culprits are Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres. Both live in Lima, according to their Facebook accounts.

We ask Peru Police to investigate and prosecute these two for their heartless actions!

Read more: http://www.yousign.org/en/lima-dolphins#ixzz2v5sYMwCF

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129 Responses to “Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distressed Dolphin as a Toy”

      • Jack

        The guy is holding its mouth closed, it’s alive.

    • Cindy

      That dolphin is not dead you can clearly see when it’s being held up by that horrible girl it is reacting by curling up its tail. Either way what they are doing is despicable

      • Max

        I don’t know if the dolphin is alive or not. Someone could be holding it up by the tail, just out of shot. Seems like it would be too heavy for her to hold up by herself and the guy on the left is just holding the dolphin’s nose.
        I abhor animal cruelty. Even if the dolphin was already dead I can’t understand why anyone would want to play around with it but there’s nothing cruel about playing with an already-dead animal. It might be weird, but it’s not cruel. I hope it was washed up on the beach and they didn’t make it suffer or kill it.

  1. Maureen Burke-Horansky

    Put them in jail and make them do hours of work at a shelter.

  2. TJ~

    OMG! That poor young dolphin!!!
    I hope the courts slammed her good for such cruelty!!!
    Some people, I tell ya, have no respect at all!
    And the gall to post it!!!
    Wow…un-fricken-believable!!! :'(

    Please sign the Petition :'(

  3. Sarah Clark

    That’s disgusting! How could anyone do that to an animal.

  4. chris

    Absolutely disgusting people, PROSECUTE these pathetic morons

  5. Julie

    Nice website, Keep bring us great information, because I for one definitely appreciate it.

  6. Kellie

    Prosecute them to the highest extent of the law. Dead or alive it’s wrong and cruel. They knew the difference between right and wrong. They have no remorse, they’re proud of themselves posting the photos as if to brag. Peru Police please arrest them asap if you haven’t already.

  7. Christopher R. Grove

    I would suggest NOT jumping to conclusions. This, apparently, is at San Pedro beach at Chiclayo, Peru where many, many dophins, sea-turtles and other marine life had been washed up ashore DEAD! Many, many people had swarmed there out of curiosity, then!

    It is SOOOOO easy for a crowd to be swept up in a fervor of wrong conclusions and you may all be calling them horrible names wrongly.

    And so that would make YOU the heartless assholes, yes??

    LEARN from this!!!

    • Anonymous

      Clearly not dead. If the dolphin was however, it is just as bad. Would straddle a dead body? If so, get help!

  8. Karen Raia

    Christopher I don’t agree with you one bit You can clearly see the dolphin is still alive neither one of them have any respect for life they have already displayed their sociopath sadistic heartless serial killer abuser traits.

    • Daniel

      Can you point out in which one of those pictures the dolphin is dead? You’re all pissed off about something you know nothing about.

  9. Laurence Cadamy

    It says ‘Prosecute Lima Teenagers’ but with what evidence. Four photographs that tells us that they were doing something to a dolphin. However, the photos do not tell us categorically that the dolphin was alive at the time. In essence, it wouldn’t stand up in court.

  10. Ashlee bonham

    It’s time for
    People to realize they can’t treat animals this way. I am sick of seeing humans mistreat these poor animals

  11. Cameron Holt

    No. I live in San Diego and see stupid girls take pictures with dead seals constantly, do I go up to them and confiscate their phone? Not to mention my stupid ass friends who have on multiple occasions pulled DEAD ass seals from out of the ocean and tossed them at each other as they practically fell apart. If someone came up to our group at the beach and tried going animal rights mode on us they would have just been put in the dirt literally and figuratively. How can you critique someone who is doing a huge favor to the whole beach. Getting rid of the thing is better than swimming in dead seal juice, right? Seals are like, just as cool as dolphins and I think the image of the dolphin is just blinding people to the fact that DEAD ANIMALS DON’T FUCKING MATTER. GET RID OF THE ANIMAL CORPSES ON THE BEACH, NOT EVERYONE LIKES HANGING OUT IN AN AREA THAT SMELLS LIKE FLESH ROT.

  12. Kerry

    Scumbags should be tortured n I’d happily be the 1 2 do it…lowlife trash..

  13. RL Ryder

    What horrible monsters. Torturing that poor brilliant anima to death. That poor thing was smarter than those horrible bastards were. Now we get to torture them.

  14. Pauline Salemi

    Sub-human filth. The world would be a healthier place without savages like that infesting it.


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