Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distressed Dolphin as a Toy

Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distress Dolphin as a Toy

THE MONSTERS HERE ARE Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres, BOTH LIVE IN LIMA PERU.
These two teenagers had a lot of fun with this distressed dolphin on the beaches of Lima, and then uploaded the pictures on Facebook. It is unclear if the dolphin had died before reaching the beach, or passed away after being used as a toy by these unconscious people.

We can’t understand why these two would fail to alert the authorities and instead chose to harm the poor marine mammal.

The names of the two culprits are Judith Maribel Uriol Silva and Jonathan Ramos Torres. Both live in Lima, according to their Facebook accounts.

We ask Peru Police to investigate and prosecute these two for their heartless actions!

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130 thoughts on “Prosecute Lima Teenagers that Used a Distressed Dolphin as a Toy”

    1. This made me cry! What a heartless act, we are suppose to protect, not harm. The authorities need to see this

  1. These heartless brats need to be prosecuted for their cruel and thoughtless actions. This poor marine mammal had no choice but to take this abuse and die. How Horrible and Sad. πŸ™

    1. ill pass thanks

      what would you suggest? public hanging? flogging? beatings? oh wait i know how bout we start a global facebook campaign to abuse and torture these kids for an indefinate amount of time… what do ya reckon Jacques?

      1. ill pass thanks

        and thats why you are a hypocritical spacecadet PJ. how can we possibly expect the world to treat animals better, if we cant extend the same resolve to our own species?

      2. Opinions are like assholes: some people make a lot of money by posting them online..and millions of people post their’s for free unfortunately πŸ˜‰

      3. They have been shamed world wide, they should be educated or their mistake and the damage they did with their actions and some kind of public service should be added to any punishment they receive, it should be and educational experience so they and any other may learn that this was a wrong action. As for Jacques, well you can fly to Lima and flog them in the town square, don’t forget to bring your cat of nine tails… Just kidding, Things like this are done pout of ignorance, education and proper examples are the only things that will ever fix these problems…

    1. ill pass thanks

      so Chloe, as someone who hopefully went to some sort of media school, what do you know about this photo?

      not trying to destroy your credibility here, but getting 7000 other people to help you bully teenagers in a global witch hunt seems a bit… i dunno, …evil.

      1. only thing evil are the freaks in the photo & what do we need to know about the photo it speaks for its self. pictures don’t lie like people do.
        and it seems like you have a lot invested in these freaks of cruelty not saying much about yourself

  2. You people are fucking morons. This dolphin is obviously dead and was before they got to it. Something like 400 dolphins were found dead on that beach at this time.

    They have committed no crime, the authorities will do nothing

    Ignorant fools!

    1. Dead or alive is not the issue, normal people don’t act like this .
      And if this one was dead why is the guy holding its mouth shut
      You and anyone who thinks like you are the morons

      1. 1. There is no such thing as “normal people”

        2. He’s not holding its mouth shut, his hands are just in the picture.

        3. Judgmental finger pointing based on opinionated moral standards will not solve anything. The thing is dead, it has no concept of reality, posting their names and creating anger towards them based on lies will do nothing but put them at risk.

        You all should be ashamed of yourselves, you would be the first to burn the witch if it was a different time, if anyone are monsters here it is you!

    2. Sick Of Lies Should Die

      You’re an idiot if you think crime only related to legality. Morality is a much bigger issue. I hope you get washed up on a beach one day and mistreated while you die. You’re also the typical internet hero who abuses people but would crap yourself if you came face to face with anyone. Sad little twat.

      1. ill pass thanks

        i dont like the idea of abuse to animals, in fact a detest it, but i will say that abusing a couple of stupid teenagers on a global scale from a bunch of online faceless keyboard warriors, is in fact less moral, and also has real legal implications. But since you are already on the Moral bus i’m sure you already know that. I wasn’t sure whether to post this comment or just let your hypocrisy resonate through the chat room a little longer.

    3. Hes CLEARLY hodlding the mouth shut. YOU are the ‘fucking moron’ whether dead or alive, they are two very messed up people. Do you have children? What if your child died and someone came along, and instead of getting help, they picked up its lifeless body and started posing for fucked up pictures with it? Would that be ok? Would you just say ‘oh my child was dead, its ok’? NO YOU WOULD NOT! So tell me, WHY is THIS ok?
      Animals are just as precious and deserve the same respect humans do. If u disagree then you are just as bad as these two disgusting sad excuses. ALL life is precious. Get your fucking head out of your arse and wake up.

      1. ill pass thanks

        ok – lets use the same retarded logic you just used to illustrate the same nonsensical arguement you used. If your house was on fire… there was a small helpless baby in the next room crying, and a goldfish with super cute puppy dog eyes in another room opposite – and you only had time to save one… “you would be conflicted as to who/what to save?” because if you dont save the baby – ” you need to get your head out of your arse and wake up. “

      2. AND how can we stop animal abuse if we don’t punish people to the fullest! Animals have feelings too! They die feeling the last emotion of fear and confusion?! Too many animals of too many species are killed and tortured second by second all over the world. The guilty ignorant people who kill and torture them should receive the same punishment, period! They are defenseless and scared. Dolphins are intelligent animals. IF this dolphin was alive, it died in fear! How would you like to die in fear or being tortured? Dogs and cats have the same mental capacity of a 2 yr old toddler, they love us and we are their world. Too many are tortured and abused everywhere in the world. Elephants are highly intelligent animals but killed for their tusks. Cows bawl for days when their babies are taken away. They often cry so long their throats swell up and the die. I could go on about the intelligence of animals who have a brain and understand what is being done to them, they just don’t understand why. They feel and love like we do! Many species! YES they should be punished to the fullest!! and the word is indefinite! Ill pass thanks….what a STUPID analogy…a baby in a fire and goldfish. Really? You SHOULD pass thanks on your comments. You are a RIGHT fighter. Doesn’t matter what the subject you comment on. Your goal is to be RIGHT. The more I read your comments, the more stupid you appear, just attempting to sound so much more intelligent than the rest of us. ewwwww!

    4. Oh, and by the way, if it was really dead, it would not be bent the way it is. If it was dead its body would be limp and flopped downwards. So your comment is COMPLETELY invalid.

      1. ill pass thanks

        you should google “rigamortis”, before invalidating an arguement based upon a picture you know nothing about, only what you percieve. Sorry to COMPLETELY invalidate your comment.

    5. If it’s dead why is its tail up and why did the guy feel the need to hold its mouth shut in that way! And even if it is dead it still does not in any way make this ok! You wouldn’t want your lifeless body played around with after you die or your families dead body’s. It’s wrong and disgusting! And it’s people like you that make people think it is okay to treat animals like this!

      1. ill pass thanks

        its tail could be up for a number of reasons, rigamortis is one, another, is someones holding the tail up, or perhaps the dolphins alive (who knows – its a picture) – i dunno what a little dolphin weighs, lets guess 70lbs or about 40kg, thats a fair bit of weight for that girl to be supporting – id say its a reasonable assumption that the two people on either side of her are really just baring its weight as apposed to holing its mouth shut.

    6. Why was the body of the dolphin cubed when being held and why did they hold its face still ? If it was dead its body would be lifeless . Instead they had to hold its face ? Yeah seems legit .ignoramus !

    7. only ignorant fool is you who is even to ashamed to post your name if it was already dead that makes it worse they were having fun playing with a dead body how disturbing that this is what we got growing up in the world

    8. A dead dolphin would hang limp or stiff when dead…any MORON can see that it is arching its back and tail! Fucking moron!!!!

  3. Their answer would be quote ” Oh We had a bad upbringing our parents didn’t teach us RIGHT from WRONG . We were on DRUGS and ALCOHOL ! Please be lenient with us as WE don’t know any better. “

    1. ill pass thanks

      You missed out other sweet stereotypes like, WE come from a LOW SOCIOECONOMIC BACKGROUND or WE saw it ON TV.

      … also you don’t need to write ‘quote’ when using quotation marks… and also, who are you quoting?

      it could just be they are dumb teens, who did something stupid.
      If you take all the emotiveness out of this… (might be hard for you as you seem rather upset judging by your excessive use of capital letters in your message… ) it really does seem to just be an act of teenage stupidness.

      Did you ever do anything stupid Nick? Did anyone ever conduct a global facebook witch hunt and slander campaign on you for it? If not think about it for a minute.

      I’m all for the protection of animals, I truely am, but i’m more for the protection of these kids human rights and even though they are clearly morons, bullying like this on a global scale is truely the worst abuse to come out of this, in this authors opinion.

      1. They did something WRONG and CRUEL! Animal cruelty is a crime and when someone is caught doing such things they should be prosecuted, and if starting a petition to make sure justice is done then it should be done. What human rights are being violated here? None! They campaigned it themselves when they put it on a social networking site. They wanted to glorify their cruelty and now they are going to have to deal with the consequences.

      2. well you know what they say about carma is a bitch I guess they bullied the dolphin & now carma is biting their ass but unless someone gets them face to face their not going through half of what that poor dolphin did

  4. Got my vote. Animals over humans any day. No animal would stoop to this level, and we are meant to be the civilised ones. Ha! This makes me sick to my stomach and reminds me what is wrong with this world. Us!

    1. ill pass thanks

      my cat regularly mutilates and drags half dead birds into my house and torments them for (what im assuming is) hours.Most of the time she doesnt quite kill them, leaves them well enough to suffer. The cats not even hungry, she just does it for sport… Cats are pretty evil creatures, so are people, i love animals, but people are just as and in most cases more valuable.

      now im not endorsing what these kids did or did not do, im just saying that from these pictures you dont get a fair representation of the story and without that, I think you are all being more evil than my very evil cat with your global bullying campaign against these kids.

      1. I don’t think such pathetic people could possibly be more valuable then a live or dead dolphin . Lets not forget these fucktards posted the pics and they thought what that this was cute ? No so fuck them fuck there family fuck there life !

      2. think you need to get your eyes checked you keep saying kids but I don’t see kids in this photo these are teens almost adults & if this is what they have to offer the world its gross. and they are not cats either so don’t know where that came from

  5. These two are not teenagers. The woman has several children and appears younger in these photos than she did in her other photos in her profile. The person who created the petition made a huge mistake and now it’s all over the net as teens when they are adults. The male figure does appear to be younger than her, though.

    1. Would be best to not respond directly to “I’ll pass” as this apathetic individual is incapable of fathoming the disgust we feel as humans when cruelty of this magnitude is done to a creature that means no harm. Some people are just unable to look past their own misplaced sense of ego and “god complex” into the disturbing reality that certain humans are simply a virus on this earth. Personally I vote for the lynching as suggested above. πŸ™‚ I won’t be back to this thread…..comment away Sunshine!

      1. Who is apathetic? If you were responding to me, you need to know I have tracked these people all over the net to find out exactly where this happened. You’d also know that I fight for dolphins, raptors and all animals, every single day. So do not call me apathetic, please. I have lost a lot of friends because of my constant animal right’s posts and that’s their loss, not mine. If they can’t handle it, then they need to do something about it other than hide their heads. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

    2. Omg wow I hope these people are found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law… If it was my law I would take them 10 miles offshore and through there asses off the boat no life jackets and leave them there…

    3. i thought they looked like adults but some nut job keep calling them kids so i thought they must be teens that were soon going to be adults but clearly not kids. seven kids that’s scary if this is what she is teaching them

  6. And how many of you people judging before knowing the fact, that loads of dead dolphins were found there, ever did anything for a fellow human being in need? A dolphin that size is much stronger than a human and could break your bones with its tail, or crush your rib cage with a snout blow. Silly humans, there are way too many of you. There are those who are working to correct that. As you were.

    1. to many humans i agree. Those of you who are out there working to correct this i hope you start with the bitches in the photo

  7. This makes me want to cry! People like this disgust me! It is clear that the dolphin was ALIVE abs they killed it by using it as a toy! See the picture where he is holding the mouth closed so she could hold it?? He wouldn’t have to do that to a dead dolphin. I wish I could find these people myself and torture them abdominal see how they like it!

  8. It has been interesting to read all the comments . I am totally against abuse of humans or other animals/ creatures. I think everyone who commented is against what those thoughtless , uncaring people did. My point is rather than all of us commenting and saying negative things among ourselves , why don’t we put forth efforts to actually do something about this? I am sure I do not know all of the avenues available to us ; but after getting this out to the public, as has been done, why don’t we find the best organization that is active in trying to get laws passed ?Laws that will not only fine such people, but also put them in jail for no less than a year; and longer depending on the abuse / crime. If we cannot find such an organization, we can start one . Also, I think people who abuse any animal should be tracked ; and flyers should be put out in their neighborhoods saying they are guilty of the crime of abusing animals; just as flyers are put out about sex offenders. Please don’t think that I am comparing the rape of a person to the abuse of an animal. To me, humans must come first but animals are only slightly behind them. I have a beautiful dog who has been with me 10 wonderful years; and I can tell you, for sure he has saved my life on two different occasions . I would hurt someone badly, without a moments hesitation , if I found that person abusing my dog/friend. It hurts me literally to see any person or animal abused; and I am ready to do something about it. To me it seems helping to get laws passed whatever county we live in is a good start. Additionally , even if there are laws in your country regarding the abuse of animals , maybe we should take a closer look; and those laws should become more severe. All the talk and good intentions will never change anything unless we take action. I intend to do just that; and I hope you will join me.

  9. Those kids need to be taught a lesson, and their parents need to know what they have done. If they can do this to a mammal, what might they do to another human. mammals, as you know are intelligent. They need to understand that.

  10. i just like them to be accountable for these actions in terms of the fact that some people in this world are trying to save so many creatures our speices keep destroying and yet pictures like these don’t help, not sayin the kids should die just need to be held accountable and not saying that its ok neither but if our world allows such things like this to countine then this is exzactly why we will not have many animals left also includeding facts of our polluting of our water these beautiful swimmers homes get destroyed so really ya if they don’t die by acts of cruelty its bye being hunted or pollution and other things .

  11. Tracie Manwaring

    The pics alone are like a horror flick.. I don’t understand HOW these people didn’t understand that what they did is wrong on so many levels. I do not get why they aren’t already in jail!!

  12. i have a quick question to the ppl out here um i know we wanna do right bye the laws of the land but maybe some of us don’t realize that sum things were wanting justice 2 and wanna prove must be right but yet revange is not the same as justice maybe our feelings of hurt stands in the way of making it sound like its the right way in killing them the same but yet doesnt that make us the same as those bye us scooping to that level that purpatrys us to be jus as evil in doing those harm for us to cause death apon them ? wouldn’t we end up being the same thing monster?

  13. Hijos de su puta madre! Que inconsiencia y crueldad! El indefenso delphΓ­n es habitante de este planeta al igual que ustedes par de estupidos, ignorantes putos MONSTROUS!

  14. So what is the story. Did these youngsters find a helpless dolphin and kill it? Or did they find a dead dolphin and do something in very poor taste? Does anyone know? Those that say it doesn’t matter, well it does. Especially if you are going to start an internet hate campaign against these individuals. Learn the facts first. If the dolphin was already dead, then what they did was in very poor taste, but not cruel. If they abused a distressed dolphin then it is another story altogether. Once you have the facts you can word a proportionate response. Until then, what you are doing is irresponsible. Those that say they can tell the dolphin is alive by just looking at the pic are talking out of their backsides. I am verimentaly against animal cruelty, but also against cruelty of people (animals too).
    I would like to suggest to you that starting an orchestrated hate campaign against these individuals, set to carry on indefinitely, when you are not in position of all the facts, is morally reprehensible. Also most of the comments on this thread are comletely disturbing. If the dolphin was already dead then what they did was in poor taste and stupid… so of course a proportionate response would be death threats….. Check yourselves.

  15. Ignorant people should be prosecuted and rot in jail….I would love to see them treated they way they treated that poor dolphin…. sick sick sick asses…..

  16. The dolphin was alive when it was removed from the water by these two, who are adults, not children. This was originally posted elsewhere and the text with it said the dolphin died shortly after the events in the photos.

  17. How sad that they engaged in such behavior, it makes me sick to think that the dolphin was alive and it’s last moments in distress were horrifying!! I don’t agree with tormenting either, but it is extremely sad and these people should be held accountable for their behavior on that day.

  18. The title of this says Prosecute Lima Teenagers that used Distressed Dolphin as a Toy. That is why I referred to them a youngsters. There has been news reports of hundreds of dead dolphins being found washed up on beaches in Lima. Don’t take my word for it, google it. That is why I asked if it could be confirmed whether or not the dolphin was already dead. Look, I am against animal cruelty as much as the next man, and if this dolphin was alive, and then subsequently killed by these individuals then they should be held accountable for that. But it is equally possible, and plausible that the dolphin was already dead, and these youngsters did something in very poor taste. Put hundreds of dead animals in the vicinity of any town in the world and sooner or later you will get young people being idiots, and possibly posing for photos. I don’t condone posing for photographs with dead animals, I find that quite disturbing. However, I am probably older than most people commenting and when you get to my age you realise that most young people will do something incredibly dumb at some time in their youth. If they found a dead dolphin and posed with it for photographs then they need a talking to, not death threats and an orchestrated global hate campaign with their identities and location published in the hope that someone will find them and dish out vigilante punishment. This is wrong. I realise my view will not be popular, because most people commenting care passionately about animal welfare and believe these people tortured an animal to death. If that is the case then I am all for prosecution, when full facts are known. You don’t know the full facts here, yet you have set yourself up as judge, jury and executioner, and looking at the comments most of you have decided that the penalty should be death. This I find just as disturbing as the photographs.

  19. They should be given the max sentence for their stupidity. I wonder what if it was them being treated in the same way. What would they do. They would scream how wrong it is. Lima Police and justice system. Do the right thing and make them pay for what they did!

  20. This is so sad. Where is the common sense in these people for causing stress to this animal. How do they not know that it animal cruelty! ! CHARM SHOULD BE PRESSED!!

  21. These people did not kill this mammal and I will give you 2 reasons, based in fact, to prove otherwise. Maybe insensitive but not evil.
    From this article,

    A new study reveals that dolphins produce roughly ten times the strength than the fittest human athlete, according to Discovery News.

    I doubt these people could kill a living dolphin with these insensitive but no deadly actions. That dolphin could not be held if it were alive.

    Over 400 dead dolphins washed up on the shore there a few months ago. YOU should be asking WHY is that? My guess is the Fukishima Nuclear power plant in Japan leaking radioactive water into the ocean from that Tsunami in 2011 and the currents that extend from Japan to South America caught this school of dolphins and killed them.

    What DOES scares me is people who are willing to KILL other humans. These people did not kill this mammal and I just gave you 2 reasons, based in fact, to prove otherwise. Maybe insensitive but not evil.

  22. That girl is just a nasty little c%#t. And deserves to be put behind bares along with her co-partner. Why would any one think to do some thing like that to a living thing.. Really sad. AND I’S SO GLAD THEY WERE CAUGHT/SO FAST…

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