This same man in an Idaho Dairy farm is filmed¬†touching an innocent dairy cow’s vagina and saying “This is a big pussy. Do you want to see me fuck her?” Short video showing The Reason Idaho Now Has an Ag-Gag Law is Because Governor Otter Supports Bestiality and Barbaric Animal Abuse. [sources: facebook, mercy for animals]



  1. Come on farmers. .have you no heart? No mercy, , poor innocent farm animals.Must they be abused? Come on..what a terrible thing..to make them suffer..they are innocent. .trying so hard..please stop this abuse..it is so wrong..please.!

  2. Because an Animal does not speak, does not mean that animal does not feel. The Scientific Community submitted a Declaration to the United Nations stating that “all animals are sentiment beings, and deserve to be treated as such.” No person is exempt from the Law. The undesirable bullies who work at the factory farms are under the same animal abuse laws as any person is. This is America, Governor Otter will not separate Idaho from the United States Justice System by dictating his own measure of what is acceptable and what is not in society. No abuse is acceptable in America. My Father fought in three wars for this country. He was raised on a farm. Animals were fed well, and treated well, and humanely slaughtered for food. I feel sorry for this Governor. He has no clue of the magnificence of Life or the awesome Creations who inhabit this world. They were here first. The Lord is only recorded once as saying, “It is good.” And this was before humans entered this world. We, each one, are responsible for our own actions. No person is immune from the Law. Shame on a man who has become so callous and reprobate in thinking that the innocent must again suffer because of the greed and ignorance of others. Heartbroken.

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