67-year-old Celso Ferreira, tied and abused the donkey just for fun


Please Sign to bring justice to this Donkey that was dragged  by a man from his car on purpose and just for the “fun” of it: http://www.yousign.org/en/donkey-brazil

Petition text

In a vicious act of animal cruelty a man managed to tie a donkey to his car and dragged him by for more than 3 kilometers. The incident occurred in the village Tres Barras, in the municipality of Graccho Cardos, Sergipe region, Brazil.

The perpetrator was identified as 67-year-old Celso Ferreira, who claims he tied and abused the donkey just for fun. The donkey could not survive all the heavy injuries it sustained and eventually died. Although local police immediately arrested the man, it appears he is very well connected, as the mayor inexplicably ordered his release.

As deputy captain Samuel Barreto recalls: “We were happy to apprehend the individual in record time. In just short notice however, I received a call from the mayor who told me to cut the man loose. I am outraged at this situation”.

Despite this setback, we hope police in the Sergipe province will be able to do their job and convict this man! The perpetrator deserves to spend some time in jail!

– See more at: http://www.yousign.org/en/donkey-brazil#sthash.o73GILFV.dpuf

27 thoughts on “67-year-old Celso Ferreira, tied and abused the donkey just for fun”

  1. I feel totally sick. This man must never be allowed near nonhuman animals ever again!!! I just hope this petition makes a difference and this subhuman does not get away with this heinous crime :'(

  2. Anyone dragging an animal with a vehicle for any reason should be punishable by imprisonment with a psychiatric evaluation. Such a person has lost his soul and is dangerous to society.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pays the mayor and this ass clown a visit some night while they’re sleeping, to treat them for a little joy ride of their own. 🙂 <3

  4. Someone please kill this piece of shit! He deserves to suffer like he make this poor animal suffer. He is worthless.

  5. Sick people that torture animals include people in satanic secret societies that target animal rights activists. They drug food in homes, rape on unseen frequencies we aren’t conscience of, kill, and convincingly double for people they are not. It’s related to the fraudulent corruption that rules, utilizing scams to murder Earth and Sun for jet fuel…celestial spheres need their fuel to stay hot and spin. Always carry a legal pocketknife, you can defend yourself without knowing on unseen frequencies. Salt and daily garlic and Vick’s chest rub cure STDs if they rape you, especially epsom salt, which may be mixed with generic Vick’s from Walmart and put directly in the vagina, daily, with a peeled clove of garlic. Buy food at the grocery store just before eating it to avoid invisibles drugging the food, which can cause zits, prispism, headaches, and worse. God bless you and thanks for the data, Animal Liberation is a great nook.

  6. i can’t sign, it says the page no longer exists or some dumb crap! I hope this sweet angel rests in peace, and the sick b@%&ard gets what he deserves! Piss poor excuse for a human!!!

  7. I wish there was
    more productive action that we could take against this monster. Also, this site is allegedly a scam site where the owner gets rich while faking these
    blogs. I have no specific evidence but that is what is going around.

  8. sack the mayor and get one thats not frightened to act lock the 67 year old up in their dirty horrible prison till his life ends

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