More Proof that animal cruelty leads to murder

‘Gothic kittens’ pet groomer charged in shooting deaths of Luzerne County father, son

The Associated Press By The Associated Press

on April 24, 2014 at 11:13 AM, updated April 24, 2014 at 11:15 AM


HUNLOCK CREEK, Pa. — Authorities have released the names of a father and son found shot to death in their northeastern Pennsylvania home.

State police in Luzerne County say 73-year-old Ronald Evans was found dead on the rear deck of the Hunlock Township residence. Troopers said 43-year-old Jeffrey Evans was found dead in a hallway. Both had been shot multiple times.


Police said 31-year-old James Roche and 39-year-old Holly Ann Crawford were later arrested on criminal homicide charges in a wooded area outside their Sweet Valley home. Court documents don’t list attorneys for the defendants and listed numbers for them couldn’t be found Thursday.

Crawford made headlines several years ago when she was convicted of animal cruelty for marketing “Gothic” kittens with pierced ears and bobbed tails.


Woman who sold ‘Gothic’ kittens with pierced ears guilty of animal cruelty

UPDATED: 09:52 EST, 16 June 2011

A woman who attempted to turn three kittens into ‘Gothic cats’ by piercing their ears and necks and removing their tails has been found guilty of animal cruelty.

Groomer Holly Crawford, 36, of Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania, tried to sell the ‘Gothic’ kittens on eBay for $100.

Three judges of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania refused to repeal a lower court conviction for animal cruelty on Monday that sentenced Crawford to six months of home detention and electronic monitoring.


Cruelty: Holly Crawford tried to turn three kittens into ‘Gothic cats’ by piercing their ears and necks and removing their tails

Guilty: Holly Crawford failed to overturn her conviction for animal cruelty

The court ruling revealed that Crawford has advertised the cats with piercings, alterations and mutilations on eBay.

A picture of a six-week-old black kitten showed that it had 14 gauge barbell earrings in its ears, which were flopped, a small submission ring on the back of its neck, and a barbell earring on the end of its docked tail.

‘Metal protruded from the kittens’ small bodies, pierced through their ears and necks, and at least one of these kittens also had an elastic band tied around its tail, an attempt at docking, which is a procedure to stem the blood flow so that the tail eventually falls off,’ wrote judge Kate Ford Elliott

An undercover investigator from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) posed as an customer and went to Crawford’s house.

She found four kittens on her floor, three had pierced ears, one had no tail and one had a rubber band around its tail.

She noted that the three pierced kittens were not moving at all and were very docile, unlike normal kittens of similar age.


Submission ring: The kittens had piercings in their necks

Crawford was described as having ‘several facial piercings’ and being ‘enthusiastic about piercing’.

She admitted doing the piercings herself without anesthetic, but said that she had used antiseptic on the kittens’ ears.


17 thoughts on “More Proof that animal cruelty leads to murder”

  1. This woman is deeply disturbed. There is definitely a link between children being cruel to animals and becoming psychopaths later. So sad that innocent animals suffer because of these messed up sub humans !

    1. Animal harming in children can sometimes be a warning sign of psychopathic behavior. It could as mean many other things. It is extremely ignorant to say all animal abuse leads to murder. It is even worse to call someone with a potential mental disorder “sub-human”. This lady has some serious issues and deserves jailtime for the muders and the horribel treatment of the kittens. Making broad generalizations,based on anecdotal evidence, is just stupid.

      1. Youre ignorant for not reading. The OP simply said there is a link, not that 100 percent of animal avuser become killers. And if you did some swparate reseaech, you’d see that it isn’t just a little anecdotal evidence.
        There are so many cases like this one – in which an animal abuser later murders a person – that the FBI created a national database to track people animal abusers because they are highly likely to escalate to human victims.

  2. glad she is in jail … animal abuse and human abuse go hand in hand … it is a proven fact .. this just proves it more and more

  3. This is so disturbing. Those poor kittens they will be forever scarred bc of this idiotic woman. Balance perception and temperment.She deserves to have multiple rubber bands wrapped around her neck to attempt “docking”her head. Very disturbing lady.

  4. What she did to these kittens is unthinkable. She should be put in jail not just home confined. She is a crazy botched for doing that to those kitten.

  5. All you goddamn idiots talk about are the kittens. What about the two HUMANS she killed?! None of you mentioned them! You’re equality sociopathic IMO!

  6. Manuela Dienhart

    Didn’t that grazy woman know, that cats need their tails to keep balance while climbing and jumping. If the tail is missing, a cat is hardly able to move in a natural way. And the piercing in the ears and necks of a very young kitten is too heavy to carry for the small body. That’s a bad cruelty. By the way: people who mistreat innocent animals, will also mistreat innocent children.

  7. Does this count for the animals going to slaughterhouses or are we talking cat and dog abusers? Cause in that case there’s a million slaughterhouse workers and farmers that will go on to kill people.

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