Ezequiel Galli, Alejandro Rosso and Juan Cruz Cornejo rape dogs


Petitioning Comisario General D. HÉCTOR ALBERTO LAGUÍA – Deputy Chief – Police of Cordoba Region
Petition text
The small mountain spa town of Tanti, near the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Province, Argentina has witness a very disturbing incident. A group of teenagers that gathered for a barbeque ended up forcing an innocent dog to drink alcohol.
The perpetrators then posted the photographs online. The pictures show them pouring the strong drink on the throat of the defenceless dog, who seems to be in a great deal of stress and doesn’t fancy too much the picnic. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the men really seemed pleased with what they are doing.
The people responsible for this are Ezequiel Galli, Alejandro Rosso and Juan Cruz Cornejo and their Facebook profiles are the following:
We, the undersigned, demand that these people be prosecuted as soon as possible for their vile actions! They should not get away with what they did! Please sign the petition if you don’t think this is the correct way to treat an animal! Thank you!
Source: http://www.centediario.com/horror-en-tanti-violaron-y-alcoholizaron-a-un-perro-y-lo-publicaron-en-facebook/?fb_action_ids=10204155531671430&fb_action_types=og.recommends
Published on July 04, 2014 @ 10:48 h

5 thoughts on “Ezequiel Galli, Alejandro Rosso and Juan Cruz Cornejo rape dogs”

  1. This is discusting & sickening!!! These men r monsters & they must b stopped!!! How cruel can this b 2 this poor helpless dog!!! 0mg!!!

  2. Please prosecute these people! This type of behavior will never stop if they are not MADE to stop! No value for life….no moral compass….Will lead to more torture of animals and likely people! These people are sick!!! They cannot get away with this!! Monsters!!!!

  3. Angeline Tabbada

    These sick and sadistic abusers must be put to justice for the violation they committed to an innocent and defenseless animal. What they did is so very wrong, wrong, WRONG!! :'(

  4. POS! Disgusting that these things have to do this to an innocent animal. Sick bastards one day it will be your time. Prosecute these things! Do unto them what they are doing to the dog.

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