Today the Monsters are in the Food Industry. Vegan-Food-Sellout-Company Gardein

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!!!! i knew something was up with gardein Foods. About 6 months or so ago i was having trouble finding their Beefless Burgers, all i could find were these disgusting veggie patties made by the same company and my dog would not even eat them; so after calling the company and checking with all the stores no one could tell me why I could not find them so I started thinking that because they taste so much like meat and they make the best vegan hamburgers that the meat and dairy industry has done something to get these off the market as they are a threat to them! They can’t have vegan foods taste good then people might go vegan! At the time I didn’t tell anyone because it would be dismissed as a conspiracy, BUT LO AND BEHOLD LOOK WHO HAS ACQUIRED GARDEIN VEGAN FOOD COMPANY; PINNACLE FOODS. Lets have a look at what products Pinnacle produces:

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

Conflict of interest wouldn’t you say?

Gardein has always been Vegan, Non GMO and Organic what will become of this product now that it has been sold to the meat and dairy industry???

3 thoughts on “Today the Monsters are in the Food Industry. Vegan-Food-Sellout-Company Gardein”

    1. People like Nixon want people to believe that anti-GMO activists have bastardized the vegan movement. If anything, people like Lindsay Nixon and the Unnatural Vegan are the ones who have turned the vegan movement into a joke.

      Sometimes I wonder if Monsanto pays Lindsay Nixon and Swayze Foster (Unnatural Vegan) to act like retards in order to discredit veganism in general.

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