Cruelty to Animals
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Monstrous Restaurant “The Duck Inn” Opens Up In Chicago

Kevin Hickey opens “The Duck Inn”  In Chicago. Serving Foie Gras=Innocent Ducks having a metal pipe shoved down their throats and force fed until they explode or their liver explodes; whatever comes first.

The Duck Inn will be serving Duck-Hot-Dogs and  Foie Gras Tamales

foie-grasHey Kevin Hickey don’t you know it takes real talent to prepare food that is cruelty free? Lame chefs always take the easy animal cruelty way and quickly appealing to the masses with sugar, fat and salt.


  1. kathy deleon says

    I thought this horrible act was outlawed here..yes, I totally agree, only crappy chefs use animal torture to promote their lame food and restaurant. Are the citizens of Chicago doing anything???

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