Monsters in Arkansas shoot and decapitate Millie Jean, $2000 dollar reward for the names of who did this

Article copied from Cindy Marabito American Pit Bull Examiner Justice for Millie Jean, find the monsters responsible: “$2,000 REWARD – CASH!!!! I want the names of those involved in this horrific, and vile act!!!!” Rocky Viazzani

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Millie Jean and Samantha Akin-Davis

Genoa, Arkansas: Hog hunters are suspected of murdering Samantha Akin-Davis’ pet companion, Millie Jean. Akins let Millie outside at 6 a.m. December 14 to relieve herself. When Millie was not back by 7:30 and was not coming when called, Akins began searching. What she found will haunt her and other animal lovers for the rest of her life. Samantha took her dog Weezer and binoculars to find Millie. Nearby “in the back part of ARTEX HILLS, off MC 18 and MC 252..” she found Millie … or what was left of Millie. Says one horrified Facebook observer, “It saddens me to even share with you but I think people need to know. Someone shot a dog 5 times, in Genoa, AR that was someones baby, not just a pet. Not only did they shoot it 5 times but then decapitated it and threw it on the train tracks. If that person can do something so heartless, what will they do to humans.”

Akin-Davis relied on the help of her son and daughter-in-law to collect Millie’s body and body parts so the family could bury her. “…if my son Tyler Davis, my daughter-in-law Alana Bryant-Davis and cousin Keith Crabtree weren’t here to help bring her hm and bury her, I would have totally lost what’s left of my sanity.”

No animal or their human companion should ever experience what happened to Millie and Samantha Akin-Davis. Akin-Davis’ Facebook page is filled with comments from horrified animal lovers around the world.

American Pit Bull Examiner hears so many stories about mistreated animals and animals in distress, but Millie’s story is one of the most evil if not the most horrific tale of animal cruelty and abuse APBE has ever encountered.

We are hoping for a petition to demand justice for Millie and her family. Please share your comments and check the article for a petition link.

Until then, Samantha has issued a thank you to the supporters reaching out to her during this time:

“ok FB. I finally fell asleep about 7 a.m. from exhaustion. Took me forever to get there. Everytime I closed my eyes, I seen her face and what happened to her. I am awake now, running on very little sleep and waiting on family to come help me deal w/calling police and reporters and dog rescue ppl. Hope everyone understands the pain I am trying to deal with while trying to get back to everyone…I am overwelmed with amount of love and help from everyone, but I also need to greive for my baby and keep my sanity …trying to get back to everyone. Thank u all. Just plz let me catch my breath. much love and appreciation to everyone — feeling sad.”



51 thoughts on “Monsters in Arkansas shoot and decapitate Millie Jean, $2000 dollar reward for the names of who did this”

    1. If you let your dog out without a leash and wait over an hour to find it…shit out of luck.

      if you loved your dog so much you would have kept an eye on it.

      roaming pitbulls have no chance, trust me.

      1. Wow.. you are heartless and rude, ifyou dinthaveanytanythingkindtosay,orhelpthisladythatjustlosther baby, thendontdon’t say anythingatall,you justsound heartless,havesonesomerespect!!!!

    2. Is there a way that concerned people can add dollars to this reward fund? I want to see these “things” caught. My heart goes out to Millie Jean and her owner. Samantha, we are here for you. <3

  1. I just hope and pray for justice for little Miss. Millie Jean she didn’t deserve this it’s so very wrong I hope they catch the monsters who has caused forever pain on Millie’s human Mother as she loved her as her very own child. I pray for peace and much needed justice for her pawed fur baby. Lets all come together repost Millie’s info and catch these monsters cause I feel as if there’s more than one involved.

  2. Have we as a human race really stooped to such a low level of depravity and evil ……….. if so there is no hope for us – RIP sweet baby – I really cannot believe what I am seeing here!

  3. This is absolutely horrific!!!! Who in their right mind would do this to a beloved pet? Only a psychopath is capable of such gruesome act. I hope these monsters are found and sent to jail. I hope a witness comes forward and turns in the scumbag(s) that committed this crime.

  4. Check out the “Disciples of the New Dawn” – it’s a group on FB. They advocate the killing of pits. We’ve been trying to get FB and the state police and the FBI involved with them to put a stop to the hatred they push.

    So sorry about your little girl!

    1. That’s something I didn’t know…a group advocating killing Pit Bulls. For the most part, these are loving, smart dogs. There are people out there who train their pit bull to be vicious. There needs to be a better awareness on the part of the public regarding these dogs. I hope the sadistic, cruel, and vicious…monstrous fiends are apprehended and punished to the full extent of the law.. My condolences to the ‘Mama’ of Millie Jean. I also have lost beloved pets, and though they live forever in our hearts and minds…we miss them and grieve for the loss.

      1. I meant to make it clear in my comment above that most people never train their dogs to be vicious. There are the few that do, but Millie Jean was not vicious, and did not deserve to die in this manner.

  5. Can’t believe anyone could do such things hope millie gets the justice she deserves monsters that do such things need punishment for life for ruining another’s life I’m sorry for loss Samantha hope they’re found quickly thoughts n prayers you all

  6. I love you and Millie.i live in the woods alone with my dogs and I would rather meet any pit bull than a human monster.she is not lost to you but a short time.heaven my daddy in heaven is watching her for you.his pleasure.honor her daily until yall are reunited.the humonsters will be punished let Jesus have the pleasure

  7. My heart goes out to Millie’s family. Just looking at the gruesome photos is horrible. I can’t imagine the grief they are going through.
    These sub-humans need to be found and punished!! They are very scary! Anyone who could commit such a heinous act is capable of doing it again and maybe to a child.
    The FBI is now monitoring and prosecuting these abominations!

  8. RIP Mille Jean! You will be forever loved by your family. To the people who did this I feel sorry for you, karma will find you! What goes around comes around. Hopefully ypu are caught before this escalates to humans.

  9. This is so awful!! I can’t believe somebody could actually do something like this!! Very heartbreaking. RIP Millie Jean and prayers to Samantha! ! I pray that they find whoever did this!! They need to be locked away for life..

  10. How can someone be so cruel. I pray justice is served in Millie Jean’s memory and prayers to Samantha. I know your heart is broken. xoxo

  11. that’s why I WILL never let my dog out on his/her own,, NEVER!! always go with them on walks for when they relieve themselves,, bec many times dogs will wander off and lose track of its whereabouts or in Miillie Jeans case,, animal killers lurking somewhere or waiting to kidnap ones dog.. as many dogs go missing everyday,, some may end up at animal shelters or kill shelters, etc,, so to ALL PET OWNERS… NEVER LET YOUR PET WANDER ON ITS OWN!!!

  12. Hire a detective. Find the piece or pieces of excrement who did this , prosecute, put them in a cage and throw away the key. SO sorry for your loss. Ugliness like this cannot and will not be tolerated.

  13. How horrible and scary…I live in Arkansas and that person or persons that did that to Millie deserve jail. It will never bring her back but it will ensure justice was served on those horrible MONSTERS who could do such things to animals…

  14. i live in Genoa and have a pit bull named freedom this ex infantry marine is waiting for the identity of these heartless fools to be let public…

  15. If this was done in pleasure that would be horrible and justice needs to be served but only the dog and suspect were there so we can only speculate on what may have happened on the other hand you should never just let your dog out to run on its own free will to its own devices especially a breed with a bad rap, even though dogs are domesticated and are pets they still animals. I’m not saying that what happened is condoned because the dog was lose but owners should always have control of their animals whether fenced or on a leash. Letting your pet run free either dog, cat or other is irresponsible since anything could happen to the animal or the animal could cause harm or damage to another.

    1. Irresponsibility has nothing to do with the matter at hand. The fact that some sick person or individuals could harm an animal, that is what’s going on now. Shame on you for trying to lecture Samantha when something this horrible has just happened to her. Have some decency.

  16. That is ridiculous…..on one hand, there are leash laws for a reason….BUT…..self defense would be 1 shot to scare, then 1 to kill if necessary…..not multiple shots and decapitation….These idiots need this done to them……

  17. I know these skumbags are gonna slip up and get caught. Their minds will not let them rest. Their Evil act will not go unpunished. RIP Millie Jean.Samantha hang in there.

  18. Praying for this family.My stomachs in knots over this. Hate that there are sick santanic ppl out there in this world. U should take up donations to raise the reward. Someone out there knows.

  19. Come on, people! Show some compassion. Sounds to me like they live in a rural area and letting her dog out in the morning is probably their routine. Things are different out in the country in Arkansas. We let our dogs roam for longer periods when we are outside the city limits. Cars are rarely a threat in these areas. To imply that this dog had it coming because it wasn’t leashed is ignorant.

  20. Who in their right mind who owns a pit bull would let them out of the house to run wild for over an hour? Many people are scared of them and will shoot them on site. If she loved her pet so much, then she should have gotten off her lazy butt and walked her beloved pet on a leash.

  21. These bastard why would they fuckin harm the innocents!!!! I would want to find this assholes! They fuckin have to learn their lessons from doing this such things! FUCK! Know what if I was a doctor, investigator I will not stop finding this assholes!!! I love animals!! They are like innocent children!! I’ve seen so many cruelty they have been doing to those poor animals… Even a cat’s kittens were bitten with some psycho teenagers… I mean what the hell… This is why God would only accept the innocents….. Well fuckin be happy he accepted you ARIGHT?!?!? AAMEN!!! Don’t stop investigating!!! Gotta find these animal violence and teach them a fucking lesson!! Do a finger print search find the man who’s behind this OK?!?!? Ugh!! Some people might not care due that it does not to them but to me, I have a fuckin heart and I do not care for what may people would think of me. I would help for what worst is going on there and I wouldn’t care if a risk my life to do what it’s right. AGAIN STOP THE FUCKIN CRUELTY GET A FUCKIN HEART PSYCHOS!!!

  22. If there is a donation website for this I would love to contribute for either the family or the reward. That’s horrible and could never imagine, since these dogs are threaten all the time I do keep an eye and are in close or they stay inside safe, I don’t trust people with my babies to many people think they are “vicious” rediculous ignorant people.

  23. Mara Comitas, I have made the same statement as you have…many times over ie; (We need to get to the cause for this depravity among our own kind. Whoever did this needs a frontal lobe lobotomy!) Only I’ve gone a step further in saying…how these animal abusing BASTARDS are the ones who need to be experimented on in those GRUESOME TORTURE chamber laboratories!!! All in the hope of discovering what it is that makes their WARPED, CRUEL minds tick? I’m completely DEVASTATED about what this poor, defenseless fur-baby, Millie Jean was forced to endure!!! I also feel a lot of compassion for this PRECIOUS dog’s owner in re: of the mental anguish she’s no doubt going through, & most likely will forever over such a TRAUMA. And, I’m right on board with what you have said, in re: of those FUCKING PSYCHOPATHS, Cherrylyn, & how you’ve expressed it too!!! Whoever is responsible needs to be hunted down & dealt with as SEVERELY as can be imagined!!! Animal CRUELTY is rampant…no matter where you live in the city, or country…you’ll never know where these SICKO’S are lurking around…that is not until they’re caught. There are always low-life’s out there on the prowl that are targeting vulnerable animals either because they get pleasure out of it, or have plans for using them as bait in dog fighting etc. There are even gangs who do this, & are paid for it. I’ve WARNED people about this for the longest while now…as in keep your pets SAFE by NEVER letting them out on their own to roam freely. I’ve been a part of a couple of different animal advocate groups for a few years now…where we learn about HORROR stories like this one constantly. The amount of DEPRAVED acts taken out on innocent animals by human SCUM is really beyond comprehension. And it appears the judicial system in most cases never HAMMERS out meaningful JUSTICE!!! Animal CRUELTY legislation needs to be STRENGTHENED & ENFORCED!!! There needs to be lifetime BANS slapped on these CREEPS that prohibits them from ever owning, working around, or even being on the same property as animals of any kind or birds. I WISH they would be put on probation for the rest of their rotten lives. Animal ABUSER registries need to be in place with these types of MONSTER’S we’re leaving our comments about here…having all of the ID/info on them PLASTERED in the registry, in hopes of keeping track of them!!! I’m always surprised how we never really hear about VIGILANTE JUSTICE rearing it’s head when it comes to this type of CRIMINALITY inflicted on innocent sentient beings. R.I.P. SWEET Millie Jean…many tears are shed for you.

  24. I live in Arkansas and this just makes me sick! You get a petition together and i will sign it. These bastards need to be casterated!

  25. OMG what a evil POS Monsters to do such a cruel evil thing to this innocent baby, I Pray this monster is found real soon & that POS is sentence to no less that 20 years flat, if this was one of my 5 fur-babies that POS wouldn’t have to worry about what the Law, Judge & Jury would do to them, cause I would be their worse nightmare & their mother & father would not know their evil POS child when I finished doing to them what I would do to them! May their ass rot & burn in Hell Forever!!!

  26. I’m so sorry about you beautiful Millie Jean. I’ve never owned a pit but I have a German Shepard and a Maltese. I also have every drop off at my house that I have to find loving homes for. This is horrific and if I knew who it was my Christianty would go out the door at that moment. I will not say what I could do to them but the ones who did this needs to be tried and put to death by a slow hanging while being tortured. My prayers go out to you and that you find this amebas and get justice for your beautiful baby.

    1. Tammy I know it is so heartbreaking, I am a Christian too and an animal rights activist an luckily our God is a forgiving God as my Christianity goes out the window daily by i know God understands and he weeps with us.

  27. Bastards!!!! I believe in an eye for an eye the only way justice will be served!! This sounds like an act of retaliation?! Did the murderers know the victims??? They have done the work of the devil and can F burn in hell!!! Hope Karma finds them!!! Omfg!!!!

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