The Monsters at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen EXPOSED IN AN UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION

Source: Tierschutz News

Previously unknown images of horribly mutilated monkey appeared.

The demonstration is the third in a series of gößten anti-animal testing demonstrations in Germany that began after the publication of a 6-month undercover investigation at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. The undercover investigation had uncovered cruel and illegal states. Now, new images have surfaced that show even worse conditions.




The series of images with assigned names of monkeys that were used, according to our research at the MPI in Tübingen is appalling. The procedures on the animals are solid, enduring the pictures hardly. What is the point of these attempts? Indicating the results of the implantation of FOUR access in the monkey’s head Dino? How could the authorities approve such most serious intervention? The skulls of monkeys Grisu and Heini are large mutilated with appliances. The images of these and many other monkeys from the leaked photos show that the poor conditions at the MPI are not alone. SOKO animal welfare a questionnaire sent to the newly emerged images to both the MPI and on the regional council.
On 20/12/2014, the third major demonstration against animal testing will take place in Tübingen. SOKO animal welfare expects about 1,000 animal experiment opponents. The demo starts at the New Auditorium and is run as a demonstration march to the MPI. There we will be converting hand in hand the place of horror and each participant will light a candle for the deaths and still-suffering animals, as Friedrich Mülln of SOKO animal welfare. Subsequently animal experiment opponents will endure until the next morning and hold a vigil outside the laboratory.

SOKO animal protection calls for an immediate cessation of illegal research at the MPI and the rescue of the monkeys from the laboratory. A device that can show any serious breakthroughs made in-house, even after 30 years of research and systematically torturing animals has lost its tax-funded right to exist and must be closed.

8 thoughts on “The Monsters at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen EXPOSED IN AN UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION”

  1. MERCY for those poor HORRIFICALLY tortured monkeys…NOW!!! I just WISH there was the dull blade of a guillotine lying in wait for everyone of those ASSHOLE GHOULS who hide behind the guise of Frankenstein science!!! But only after having them being forced to experience what it’s like to be TERRORIZED, TORTURED, & left all alone to SUFFER in a cold empty cage for years on end!!! I’d love nothing more than to have each of them ANNIHILATED right off the map!!! I will never try to hide the HATE/CONTEMPT I have for those SADISTIC BASTARDS!!! NO society should ever allow or tolerate such DESPICABLE ACTS OF CRUELTY.

    1. I fucking hate these people they are subhuman serial killing fucked up pieces of shit that need to be barred and banned forever touching another animal and if they do they should have the same shit done to them I pray that they rot in hell for eternity ??????????????????????????????

  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Im not saying any of this is right or wrong. All im saying is that that next time someone in your family is diagnosed with cancer or is diagnosed with some disease and they need medication that can prolong their life or even cure them. Don’t use it. Let them die. Because if you use that medication you are supporting the reasearch that is being done on these monkeys. Plain and simple. Cut and dry. Don’t talk about it, be about it. If everybody stopped using the medication they are on, then the drug companies would have no money, and no more research would be done on monkeys. But everyone of you who continues to take their medication are supporting what is going on here. Plain and simple. By using the medication that was originally tested on these monkeys you are no different than these “horrible monsters”. No Different! And i know damn well that the majority of you have family members whose lives are being saved or have been saved from medication. So you have two choices, continue taking medication and support what is going on here or stop taking and really “Be About” what you are “Preaching About”! Don’t like what I have to say, too bad. Stop living in denial.

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