Empathy override begins early with gigging and plinking

the key to creating kids enthusiastic about killing? Start before their personalities are fully developed, while they’re still into imitating and pleasing mom and dad, and before compassion for animals has taken root and empathy has developed

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Hunting season starts with a bang…and ends with a long, relieved sigh such as we breathed one-half hour after sunset on Sunday. Animal advocates–probably pretty much everywhere, but definitely here in Montana–hunker down, grit our teeth, avoid favorite hikes in the wilds, avoid the newspaper, and count down the days until the elk and deer–and this year, wolf–slaughter ends.

October 18th & 19th, the two days prior to the deer and elk season opener, were designated Youth Hunting Days (deer hunting only for kids 12 to 15, though some aged 11 can participate depending on birth date) and coincide with the state’s no-school teachers’ professional development days. Kids 12 to 17 purchasing their first hunting license don’t actually have to raid their piggy banks–the license is given to them, a gift from the state, perhaps in a bid to cultivate youth ambassadors  for hunting’s declining…

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3 thoughts on “Empathy override begins early with gigging and plinking

    • It’s an enclosure that a hunter can sit it and wait for the animal to come by. They are either hand built or you can buy one that looks like a camouflaged small tent. They are often put up high in trees. This way the hunter can put food in a particular spot and just wait. They may be heated with lounge chairs. I saw one recently where the hunters would write of date of their kill and make comments like “3 point buck”. Makes me sick.


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