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Sam Clendenin 24 and Tony Clendenin 52 beat an innocent German Shepherd to death

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This sewage scum and his spawn beat Kuma, the German Shepherd, to death with a baseball bat.
Please demand justice for Kuma.

Both are hunters too, gee what a surprise.
The monsters live at 1485 Hansen Ave Merced, CA  95340-2371
the son Sam’s social media:




The pos’s tried to say it was self defense but the Merced police  officers said the Clendenins gave inconsistent and conflicting statements. At this point they don’t believe the suspects were acting in self-defense — instead they went after Kuma and purposefully killed him.


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13 Responses to “Sam Clendenin 24 and Tony Clendenin 52 beat an innocent German Shepherd to death”

    • Jane Hyden

      The requested URL /California-Men-Caught-On-Video-Destroying-Neighbors-Dog-With-Baseball-Bat-Demand-A-Severe-Punishment-t-1066 was not found on this server.

  1. Esther

    I wouldn’t watch video have two dogs. All life is precious but an animal innocent. Poor puppy anybody does anything to my dogs going to hunt them down wear something which could be removed don’t want my D.N.A. anywhere I would stab them horrificly

  2. Matthew Brown

    I would like to see them slathered with pork fat and put naked in a cage with hungry wolves. I would dance to their screams. Sorry…not very Christian of me…but then I don’t think God thinks much of them either.


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