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“One of the worst animal abuse cases” Phillip Rodriguez Sadistic Animal Abuser; DOB 6/27/1995 Lives at 2032 Eagle Dr, West Palm Beach, Fl 33409

lives at 2032 Eagle Dr, #?B? West Palm Beach, Fl 33409
DOB 6/27/1995


  • As of Feb 26, 2015 — -His arraignment is set for 3/3/2015 at 1:30 PM
  • -His speedy trial due date is set for 8/14/2015
  • -His case number is 50-2015-CF-001450-AXXX-MB
  • -He is being held at the PB Sheriff’s Main Detention Center
  • -and his home address is 2032 ?#?B? Eagle Drive, WPB

This is his fathers facebook page:

Phillip Rodriguez arrest: Animal Control vet says ‘one of the worst’ animal abuse cases she’s seen

Source: The Dodo
A young pit bull was rescued last month from what rescuers called the most extreme case of animal cruelty they had ever seen, and the Florida community rallying around him wants his teenage abuser to be brought to justice.
A young pit bull was rescued last month from what rescuers called the most extreme case of animal cruelty they had ever seen, and the Florida community rallying around him wants his teenage abuser to be brought to justice.
Olaf — formerly known as Bullet — was seized from his home in West Palm Beach last month after a neighbor reported hearing the dog screaming from regular beatings.

“His condition was so alarming and upsetting that she immediately called me and said, ‘We have to help this dog,'” Trinity Hansen, cofounder of the rescue group, told The Dodo. When they rushed him to a vet, they were told he would have to see a specialist surgeon immediately because his mouth was so badly damaged.

“When you see cases like Olaf’s, you lose hope in humanity,” Danielle Cannon, the volunteer who first spotted Olaf, told the Sun Sentinel.

When the group realized how much medical treatment Olaf would need, they created a Facebook page to share his story and started a t-shirt fundraiser to help fund the surgery.

Meanwhile, Olaf is thriving in his new foster home. Recent photos show a happy, healthier dog wagging his tail, hanging out with his foster mom and staring into the camera.

Here is another article about the case, this is taken from

BY: Jason Davis ( POSTED: 3:02 PM, Feb 24, 2015 UPDATED: 4:19 PM, Feb 24, 2015 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ­­ A West Palm Beach man has been arrested and is facing two animal cruelty charges after investigators say he constantly punched and even shot fireworks at a puppy. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint on January 6 regarding seeing and hearing a man beating his brown pit bull. On January 10, officers met with the neighbor who told them that the man has two dogs and she constantly hears a man hitting and punching the brown colored dog. She stated that she hears the dog screaming constantly and can hear the dog being slammed against the walls. She recalled witnessing the man shooting fireworks at the dog as if it was a game. Officers then went to the reported address and met with Phillip Rodriguez, 19, who stated there were two dogs on the property. They also met with Richard Lacondrata, Jr., who identified himself as Phillip Rodriguez’s father. Lacondrata said he has a puppy named Gracie that was running around and appeared healthy. Mr. Lacondrata told officers he did not beat his dog. When officers questioned him on whether Rodriguez beat the animals, Lacondrata said that his son does “spank” the dog and that he told his son not to do that. Officers were then called off by dispatch to respond to an injured animal complaint.When they returned to the home of Rodriguez and Lacondrata to continue the possible cruelty investigation, they found Rodriguez hosing off the back walkway and a dog crate next to him that was recently sprayed off. Rodriguez then retrieved the puppy, a male, red and white Pit Bull mix named Bullet, at the officers’ request. One of the Animal Care Officers immediately noticed what appeared to be severe swelling above both of the dog’s eyes. The dog also had some scratches on its face and some healed puncture wounds on the sides of its face, according to an affidavit. There was swelling that was noticed going from the right jaw all the way around the nose of the dog. An officer also noticed a gurgling sound coming from the dog. Bullet appeared to be very skinny and had scabs and scars on his legs and on his ear tips. Officers noticed that the dog appeared to be uncomfortable around Rodriguez and would shake whenever Rodiguez approached the dog. According to an affidavit, Bullet had staining on his paws possibly from standing in urine and/or feces for extended periods of time. Rodriguez denied hitting the dog and said he was unsure how Bullet’s injuries occurred. Rodriguez denied ownership of the dog, saying it belonged to his ex­girlfriend named Elaine Villareal, although he could not spell her last name for the officer. Rodriguez refused to sign paperwork that would surrender the dog to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, but the animal was seized by officers anyway due to the severity of injuries and the complaint made. Bullet was examined by staff veterinarian Dr. Virginia Sayre, who evaluated the dog as being very underweight.Dr. Sayre found the bones of the shoulder blades, ribs, spine, and pelvic bones were protruding and easily visible. Dr. Sayre found Bullet to have “no palpable fat on his body” and had suffered some muscle mass loss. Bullet was also found to have two golf ball sized swellings over both eyes. According to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, x­rays showed multiple fractures around the eye orbits/frontal bones. One spot was fractured in at least four places. Almost all of Bullet’s canine and incisor teeth were broken or knocked out, according to the report. The edges of the teeth were very sharp and not worn smooth. Bullet was also found to be dehydrated as well as having hookworms. Dr. Sayre concluded that Bullet was suffering from severe blunt force trauma to the head and that his injuries were consistent with having been beaten by a person. She stated that she felt this was one of the worst cases of intent to harm that she had ever seen. Following Dr. Sayre’s findings, Animal Control Officers returned to the home to remove the other puppy, Gracie. Officers visited the address and informed Lacondrata that they would be removing Gracie. Lacondrata said he was upset about the removal, but said he understood and did not try to interfere with the removal of the dog. Upon arrival at the Animal Control facility, Gracie was found to be healthy. Animal Control Officers were able to make contact with the owner of the dog, Rodriguez’s exgirlfriend, Elaine Villareal. Villareal stated she would surrender the dog to Animal Control as she was unable to keep weight on the dog. The Animal Control Officer informed Villareal that the dog had no issues gaining weight while he had been at Animal Control.Villareal claimed that Bullet was in poor condition when she obtained the dog off Craigslist, saying it was “unhealthy looking” with scars and lumps on its head. She told the officers she had never seen Rodriguez hit Bullet. Following the investigation, officers returned to Rodriguez’s residence and placed him under arrest. He is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. Copyright 2015 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Rafael Hermida Fonseca Savagely Abused Girlfriends Dogs Caught on Hidden Camera

Scumass Loser
Scumass, loser, animal abuser, pediophile, criminal, psychopathic imbecille, impotent, beats up small dogs, pathetic monster

The Loser Boyfriend Rafael Hermida Fonseca  Date of Birth: 01/07/1980  ANIMAL ABUSER

Please sign the petition to bring criminal charges against this coward
2nd Petition:

A monster, Rafael Hermida, is on the run in Brazil after his girlfriend filmed him abusing her dogs, promptly breaking up with him and pressing charges with police in Rio de Janiero.

Ninna Mandin posted two videos on her Facebook account last weekend after she had suspected her now ex-boyfriend, Rafael Hermida, of mistreating her two French
To find out whether her fears were misplaced or genuine, she installed a camera in her house in the Barra da Tijuca area of Rio. She caught Hermida slamming one of the dogs onto the ground and holding another by its hind legs and dropping it onto the ground. Ninna says that the love she felt for her fiancé disappeared instantly after viewing the video.
Mandin says that Fonseca had always been very affectionate towards her, her family and the dogs. However, she became suspicious when wounds began to appear on the animals, and when they began to display a marked fear of Fonseca. “They became really scared of him. After that, the wounds started to appear and the vet couldn’t explain where they were coming from. That’s when I decided to install a camera in the living room,” she says. Mandin says that the pain she feels for her dogs is worse than that she feels for the end of her engagement. “I’m not even thinking about the wedding. My pain is seeing what the dogs suffered.” The wedding had been planned for June. Fonseca is a lawyer, and owns part of a bar in the Barra neighborhood. He had lived with Nina and her mother for four months. The two first met a year and a half ago. “It was a shock, because we think we know people, but in reality we don’t,” says Mandin. “But now, I want justice before the law.” The case was reported to the police, who summoned Fonseca to make a statement on Tuesday. Reynaldo Velloso, president of the Commission of Protection and Defense of Animals of the Rio de Janeiro branch of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, says that he will propose that the Public Prosecutor of Rio takes action against Fonseca for collective moral damage. “We have to stop this mistreatment. This is why we have to take action against the aggressor, because society is a passive subject in the face of this crime, and the social networks are proof of that,” he says. On the Facebook page of Buddy’s Bar, in which Fonseca owns a share, the other owners published a statement repudiating his actions and said that they will take legal action to remove him from the business. Even after publication of the statement, the bar continued to receive threats from other internet users.  A Facebook group proposing a protest this Friday outside the bar at Av. Armando Lombardi, 949 loja i, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


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