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A side note to the ignorant [Nick Beder] Opossums; They’re nature’s little sanitation engineers, they are more resistant to rabies than any other mammal including man.
They help to maintain a clean and healthy environment.
They eat all types of insects including cockroaches crickets and all types of bugs.
They catch and eat rats roof rats and mice and they consume dead animals of all types.
They like overripe fruit berries and grapes. And they think snails and slugs are delicious. .
Opossums go about their quiet task late at night and you usually won’t know they were around … unless your dog (being territorial) starts barking or you happen to take a midnight stroll when one is munching insects or snails in your yard.
Getting rid of opossums in your area means:
Loss of a harmless animal which eats all manner of pests;
Leaving a vacant ecological niche that will be filled by adjacent opossums or by other mammals such as rats skunks raccoons.
Opossums don’t dig into the soil nor do they destroy property; the risk of exposure to disease is lowest with them and higher with all other mammals; and they don’t have a strong scent.


Penis size: a little less than 1/2 inch


Nick Beder, a trapper in Wisconsin, live traps coyotes and sells them to hunting clubs, to be brutally shredded to death by hungry dogs ~via Olga Cárdenas



I copied this from a document i found about this serial killer “Initial Story treatment/idea about trapping, penning and wildlife contests using Nick Beder’s Facebook page. This man’s website was appalling. It demonstrated the lack of respect and sense of entitlement to kill and torture wild animals for sport that comes from not having laws that protect wildlife. License to Kill America’s Bloody Secret: Trapping, Snaring, Penning & Wildlife Killing Contests Video: opening shot fade up from black…See coyotes running wild, playing in the snow, pups playing, wolves, raccoons, bears, cougars, bobcats, any beautiful images we can find. Last shot is close up of beautiful coyote face Sound: Running and panting sounds only Sounds stop Video: Cut to black then quick cut to video of coyote being held by scruff of neck by Nick Bader. Cut to video of Bader stuffing the dirty fetal position coyote that gave up into the cage…use some of his remarks here. Cut to black and show title: License to Kill America’s Bloody Secret: Trapping, Snaring, and Penning & Wildlife Killing Contests Narrator Jon Way Voice: What does the face of fear look like? Video: Quick cuts of 5 images…. Show image of female coyote being held by scruff of neck next to smiling trapper (use caption from Facebook page saying it was the female mate of the male he caught the day before). Other images to be added Cut to black Voice: What about pain? Video: Quick cuts of 5 or more images…..Show black coyote with bleeding mouth and other images of animals in pain in traps. Other images to be added Cut to black Voice: What of torture, suffering, inhumanity Video: Quick cuts of more images of coyotes stacked on one another ready to be transported to penning facilities (show text explaining about the urine capture) there are various images here on his site, show him holding animals upside down Cut to black Voice: What does it take to make a living being “give up”? Video: show images of coyotes cowering in fear show the image of a trap (in his images) and then cut to the coyote so afraid it curled up in ball as he shoved in the cage. Use the title he made for this image called “giving up” Fade to black more slowly and then use voice over and show this message Voice Welcome to the lawless hell that is trapping, penning and wildlife killing derbies or contests Video: quick cuts to show piles of coyotes, the piles of opossums, show dead beavers and otters, close up of faces and fear Fade to black and then we hear but not see Louise Kane speaking Hi I’m Louise Kane, When I first saw the appalling video and images you just saw they were posted on a Facebook site where the creator proudly posed with ghoulish images of dead or about to die wild animals he had trapped. The killer even posted pictures of a traveling trailer system that functions like a temporary extermination camp so that when he travels to other states he has a facility to kill or keep the trapped animals. As I forced myself to look at the faces of the wild animals this man had captured or killed, over the years, in his Facebook albums, I was struck by the fact just one man created this carnage. Unfortunately a quick search will reveal many others who also do so legally. The accompanying text to many of the images revealed that this man had killed, captured and tortured hundreds if not thousands of coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otters, baby raccoons, bears, opossum and other wildlife, often posing with the trapped or injured animals making obscene and disrespectful remarks and enhancing their terror and fear by handling and dominating them or making them pose with him before killing them. Every year millions of wild animals, like those you have just seen, are betrayed by management agencies and a corrupt system. The laws and our wildlife agencies allow people who trap and kill or participate in wildlife killing contests to trap, pers to torture, maim, and slaughter America’s wild animals without restraint… and or regulation. legally. Trappers and people who kill for sport by entering killing contests or participating in penning like to try and to cloud the issue by claiming they are managing wildlife. They claim they are conservationists. They say they enjoy the challenge of the sport, and respect their prey. They say that people who try to protect wildlife are infringing on their second amendment rights. They say the animals they kill are ruthless and bloodthirsty, that they kill for fun. Video: show animals playing then cut to trapper with three or more animals trapped in a row and cut to piles of dead animals. They call them nuisance species or vermin. And defend these actions as management. And the wildlife agencies allow them to continue to kill and torment those that have no voice defending it as “management”. Trapping and snaring, wildlife killing contests and penning have made life a hell on earth for wildlife and are altering our ecosystems in ways we many not be able to reverse. Our wildlife deserves better and so do we. What do we send as a message to our children when this wanton and mad killing is legal? Isn’t it time to change the laws? I’m not a celebrity or star just an ordinary citizen like you and countless others who are outraged and appalled and tired of having our voices ignored. Please teach true respect of for wild animals. Help to end trapping, penning, and wildlife killing contests. (Just what is penning?) A note on penning from Brooks Fahy: The coyotes this man captured were the victims of penning, a despicable and utterly indefensible activity. After being trapped many of these coyotes, who mate for life and are intelligent and shy, or foxes were being shipped to penning facilities. After being unnaturally crammed into crowded crates for extended periods of time the sick, injured, traumatized animals who were separated from their families are released into pens only to be chased down and ripped apart as “sport” or to train dogs. This is penning Whether they were killed immediately or sold to hellish penning facilities. Under many state laws, wild animals have no protection from men like him. These men have do not have an ounce of compassion, no respect for the families and lives they tear torn apart, the individual suffering of the each animal or the cost to our ecosystems… You may ask how is this possible? Wildlife management is run by agencies that sell licenses to kill or are partially or wholly funded by special interests. Governors appoint many wildlife commissions or politicians with ties to powerful hunting, livestock or other lobbying groups like the NRA or Safari Club International. The commissions may be made up solely of hunters and trappers. So the laws are created to protect the livestock industry and hunters and trappers, but not the American public or wild animals. Even now, when many civilized nations have banned these activities, wild animals like coyotes, cougar, foxes, and even wolves who were just recently delisted lost full Endangered Species Act protectionsfrom the Endangered Species Act continue to be caught and killed in unspeakably inhumane and , archaic ways like trapping or snaring, that even many hunters despise. Ordinary citizens that object are often ignored. Please make your voice heard and help to end trapping, penning, and wildlife killing contests. For more information on Predator Defense go to For information on a state-based initiative to help wild carnivores go to For information on trapping, penning and killing contests go to ……. Credits Please note every bit of the footage of trapped and dead and dying animals came from albums within this ONE Facebook Page set=a.291325367602145.68401.100001740531422&t ype=1 Sadly there are hundreds if not thousands more just like this Produced by Louise Kane and Predator Defense Narrated by Jon Way and Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense Edited by.. ”

As you can see he enjoys serial killer tv


And belongs to all the popular serial killer groupsScreenshot_7

Comments from Facebook
“A few less possums in the woods eating turkey eggs. —

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Joseph A Podhayski Junior thats alot of grinners
May 9, 2012 at 8:10pmNick Beder 378 in 3wks it was fun,best day had 48
May 9, 2012 at 8:11pm · 1Shari Dixon How many did you run down with your truck and hit and chase after ?
May 9, 2012 at 8:18pmRichard Cates Was you targeting possum
May 9, 2012 at 8:20pmNick Beder Targeting every thing to get a better turkey and deer population ,trying to get get coyote and bobcats but all the darn possums keep coming.
May 9, 2012 at 8:33pm · 1Nick Beder Shari only a few jumped in front of the truck,yes that is fare chase
May 9, 2012 at 8:35pm · 1Thomas Cash good lord man thats a truck load
May 9, 2012 at 11:46pmRyan Weber That’s Nick he’s crazy!
June 8, 2012 at 5:01pmNick Beder Ryan u should come help skin all of they in a nite or two ?
June 8, 2012 at 5:16pmRyan Weber I don’t mess them nasty things!
June 8, 2012 at 5:18pm · 1Lane Vickers Don’t blame you one bit Ryan
June 8, 2012 at 5:21pmRyan Weber Them things get tossed aside after I put a .22 on em
June 8, 2012 at 5:21pmShawn McCarthy Good job. Have lots in Ontario now. Come on up here.
June 8, 2012 at 6:58pmKristen Marie Love it.
June 16, 2013 at 7:53pmAaron Daniels Holy crap! Thats a lot.of.possums”
February 4, 2014 at 9:54am
these are his likes on Facebook [most have to do with murder, slaughter and death]
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    Known as:Nicholas Charles Beder Nicholas Schwanke

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193 thoughts on “Nick Beder PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER”

  1. Mmmmm all that meat makes me hungry. Who wants to go hunting with me and kill some game? How about some baby lamb or deer?

    1. You must have the smallest dick anyone who hunts little defenseless animals is weak as shit you must be very embarrassed ya loser

  2. What I don’t understand is how nothing has been done to this man. Is it legal to do what he is doing? Is anything about his vile actions legal?????? I’m just sick that 1 POS is causing so much destruction and pain and suffering and it seems like nothing is happening to him or no one is stopping him. My heart breaks for all those beautiful animals he has killed and tortured.

    1. It’s all legal in a way of life so if you don’t like it look somewhere else snowflake out in the country we call this surviving. I support this man

      1. This has nothing to do with “surviving”! It is just flat out murdering of creatures that are very much needed alive for the ecosystem.

      2. Life in the “country?” — are we taking about the U.S.? — How far are you from the City? — any city? — how far are you from a Supermarket? — any market? — Are you telling us you grow your own veggies? — Are you telling us you grow your own fruit? — Are you telling us you make your own bread? — Where do you get your water? — do you have plumbing? — do you have an indoor oven? — Gas or electricity? — do you cook outdoors? — do you make your own fire? — There are people who live in the Rainforests of Brazil, who have NEVER stepped out of their home-environment — they’ve been living in the forests for centuries — they are self-sufficient – — they KNOW NOT what a City is — does this sound familiar? — is this similar to your life?

  3. Grow up God made them for us to kill and eat and use fur fo tons of things people need to get a life now we will always kill to be able to eat

    1. Please show me where it says to kill 1000’s of opossums and stack them on top of each other and do nothing else but stand next to them and take selfies?

    2. Are you a barbarian asshole there are stores for food these days just in case you didn’t know gods creatures have a right to life as well.

    3. God did NOT instruct us to inflict pain, cause horrific suffering, prolong death, take joy in the killing of smaller sentient beings. God did NOT instruct us to have pride in this, to post boastful ugly photos on social media, to pose with corpses like it is some sort of conquest. This is heartbreaking and sickening. This man should be jailed or taken out.

      1. Aaron, that’s news to me, Ive been a Christian my entire life and I have never heard, read or told that and I’m positive that is not in the bible

  4. This does not look like a responsible hunter!!!!! He enjoys killing to an excess. Not the kind of person to admire.

  5. Legal or illegal, it’s wrong to treat anything with disrespect and cruelty. CHANGE THE LAW TO MAKE SURE IT’S ILLEGAL AND THE PENALTY FITS THE CRIME…maybe he should be made to eat every possum he has trapped and carry the furs of all of the lives he stole on his back… That should be his burden of guilt…

  6. This man will be killing humans soon he will start with a small child .. This maniac will get board in killing animails He needs to be stopped and watched

  7. This thing is Satan coming to earth he body should be stuffed in a shredded and every drop of blood shoved down his throat God needs to please come back take these bastards toss them to hell and make world a beatiful place again please Lotd hurry can’t stand this evil anymore????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Kristine Wanner

    I hope someone see this that will give him the same brutality in return! Curious to know what the number limits are on trapping and or killing them. (I know I can look it up but really don’t have the patience). Is it legal to live trap coyotes for selling as live bait? Wow!!!! This guy is in a sad place. I wonder what his mother let him do as a child to lead up to this….hmmmm. 🙁

    1. That’s the great part there is no limit kill one kill a thousand the pest they devastate chicken farms which produces the eggs you eat for breakfast this is mere eradication of a nuisance in simple snowflake terms it is killing unwanted animals that cause a problem and we get paid to do it think of that the next time you buy a nice furry scarf or a fancy fur coat

      1. Dearest Anonymous — can you come up with a better name? — possums are NOT nuisances — PROTECT your chickens — BUT protect them in such a way where they can still remain happy & healthy — as for ANIMAL FUR products — we do NOT NEED animal fur — we have FAUX FUR or synthetic fur which keeps us just as warm & comfy — REMEMBER THIS, my dear Anonymous — human beings have CHOICES — we are supposed to be smarter — e.g., build a more protective chicken coop — STOP killing animals for fur – we do NOT NEED it — get into another line of work NOT involving animals — STOP abusing, exploiting, killing animals just to line your pockets — we do NOT NEED your animal products — LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE — you’re not a PSYCHO are you?

  9. Nick Bede is deeply disturbed and needs to be apprehended for his gross violence to other living beings. I occasionally eat meat also; I am not innocent at all, for the way I live is not “green” in a way that will make a difference. However, I would rather die at the hands of ISIS than see this man getting away with ecocide.

  10. Here is what needs to happen. Someone needs to find Nick’s trap line and set up a wildlife cam near one of his cages or traps. Then they need to lay a bear trap, (steel jaw type with dull rusty jaws) in the path Mr. Big Shot trapper will use to clear his trap or harvest his kills. As he approaches with blood list in his eyes….SNAP!!!, right on his leg. Trapped by his own methods, too much of a wimp to open a bear trap by hand. Then record as he suffers the same torture he inflicts and slowly succumbs to dehydration, infection and massive trauma. Post video on all trapping sites and put the fear of God into these sickos. No jury would convict you, it was a mercy killing. Karma by humanistic design. Good vs. Evil. Sell your story to Hollywood. Live happily ever after. Hehe

  11. As Someone who loves animals , but Defends hunting over “Factory Farming” This is totally senseless and Wrong. the Man is a discredit to any REAL hunter, I also own and rescue hunting dogs , and can tell you that I detest the practice of trapping animals for Hounds to run , My hounds DO “Hunt” but I can tell you Hunting and KILLING are two different things , they actually Benefit wildlife by chasing it from Farms and Ranches where people do kill the intruders. Wanton Killing and Un sporting behavior should NEVER be tolerated Especially from fellow hunters. This is Flat out Disgusting , and No One , INCLUDING Hunters should applaud or tolerate this
    this .

  12. dont worry there are people that are going to put a stop to this coward, scumbag, little dick pussy. This piece of human trash will get what he deserves and this mass murdering will end soon.

  13. You all sound extremely ignorant. Do you wear shoes made of leather? Where did that come from? Eat eggs for breakfast? Buy meat at the store? Just because you aren’t smart enough to know the backstory on everything you’re going to bash some guy that likes to trap?

    Oh, by the way, try using some punctuation.

      1. Unless you harvest all of your plant food from the wild, know that your farm grown food is only possible due to habitat destruction over the course of many years to create those fields. Those fields were not always fields, they were woods, swamps, grasslands, etc – home to beloved opposums.

      2. The point is that people need to take their blinders off. People don’t want to acknowledge their part in the cycle no matter what their stance or direct involvement is. Should farmers be killed for their role in habitat destruction which we know results in the death of animals either by loss of habitat or simply running over animals with a brush mower? No of course not! Why then does the hunter/trapper that lawfully harvests animals become the only bad guy? Its ridiculous to point blame at only one and not the other. And to assume that since somebody harvests animals by hunting or trapping then they will eventually become murderers of people is a ludicrous comparison. Realize your ancestors hunted, trapped, and farmed for survival not that long ago. It is a primal instinct. What is worse for the animal, death by being ripped apart by a predator or slowly starving due to overpoplulation or a quick death by trap or gun?

      3. Omg, Stop with your amoral Sociopathic ideology bs, killing is killing, we don’t need to kill the farmer, but we can put a stop to him destroying and raping the environment for his personal greed, and his laziness not to find a career in this century. Hunting is also an antiquated barbaric act of murder in this day and age. You have access to education and tools to know that eating any kind of flesh is not necessary in this day and age, and the ideology behind continuing to think you need to, is only out of needing domination over other beings to fulfill your own narcissistic insecurities. Sick of you bloodlusting left overs from the 16th century spouting your moronic propaganda, as if. Wildlife manages itself without human interference, and since humans have progressed to technology and science, we know that now, and we should be spending our energy in Wildlife services managing with that science & compassion to make life easier for all Wildlife like we do for humans, instead of murdering at a rate of over 200 million a year for the small minority of Neanderthal leftovers like you, when the majority want our Wildlife cared for to Watch, Wildlife Watching brings 10 times the Revenue does than murdering (hunting). If you are so poor that you need help finding food, we have Food Banks now in a civilized Society. Alafair, you might want to block this guy, abusers like him will not stop.

      4. ….so we stop the hunter, the trapper, the farmer. What do we eat? Where will we live? Understand that wildlife conservation is funded without comparison by money brought about from the Pittman Robertson Act. This act was not brought about by the green thumb in the city that doesn’t understand how the natural world works, it was brought about by firearm and ammunition companies that understood that somebody must act to conserve our wild places and animals. Wildlife must be managed in our modern world and since the conservation efforts of this act, the wildlife populations are better than ever and most certainly the standard by what other countries strive for.

      5. Not true, at all, yes the Wildlife Laws are manipulated by the Gun industry/NRA, we have established that, and you hunters only want to “Conserve” enough lives for them to be able to kill, and the Pittman Act was established because you bloodlusting psychos almost killed every animal in sight. Most of the money today for your hunting programs is from subsidized funds from our taxes not your little hunting fees. You hide these facts from the public and give it names like “Share Program”, another fact you lie about is that the majority of the public want their Wildlife alive, and that “Wildlife Watching” generates over 10 times the revenue to manage Wildlife than any hunting fees or programs, you hunters are just like the Welfarist Ranchers, you take government money for your private interests business of killing animals, Enough, you will never win anymore with your propaganda and lies, admit you are Sociopathic killers and the republicans are the only ones keeping your bloodlusting enabled, but they are dying out with the NRA as are you, you are ALL History!

      6. I suggest you go buy yourself a hunting license and a duck stamp. That money will go to wildlife conservation. Also, go talk to a wildlife biologist that is educated in such matters of the natural world. They can explain the science behind wildlife management and its importance. It’s a reality not a fantasy.

  14. It’s not so ludicrous to think this guy, Beder, would go on to kill humans. Most people know that serial killers begin with animals, torturing and killing without any conscience of the animal’s suffering. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and the BTK Killer all started out inhumanely killing small animals. It’s obvious that this guy just likes to kill them for his enjoyment. Look at the pictures of him with these tortured and dead animals. He’s so pleased with himself. He must be compensating for something to make him feel like he’s a man.

  15. OMG Crazy SOB!!!
    What the hell is wrong with some people?
    HOW did this person end up with no empathy or regard for the lives of others?
    Usually it’s passed down by idiotic brainless heartless parents. This is INSANE.
    Doesn’t he have anything GOOD to do for society for God’s sake! Lock this crazy guy up!

    1. Pigs are better than this sorry excuse for a human…actually, any other kind of animal is better thn him…hopefully a pack of wolves will take care of him…or any other large predator in his area…

  16. Anybody who claims they have to kill to eat must not have two dimes to rub together and belong in the movie “Deliverance.” They can’t even afford to go to Walmart to replace their single pair of skidmark underwear. Even homeless people living on the street have more dignity and pride than you have. You’re just Neanderthals in clothes. Have fun out there in the hickville woods playing serial killer while normal humans have normal lives, maybe reading a book every now and then, going to a movie or a family get-together, playing normal sports like softball and football, you know, sports without all the blood and guts splattered from helpless creatures who just want to live their lives. One day you’ll bow your head before God and see this is not what he created the world for, you know, that day he damns you to hell for eternity for all the fear and suffering you have enjoyed.

  17. Now I know white trash exists. Its you. You are NOT a hunter, you are some kind of sicko that loves killing.

  18. OMG — how heartbreaking — This idiot knows NOT what he does — arrest this MONSTER — WHY isn’t he STOPPED! — is there any way to give animal lovers in the area a heads-up on this criminal-Nick Beder — what about the Authorities — what about the natural environment that so desperately needs these animals : oppossums, wolves, foxes, etc. — He MUST be STOPPED — find a way to STOP this idiot-PSYCHO-monster — he’s doing so much damage to the world, not to mention to the vulnerable, innocent animals he has abused and murdered.

    1. Shut up snowflake this man is my hero there’s thousands of us if not tens of thousands that do this every year so just sit down shut up and get used to it we have to put up with girls wanting to be boys and boys want to be girls because it’s their way of life you guys can put up with this because it’s our way of life

      1. Know I am not a snowflake, and could
        outshoot your Red neck butt any day of the week..just bc we can shoot doesn’t mean we should. You should know many of us have grown up and become wiser. We support right to bear arms, believe the Bible, feel abortion is wrong, and try to move forward instead of backward like hicks who did not know better. Ppl like you are cruel and savage due to not hunting for food but torture for cruelty…you are one of the only arguments I can think of for taking away your gun privileges.. Smart and good hunters use bow & arrow, bc they believe in giving the animal a fair chance. Anyone can hit a target with a scope that allows for no competition between man and animal.Live traps are for cowards not real men. Allowing suffering instead of quick death demonstrates need for voyeurism of slow death and love of blood thirsty fullfilment. You are not a hunter, you are a monster… If you don’t need the food game provides, you should not be hunting anything….give it up loser.

      2. Dearest Darrin — THINK before you speak — Have you read ALL the replies on this forum? — You MUST! — Count all the responses OPPOSED to your absurdly cruel, unconscionably depraved Hunting Down of animals for the purposes of entertainment and/or other unnecessary, sadistic, draconian reasons — YOU HAVE NO DEFENSE — you repeatedly name-call and throw ad-hominen remarks at every breath.

  19. This is disgusting. If you have to kill this many beings to justify yourself, there is something wrong with you. There’s a special place reserve for people like you in hell.

  20. Not cool ! For so many reasons opposums eat lime carrying ticks. May you be blessed with limes for your superior killing skills.

    1. I agree. His wife is a pile too. He and his wife and any offspring they spawn deserve the repercussions of this. To be honest, wrapped around a tree bleeding to death is a good place for him.

  21. Thank you for putting his address on here so I can send him some fan mail this man is my hero you’re doing a great job buddy

    1. If he’s your hero, you’re just as big of a POS coward as he is. Go back to masturbating to Guns & Ammo & sleeping with your guns Cletus.

  22. This persons actions are disgusting and not think his posts are appropriate for facebook..his violence and disregard for animal life and suffering lead me to believe he should be banned from posting on facebook. None should be proud of causing pain,torture and abuse of any animals..please remove this filth from Facebook..Sandra S. Browne, Evergreen, Colorado

  23. Jesus there are a lot of ugly hateful f***** up human beings out there f****** un believable you know and almost every one of these people are going to die by cancer or some other kind of disease because they are diseased. These are diseased people what a bunch of f***** up losers. and you know what they walk among us go to Rural King tractor supply Walmart almost anywhere where you walk these hillbillies these scum rats Walk among us..

  24. Animal abuse may be an early warning sign. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT joins a long list of mass shootings. The scenario is by now sickeningly familiar: a troubled teenage boy unleashes mayhem in an instant, taking down children, adults, and ultimately himself in a hail of bullets. After the shock, we are left to puzzle over the early warning signs missed, the clues overlooked. While there are no easy answers, animal abuse may be one of those warning signs.

    Young children might pull the cat’s tail or yank the dog’s hair out of curiosity or mischief. These can be teachable moments for parents or other adults to build empathy by pointing out the animal’s feelings and needs. However, when a child of any age shows intentional cruelty toward animals that is repeated, severe and without remorse, this should be taken very seriously. It is not only crucial to keep animals safe, but childhood animal abuse is linked to other forms of violence and psychopathology. A child who abuses animals requires immediate intervention and treatment. Animal abuse is often the first manifestation of serious emotional turmoil that may escalate into extreme violence, such as mass killing. Here’s why psychologists are increasingly focused on animal abuse in childhood as a warning sign.

    Troubled children are much more likely to mistreat animals. While less than 5% of U. S. children are estimated to have intentionally hurt an animal, for children at mental health clinics, animal cruelty rates range from 10 to 25%. Prof. Frank Ascione at the University of Denver and Prof. Arnold Arluke at Northeastern University estimate that one in four children and adolescents with conduct disorder have abused animals. Children who have been physically abused and exposed to domestic violence are at even higher risk. In an assessment of 1433 children ages 6 to 12, Ascione found that among abused children, 60% had abused animals.

    Animal abuse is often the first sign of serious disturbance among adolescent and adult killers. On Oct. 1, 1997, Luke Woodham, a sophomore at Pearl High School, in a suburb of Jackson, MI, stabbed his mother to death and then opened fire on classmates with a hunting rifle, killing two girls and wounding seven other students. Investigators later found Woodham’s account of his torture and killing of his pet dog Sparkle, which the boy described as his “first kill.” On May 21, 1998, fifteen year old Kip Kinkel shot his parents to death before emptying three guns at his classmates in Thurston High School, Springfield, OR, leaving one dead and 26 injured. Kip had often bragged to others at school about how he tortured animals. Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo (the “Boston strangler”), David Berkowitz (the “Son of Sam”) and Carroll Edward Cole, a serial killer accused of 35 deaths, all recounted animal torture as their first violent act. When counselors at several federal penitentiaries evaluated inmates for levels of aggression, 70% of the most violent prisoners had serious and repeated animal abuse in their childhood histories, as compared to 6% of nonaggressive prisoners in the same facilities.

  25. This guy had a bad childhood obviously. Can’t even imagine how desperate a Female has to be to even want to breed with this loser. And his poor kids if he has any. My father was a hunter and never did anything like this. He respected wildlife and always ate what he killed. Never killed for fur trade or anything else. he had a respect for nature. You sir, are a disgrace to Hunters and give good hunters and hunters that have a respect for wildlife a bad name.

  26. I think this is not a man but a subhuman pretending to be a man. A real man takes no pleasure from killing. As a subhuman he is obviously genetically deficient.

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