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A side note to the ignorant [Nick Beder] Opossums; They’re nature’s little sanitation engineers, they are more resistant to rabies than any other mammal including man.
They help to maintain a clean and healthy environment.
They eat all types of insects including cockroaches crickets and all types of bugs.
They catch and eat rats roof rats and mice and they consume dead animals of all types.
They like overripe fruit berries and grapes. And they think snails and slugs are delicious. .
Opossums go about their quiet task late at night and you usually won’t know they were around … unless your dog (being territorial) starts barking or you happen to take a midnight stroll when one is munching insects or snails in your yard.
Getting rid of opossums in your area means:
Loss of a harmless animal which eats all manner of pests;
Leaving a vacant ecological niche that will be filled by adjacent opossums or by other mammals such as rats skunks raccoons.
Opossums don’t dig into the soil nor do they destroy property; the risk of exposure to disease is lowest with them and higher with all other mammals; and they don’t have a strong scent.


Penis size: a little less than 1/2 inch


Nick Beder, a trapper in Wisconsin, live traps coyotes and sells them to hunting clubs, to be brutally shredded to death by hungry dogs ~via Olga Cárdenas



I copied this from a document i found about this serial killer “Initial Story treatment/idea about trapping, penning and wildlife contests using Nick Beder’s Facebook page. This man’s website was appalling. It demonstrated the lack of respect and sense of entitlement to kill and torture wild animals for sport that comes from not having laws that protect wildlife. License to Kill America’s Bloody Secret: Trapping, Snaring, Penning & Wildlife Killing Contests Video: opening shot fade up from black…See coyotes running wild, playing in the snow, pups playing, wolves, raccoons, bears, cougars, bobcats, any beautiful images we can find. Last shot is close up of beautiful coyote face Sound: Running and panting sounds only Sounds stop Video: Cut to black then quick cut to video of coyote being held by scruff of neck by Nick Bader. Cut to video of Bader stuffing the dirty fetal position coyote that gave up into the cage…use some of his remarks here. Cut to black and show title: License to Kill America’s Bloody Secret: Trapping, Snaring, and Penning & Wildlife Killing Contests Narrator Jon Way Voice: What does the face of fear look like? Video: Quick cuts of 5 images…. Show image of female coyote being held by scruff of neck next to smiling trapper (use caption from Facebook page saying it was the female mate of the male he caught the day before). Other images to be added Cut to black Voice: What about pain? Video: Quick cuts of 5 or more images…..Show black coyote with bleeding mouth and other images of animals in pain in traps. Other images to be added Cut to black Voice: What of torture, suffering, inhumanity Video: Quick cuts of more images of coyotes stacked on one another ready to be transported to penning facilities (show text explaining about the urine capture) there are various images here on his site, show him holding animals upside down Cut to black Voice: What does it take to make a living being “give up”? Video: show images of coyotes cowering in fear show the image of a trap (in his images) and then cut to the coyote so afraid it curled up in ball as he shoved in the cage. Use the title he made for this image called “giving up” Fade to black more slowly and then use voice over and show this message Voice Welcome to the lawless hell that is trapping, penning and wildlife killing derbies or contests Video: quick cuts to show piles of coyotes, the piles of opossums, show dead beavers and otters, close up of faces and fear Fade to black and then we hear but not see Louise Kane speaking Hi I’m Louise Kane, When I first saw the appalling video and images you just saw they were posted on a Facebook site where the creator proudly posed with ghoulish images of dead or about to die wild animals he had trapped. The killer even posted pictures of a traveling trailer system that functions like a temporary extermination camp so that when he travels to other states he has a facility to kill or keep the trapped animals. As I forced myself to look at the faces of the wild animals this man had captured or killed, over the years, in his Facebook albums, I was struck by the fact just one man created this carnage. Unfortunately a quick search will reveal many others who also do so legally. The accompanying text to many of the images revealed that this man had killed, captured and tortured hundreds if not thousands of coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otters, baby raccoons, bears, opossum and other wildlife, often posing with the trapped or injured animals making obscene and disrespectful remarks and enhancing their terror and fear by handling and dominating them or making them pose with him before killing them. Every year millions of wild animals, like those you have just seen, are betrayed by management agencies and a corrupt system. The laws and our wildlife agencies allow people who trap and kill or participate in wildlife killing contests to trap, pers to torture, maim, and slaughter America’s wild animals without restraint… and or regulation. legally. Trappers and people who kill for sport by entering killing contests or participating in penning like to try and to cloud the issue by claiming they are managing wildlife. They claim they are conservationists. They say they enjoy the challenge of the sport, and respect their prey. They say that people who try to protect wildlife are infringing on their second amendment rights. They say the animals they kill are ruthless and bloodthirsty, that they kill for fun. Video: show animals playing then cut to trapper with three or more animals trapped in a row and cut to piles of dead animals. They call them nuisance species or vermin. And defend these actions as management. And the wildlife agencies allow them to continue to kill and torment those that have no voice defending it as “management”. Trapping and snaring, wildlife killing contests and penning have made life a hell on earth for wildlife and are altering our ecosystems in ways we many not be able to reverse. Our wildlife deserves better and so do we. What do we send as a message to our children when this wanton and mad killing is legal? Isn’t it time to change the laws? I’m not a celebrity or star just an ordinary citizen like you and countless others who are outraged and appalled and tired of having our voices ignored. Please teach true respect of for wild animals. Help to end trapping, penning, and wildlife killing contests. (Just what is penning?) A note on penning from Brooks Fahy: The coyotes this man captured were the victims of penning, a despicable and utterly indefensible activity. After being trapped many of these coyotes, who mate for life and are intelligent and shy, or foxes were being shipped to penning facilities. After being unnaturally crammed into crowded crates for extended periods of time the sick, injured, traumatized animals who were separated from their families are released into pens only to be chased down and ripped apart as “sport” or to train dogs. This is penning Whether they were killed immediately or sold to hellish penning facilities. Under many state laws, wild animals have no protection from men like him. These men have do not have an ounce of compassion, no respect for the families and lives they tear torn apart, the individual suffering of the each animal or the cost to our ecosystems… You may ask how is this possible? Wildlife management is run by agencies that sell licenses to kill or are partially or wholly funded by special interests. Governors appoint many wildlife commissions or politicians with ties to powerful hunting, livestock or other lobbying groups like the NRA or Safari Club International. The commissions may be made up solely of hunters and trappers. So the laws are created to protect the livestock industry and hunters and trappers, but not the American public or wild animals. Even now, when many civilized nations have banned these activities, wild animals like coyotes, cougar, foxes, and even wolves who were just recently delisted lost full Endangered Species Act protectionsfrom the Endangered Species Act continue to be caught and killed in unspeakably inhumane and , archaic ways like trapping or snaring, that even many hunters despise. Ordinary citizens that object are often ignored. Please make your voice heard and help to end trapping, penning, and wildlife killing contests. For more information on Predator Defense go to For information on a state-based initiative to help wild carnivores go to For information on trapping, penning and killing contests go to ……. Credits Please note every bit of the footage of trapped and dead and dying animals came from albums within this ONE Facebook Page set=a.291325367602145.68401.100001740531422&t ype=1 Sadly there are hundreds if not thousands more just like this Produced by Louise Kane and Predator Defense Narrated by Jon Way and Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense Edited by.. ”

As you can see he enjoys serial killer tv


And belongs to all the popular serial killer groupsScreenshot_7

Comments from Facebook
“A few less possums in the woods eating turkey eggs. —

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Joseph A Podhayski Junior thats alot of grinners
May 9, 2012 at 8:10pmNick Beder 378 in 3wks it was fun,best day had 48
May 9, 2012 at 8:11pm · 1Shari Dixon How many did you run down with your truck and hit and chase after ?
May 9, 2012 at 8:18pmRichard Cates Was you targeting possum
May 9, 2012 at 8:20pmNick Beder Targeting every thing to get a better turkey and deer population ,trying to get get coyote and bobcats but all the darn possums keep coming.
May 9, 2012 at 8:33pm · 1Nick Beder Shari only a few jumped in front of the truck,yes that is fare chase
May 9, 2012 at 8:35pm · 1Thomas Cash good lord man thats a truck load
May 9, 2012 at 11:46pmRyan Weber That’s Nick he’s crazy!
June 8, 2012 at 5:01pmNick Beder Ryan u should come help skin all of they in a nite or two ?
June 8, 2012 at 5:16pmRyan Weber I don’t mess them nasty things!
June 8, 2012 at 5:18pm · 1Lane Vickers Don’t blame you one bit Ryan
June 8, 2012 at 5:21pmRyan Weber Them things get tossed aside after I put a .22 on em
June 8, 2012 at 5:21pmShawn McCarthy Good job. Have lots in Ontario now. Come on up here.
June 8, 2012 at 6:58pmKristen Marie Love it.
June 16, 2013 at 7:53pmAaron Daniels Holy crap! Thats a lot.of.possums”
February 4, 2014 at 9:54am
these are his likes on Facebook [most have to do with murder, slaughter and death]
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    Known as:Nicholas Charles Beder Nicholas Schwanke

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193 thoughts on “Nick Beder PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER”

  1. Hope you get of Lymes Disease from ticks, which possums eat tons of, or hanta virus from mice, which coyotes eat by the thousands. ,You stupid, miserable tiny dick CREEP.

    1. Neta Logwood'Bonaparte

      Exactly he needs to be in prison!!!For a long time! He’s dangerous! No normal person kills like this, he’s sick!!! Only a matter of time before he goes after people too!!! A pathetic loser!!!

  2. I hope he’s freaking dies. He’s absolute sewer filth. You got to have one evil heart to do that s***. I don’t know who he thinks he is, that he thinks God isn’t smart enough to balance things out, without his ignorant help. I’ll be glad when he croaks. I’ll be glad for the Wildlife’s sake. What a cruel piece of crap. Rot in hell you Backwoods cowardly Punk.

  3. I think Wisconsin, the state I live in needs to stop this killer and pass the class needed to put this piece of shit out of business and into jail.

    1. Wisconsin will never stop this unless you & others vote for Democrats. The GOP is extremely pro-hunting & sees nothing wrong with this crap.

      1. I’m GOP, and fish, legally. This is just wrong, and he should be locked up, his weapons auctioned off, with proceeds going to law enforcement to help catch others like him. Vote your conscience, don’t group us all together, just vote!

  4. He is human garbage & just like garbage he needs to be dealt with. Preferably with lots of pain & slow torture. But seeing how he has “rights” (unlike all these poor animals) i’d settle for jailtime, fines & taking his hunting rights away permanently.

  5. Wow. The whole article is a bunch of bs. I have been an outdoorsman my entire life and have never even heard of trapped coyotes being released for sporting purpose. I would call that an outright lie. As for the other critter in a balanced area you will have a few opossum but not that many. That area is over capacity. Even on a good year I don’t even see that many. I’m guessing they are feeding on people’s trash and are removed because of that.

    As for the people that posted hate and wish harm upon the guy, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Trappers and hunters do their best to insure no pain or suffering comes to our quarry. Sometimes things do not go well and it can happen but it is not the norm. Much in the same as our healthcare system does it’s best to do no harm but people die from routine surgery every day. I don’t see you chasing down doctors threatening to rip them to shreds.

    People who do not live among the wildlife will not ever understand. If you have never had your chickens killed by a opossum then you won’t understand.

    Oh and I had two opossum babies I bottle fed because their mom got hit by a car so don’t tell me I have no compassion. I love wildlife. A lot more than a lot of you care about human life apparently.

    1. As to your statement, “Trappers and hunters do their best to insure no pain or suffering comes to our quarry.” — (1) Trapping does much damage, pain and suffering to animals — it can be a slow, torturous death; (2) Hunting down animals to slaughter them does NOTHING for no one with the exception of the Hunter, who’s probably planning on eating or selling the animal — do NOT come back with the “CONSERVATION” defense — our delicate eco-system knows how to keep everything in balance — The reason TRAPPERS and HUNTERS do what they do is because they feel like it and they get a huge pay-off — the animals have NO SAY in this — they suffer, they die and NO ONE BLINKS AN EYE.

    2. “Trappers and hunters do their best to insure no pain or suffering comes to our quarry.”

      Really?? Trapping by definition is TORTURE to the animal and should be outlawed!

  6. @Ed Hamlin Your comment is complete and utter BS. It’s amazing that you have access to the internet and are able to educate yourself on the what Trapping does to Animals but you willingly choose to ignore the truth. Your theory about doctors is absurd considering doctors are not outright attempting to “kill” their patients. Comparing a doctor and the healthcare system to a hunter who’s only goal is to kill I have no idea how you came up with that nonsense. Also, as far as chickens being killed by predators you are demanding that wild animals do not act accordingly to what is in their nature to do. That’s like demanding a black person to change his skin color. This man has murdered so many animals needlessly he obviously has deep seeded emotional issues as do many hunters. If a hunter “truly” respected nature and wildlife they would agree that every animal serves a purpose in the ecosystem..even the Possum. Killing Wolves and Coyotes serve no purpose other than to hunt for sport, sell the fur or to make money off of them. If you say trapping is humane then I would ask you to go ahead and place your hand in one and leave it there for 24 hours and then get back to us and let us know how your hand feels. Beder is maniac out of control with his rage. He needs some serious therapy because my father was a hunter but NEVER did any of this. He always ate what he killed and never killed anything that he would later just throw away, sold to someone else or killed the animal because he considered it a nuisance. He was a “real” hunter and unfortunately there are not may of them left as they are being replaced by angry people who suffer from lack of self esteem who are also raising new generations of angry killers who’s only goal is to go out an “kill something”. It’s unfortunate and sad. This creep is a sad excuse for a hunter. he has zero respect for nature and even less respect for the wildlife that inhabits it. May karma come back on him 10 fold and hopefully open up his eyes to his wrong doings.

    1. @GeminiBeast, thank you for saying everything i wanted to say to that fool!! Anybody who defends the serial killer in this article, obviously is an asshole as well!

  7. Whatever humanitarians write in protest, will go on deaf ears. This depraved coward wears deep scars of having to prove his never-satisfied machismo.. What would he do without killer weapons? Clearly, he should be sequestered in a straight-jacket for the duration of his sickening existence! Whether it be day or night, Nick Bader is an enemy to all life forms, including humans!

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