Rafael Hermida Fonseca Savagely Abused Girlfriends Dogs Caught on Hidden Camera

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The Loser Boyfriend Rafael Hermida Fonseca  Date of Birth: 01/07/1980  ANIMAL ABUSER

Please sign the petition to bring criminal charges against this coward http://goo.gl/7En13l
2nd Petition: http://www.peticaopublica.com.br/pview.aspx?pi=BR79388

A monster, Rafael Hermida, is on the run in Brazil after his girlfriend filmed him abusing her dogs, promptly breaking up with him and pressing charges with police in Rio de Janiero.

Ninna Mandin posted two videos on her Facebook account last weekend after she had suspected her now ex-boyfriend, Rafael Hermida, of mistreating her two French bulldogs.gucci-e-victoria
To find out whether her fears were misplaced or genuine, she installed a camera in her house in the Barra da Tijuca area of Rio. She caught Hermida slamming one of the dogs onto the ground and holding another by its hind legs and dropping it onto the ground. Ninna says that the love she felt for her fiancé disappeared instantly after viewing the video.
Mandin says that Fonseca had always been very affectionate towards her, her family and the dogs. However, she became suspicious when wounds began to appear on the animals, and when they began to display a marked fear of Fonseca. “They became really scared of him. After that, the wounds started to appear and the vet couldn’t explain where they were coming from. That’s when I decided to install a camera in the living room,” she says. Mandin says that the pain she feels for her dogs is worse than that she feels for the end of her engagement. “I’m not even thinking about the wedding. My pain is seeing what the dogs suffered.” The wedding had been planned for June. Fonseca is a lawyer, and owns part of a bar in the Barra neighborhood. He had lived with Nina and her mother for four months. The two first met a year and a half ago. “It was a shock, because we think we know people, but in reality we don’t,” says Mandin. “But now, I want justice before the law.” The case was reported to the police, who summoned Fonseca to make a statement on Tuesday. Reynaldo Velloso, president of the Commission of Protection and Defense of Animals of the Rio de Janeiro branch of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, says that he will propose that the Public Prosecutor of Rio takes action against Fonseca for collective moral damage. “We have to stop this mistreatment. This is why we have to take action against the aggressor, because society is a passive subject in the face of this crime, and the social networks are proof of that,” he says. On the Facebook page of Buddy’s Bar, in which Fonseca owns a share, the other owners published a statement repudiating his actions and said that they will take legal action to remove him from the business. Even after publication of the statement, the bar continued to receive threats from other internet users.  A Facebook group proposing a protest this Friday outside the bar at Av. Armando Lombardi, 949 loja i, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


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17 thoughts on “Rafael Hermida Fonseca Savagely Abused Girlfriends Dogs Caught on Hidden Camera”

  1. Oh my God. This just makes my heart hurt so deeply. I want to cry. That poor little thing. Why anyone would want to hurt such a sweet little baby. He’s so so lucky it wasn’t me he had to deal with. Not only would I of flooded social media and contact police ( Good for you Ninna Mandin for exposing this no good coward for the piece of human trash that he is, GOOD FOR YOU). He should of spent time in Jail for that with five years probation along with five years of curfew. Only back and forth to work, nothing else. Had to be in by 6pm.
    He deserves to pay for his brutal and cold blooded crime. What a Monster.

  2. I would like to know what happened to this scumbag?! It is 2017 and I am so disturbed by this story and this monster.I hope he has and is still paying for being such a cruel, horrible, impotent and evil person; inflicting hurt on such innocent babes that rely on humans to protect and love them. And to hear that he has six dogs of his own at his home. Unimaginable. I lose so much faith in humanity when I read of such evil, because it is always a human that is inflicting such pain and malice. Good job to Ninna for following her instincts and setting up the camera. I am so sorry that her pups had to live through that. Thank God he is out of their lives for good!!

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  4. Good for Nina. I admire her strength and determination; she is a good mommy for the fur babies. As for this monster abusing these innocent dogs, I hope they throw the book at him. Gee I wonder how this creep would have faired out abusing 2 rottweilers.

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  6. Our pets are like our kids or babies or best friends, I’m sorry happened I hope your babies are ok.I hope the man goes to prison for a long whial

  7. I only recently heard about this and watched the video in complete horror and shock then when it was over I sobbed. I’m surprised he didn’t break their little legs. I can’t ever watch it again. I am wondering what ever happened this this cowardly POS.

  8. I hope they catch him and cut his hands off snd his balls and poke his eyes out . And give some of Out here Best him to pieces .

  9. William Floodman

    These people need to pay for their cruelty. I would just eliminate them from this eary. Or just remove their eyes, tunge,& penis. These lil punk bitches need to pay a heavy price. We need a gang that takes revenge on these sonmo bitches!

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