James Howell of 1317 Phillippi Rd Camden Alabama 36726 CUT OFF THE HEADS OF 3 PUPPIES WITH A MACHETE.

**update puppy beheader identified**

James Howell of 1317 Phillippi Rd Camden Alabama 36726 CUT OFF THE HEADS OF 3 PUPPIES WITH A MACHETE.


Charles & Valerie Howell are this monsters parents, their phone number which is a landline is 334-682-4580

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Legis­lative Li­aison Ric­hard Koern­er for Al­abama Vot­ers for Re­spon­sible An­im­al Legis­la­tion (AVRAL) has writt­en an up­date on the two teens who be­headed the pupp­ies in Wil­cox Co­un­ty we pre­sent it to you here:

“Up­date on the An­im­al Cruel­ty Case in Wil­cox Co­un­ty: I am pleased to say that I have heard back from Dis­trict At­torney Mic­hael Jackson of the 4 Judici­al Cir­cuit. Mr. Jackson has in­for­med me that the char­ges against these two de­fen­dants has been upgraded to felon­ies. Mr. Jackson furth­er stated that the Sheriff should have char­ged them with felon­ies in the first place and that the Sheriff’s com­ments were un­for­tunate. “From the in­for­ma­tion that I have so far, this is just two kids being stupid,” Evans said when asked about a pos­sible motive in the case. (editor note: we have in­ser­ted the quote from the sheriff for re­fer­ence) Mr. Jackson furth­er ad­vised me that his of­fice takes an­im­al cruel­ty serious­ly and will not tolerate it. If you have writt­en Mr. Jackson, please fol­low up with an­oth­er email thank­ing him for his at­ten­tion to duty. This is an­oth­er ex­am­ple of why we must be the voice of the voiceless.”

Johnston used Howell’s cell phone to record JAMES HOWELL throwing the puppies in the air and CUTTING THEIR HEADS OFF WITH A MACHETE at a home on Highway 10 West near Camden.
The 2 Teens attend Wilcox Academy  www.wilcoxacademy.com A school that teaches animal cruelty as part of its curriculum http://www.wilcoxwebworks.com/wa/ | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wilcox-Academy-Benefit-Deer-Turkey-Hunts/305212842853515?pnref=story
Wilcox Academy, where kids learn to kill and life doesn’t matter

340 Ashley Street
Camden, AL   36726
Wilcox Academy Wildcats
Post Office Box 1149
Camden, AL  36726


Both Johnston and the Howell  are students at the private Wilcox Academy High School in Camden, Alabama. The school has just over 300 students and has been described as being “100 percent white” by the Birmingham News. Wilcox was founded as a “segregation academy” in 1970 so that white parents could send their kids to a place with no black students.

Random Student of the Animal Abuse Academy/ Wilcox Academy

Two teens behead puppies with machete and post video on social media Johnston was reported to have been very remorseful and emotional after allegedly confessing to the heinous deed. Johnston was reported to have been very remorseful and emotional after allegedly confessing to the heinous deed. Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office Two teenagers from Wilcox County, Alabama face animal cruelty charges for allegedly beheading three puppies with a machete and then posting a short video on social media, reports newsnet5.com. According to Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans, Ashley Johnston, 18 and JAMES HOWELL,  have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. Johnston is alleged to have recorded the heinous deed on his cellphone at his home located at Highway 10 West near Camden. According to wfsa.com, Sheriff Evans stated: “It would be fair to say the 18-year-old confessed. He kind of owned it, took the photos, and he actually didn’t like it. The pictures were on social media for about 15 seconds. From the information that I have so far, this is just two kids being stupid.” The video and photos had been posted on SnapChat which deletes photos in a short period of time. Johnston was reported to have been remorseful about the disturbing crime. According to the video seen by witnesses, the boys tossed the live puppies into the air and swung the machete to behead the defenseless little animals. The sheriff stated he had never seen a case like this in his entire career. HOWELL is an Eagle Scout; both boys attend the same high school and were reported to be good students

although just as culpable, videotaping the incident was Ashley Johnston

Serial Killer
Connect the dots
Ashley Johnston age 6 artwork, no comment

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  1. Judith Pannebaker

    Signed the petition and offer a comment. The actions of those two subhumans were horrible – and the cretinous sheriff should be prosecuted, too. However, I guess stupidity is not against the law in the US.

  2. Bree662

    Does anyone know the outcome of this case?

    Every time a horrible crime is committed that we hear/see about, it just falls into a black hole & we never hear another word (update) about it.

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