Cruelty to Animals
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Josh Woodruff of Fayetteville man kicks 6-week-old puppy off balcony for having fleas and peeing

Fayetteville man kicks 6-week-old puppy off balcony for having fleas and peeing

Woodruff told authorities he was angry at the 6-week-old pup because it used his apartment as the bathroom and it had fleas.
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A Fayetteville, Arkansas man was arrested on Friday and faces aggravated animal cruelty charges for allegedly tossing a six-week puppy over the guard rail of his third floor balcony at his apartment complex, reports 5NewsOnline.

When a call came into the Fayetteville Police and Animal Control Officers about a dead puppy, authorities were dispatched to the Mount Comfort Apartments where resident Josh Woodruff, 20, confirmed his puppy had died the previous day.

Woodruff’s original story stated the pup had accidentally fallen off the ledge, but the suspect soon changed his story and admitted he had become angry at the puppy for urinating inside of the apartment and for having fleas. Woodruff put the puppy on the balcony, and then kicked it off the ledge; the puppy died when it hit the pavement below.

Woodruff then took the puppy into the woods and tried to bury it, but could still see parts of it. Authorities have recovered the puppy’s body, however the puppy had been decapitated. Woodruff denies knowledge of knowing the location of the head.


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    This website is hallarious. I am disturbed this exists. Find something better to do with your time. Animal abuse should be the least of your worries.

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