Linda A Drelich NEGLECTED THIS DOG TO DEATH – Age 67 1402 Bexhill St Chesapeake, VA 23323

This is from 100% pure neglect! This dogs matted fur was so bad they cut off his circulation and the skin fell off.  The dog was in excruciating pain and lost his life because his guardian was too lazy to brush him. NO EXCUSE!1402-Bexhill-Road-Chesapeake-602x339This story has been bothering me all flipping day, in the article below they talk about “his elderly guardian was on a fixed income and had no money for veterinary services” SHE COULDN’T BUY A HAIR BRUSH??????? SO NOW A DOG IS DEAD BECAUSE SOME SELFISH OLD POS WAS TOO DAMN LAZY TO BUY A HAIRBRUSH. I think this is one of the reasons why Ingrid E. Newkirk euthanizes animals, to keep them from falling into the LIVING HELL that is life with people like this. I know i would rather be given a shot to go to sleep for ever if i could not be assured a safe home. Life for these animals is AN ABSOLUTELY LIVING HELL ON EARTH AND THESE SELFISH MOTHER EFFERS WHO DO NOT HAVE AN EMPATHETIC BONE IN THERE ENTIRE EXISTENCE! WHO LETS THEIR DOG GET SO MATTED THAT IT CUTS OFF THE CIRCULATION OF HIS FEET AND THE FLESH DIES AND LEAVES A GAPING HOLE WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE BONE, WHO DOES THIS??????? WHO THE HELL DOES THIS. THIS WOMAN IS LUCKY I DO NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS. POS 


After some research i have found out who did this to this innocent little being who never asked to be born and because he was all he wanted was a safe place to live and this monster couldn’t be bothered to run a brush through his hair once a week.
Lindsay OR Linda Drelich
1402 Bexhill St Chesapeake, VA 23323-3714
1402 Bexhill St Chesapeake, VA 23323-3714

This is the crime scene address1402 Bexhill St Chesapeake, VA 23323-3714

Grooming isn’t just a beauty treatment—it’s vital to animals’ health and well-being. Max’s guardian called PETA because his right rear leg had been badly swollen for at least three days. He couldn’t bear weight on it and was crying out in pain. She suspected that he had been bitten by a poisonous spider, but when PETA’s fieldworker came to check on him, it quickly became clear that he was suffering from something else—something shocking.

1402 Bexhill Road, Chesapeake(5)

Max’s other rear leg looked just as swollen. And when our fieldworker asked his guardian about it, she pointed out that the swelling was actually matted hair that had built up on his legs and said that he wouldn’t let her cut the mats off. The mats were so severe that they appeared to be cutting off his circulation—which explained why he was in so much pain and couldn’t walk.

1402 Bexhill Road, Chesapeake(4)

His elderly guardian was on a fixed income and had no money for veterinary services, so our fieldworker picked Max up for free grooming on PETA’s mobile clinic the next day. After sedating him, PETA’s veterinarian carefully removed the 3-inch-thick mats on his legs. They were so dense that even surgical scissors could barely cut through them. The circulation to his left rear paw was completely cut off, causing it to swell to twice its normal size, and his toes were cold and purple. When the veterinarian finally got through the mats, the skin and flesh underneath was dead and fell right off, exposing bone.

1402 Bexhill Road, Chesapeake

He had clearly been in extreme pain, and because of the severity of his injuries, he would have needed to have at least one, if not both, of his hind legs amputated. The veterinarian recommended that Max’s suffering be ended. His guardian agreed and held Max in her loving arms while he drifted away, finally free of pain.

Max had suffered for a long time, and because his guardian couldn’t afford veterinary care, his misery could have gone on for a lot longer. We need caring people to watch out for animals like Max. If you know of any animals who are suffering, you can make a difference: Help them by taking them to a veterinarian, if you can. If that isn’t possible, please notify authorities immediately, and if they aren’t responsive, get in touch with PETA.

And please, don’t let anyone shrug off the importance of regular companion-animal grooming. Explain that matting can lead to painful and damaging conditions. Because there have been many reports of accidents and injuries to animals at grooming salons, we recommend do-it-yourself grooming at home. It’s easy when done regularly and can strengthen your bond with your animal companions.

4 thoughts on “Linda A Drelich NEGLECTED THIS DOG TO DEATH – Age 67 1402 Bexhill St Chesapeake, VA 23323

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! “I think this is one of the reasons why Ingrid E. Newkirk euthanizes animals, to keep them from falling into the LIVING HELL that is life with people like this.” It is my belief that activists that want to save an animal no matter what the cost to the animal, are acting on some unfulfilled need from their childhood. I think we need to quit being selfish and think solely of the animal involved and the situation they are facing.

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  2. My aunt loved Max with all her heart. She would never want him to suffer but Max would not let her groom him the way he needed to be groomed. He would bite her if she tried to cut his hair especially as he got older. She has always had dogs and took very good care of them. She would bathe, brush and cut them as needed, so YES SHE DOES OWN A BRUSH!!!! My aunt loves animals and was heartbroken that this happened. She didn’t have the money to take him to the veterinarian and after noticing Max was in pain she called PETA to help. As a huge animal lover myself I am so happy that PETA exists. I’m not sure who posted this story and the pictures but they should know all the facts before they jump to conclusions! Again my aunt loved Max to the moon and back and was devastated that this happened to him!


    • Then you take him somewhere to be groomed, you tell someone, you say my dog is in pain and he wont let me brush him, there sre many resourses. If you cannot afford to care for a dog then dont have one. But you never let a dog get to this condition, you reach out to someone beforehand.


  3. She knows that PETA will help now. Many places turn their heads to those who need help these days. She had no idea how bad it was since she couldn’t see through the fur. It was an awful thing to happen to any animal and she lives with that. Don’t call the wrong people monsters and put them on blast when they are more upset and devastated than you are. My concern is how you got this information and pictures?? Do you work for or with PETA? If so, I thought PETA is there to help not make the situation worse by posting this. We can go back and fourth but once you have an animal that you love and is pretty much your only family it’s easier said than done to give them away (because you can’t afford to have them groomed).


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