Reed Sutley Spawn of Psychopath Greg Sutley, Kill Bears for His Birthday Party

9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Activity is to Kill a bear. Serial Killers in the making

The innocent bear was eating oats from the trap set by the serial killers when he was shot dead by the nine year old monster.

Reed Sutley Serial Killer in the making


Serial Killer Birthday Party



14be73461943a786a2330ea922d1376ad2d94288Greg Sutley The Dad
Reed Sutley Spawn of Psychopath Greg Sutley
Box 521
Debolt  Alberta
T0H 1B0
(780) 957-3200
phone: (780) 957-3100
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16 thoughts on “Reed Sutley Spawn of Psychopath Greg Sutley, Kill Bears for His Birthday Party

    • The more I see =your avi, I notice it looks effeminate. NOW I know why you’re in hiding. It’s ok…..time to come out of the closet.

    • Anytime! Glad to help a killer. Bet you knock your women around too. I’d bet on it. Also have penis envy which you compensate for by using your “big guns” right Teddy Roosevelt?

  1. What the fuck is wrong with you, you’re the deranged lunatic here not that poor kid trying to celebrate his birthday. Get a life

    • *PSA The comment above was made by a male juvenile who is experiencing severe frustration because his acne laden face has earned him the nick “Scarface”. Listen kid, could be worse. Wait till those pimples start oozing pus. Then you’ll be “CraterFace”.

  2. Lol wow look how dumb you people are hahahahahahaha I bet you think the earth is flat too! Fuck your website

  3. LOVE your reply, Alafair! Aims right at the cognitive level of these numb nut serial killers suffering from the irremediable condition known as psychopathology and defined by the total absence of conscience. Did you hear the little 9-year-old psychotic (the apple truly does not fall far from the tree) say that the death of the bear was “amazing”? You know what, you little monster? Hunting accidents are amazing! And if such were to befall you, it would make my heart sing! It wouldn’t matter one iota to me that you are 9 years old. Psychopathology is frequently already clearly evident in childhood, and its hallmark symptom is animal abuse. Once puberty occurs and the sex hormones begin to exert their influence, the perp typically “graduates” to human victims.

    • Thank you Lindy, I agree whole heartedly. What sort of parent takes their child and his friends on a killing spree for his birthday party? Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy!

  4. Sweet. My kids want to do the same on there 12th birthday now. Everyone should do the same and understand why hunting is good for all the wildlife. Hunters are the only people who care for and save our wildlife in Canada. If you don’t understand this, investigate and educate youself before opening your big yap.

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