I Am Supporting Animal Cruelty. And So Are You.

Armory of the Revolution

unending.pngFor all those animals trapped in the food system, the animal movement does not exist.

They are born, enslaved, tortured, and murdered.

Almost 200 million are born each day. And almost 200 million are murdered each day.

The animal movement does not exist for those victims. We preach veganism, we recruit animal activists, we try to persuade our families, friends, and neighbors to adopt cruelty free lifestyles.

We fail miserably.

We fail because of indifference, because of cowardice, because of greed, because of capitalist propaganda.

And we fail because carnists are reproducing faster than we are convincing people to become vegan.

But most of all, we fail because we do not know what we are doing.

So, we must ask ourselves the unthinkable question: How many animals are we willing to let be murdered before we acknowledge that what we are doing is not working?

Right now that number is…

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