The Animal Movement Needs Cyber Warriors

Armory of the Revolution

cyber war

Anonymous, We Need you!

In 1981 I took delivery of the third IBM PC sold in Los Angeles. It was a 12 bit machine that ran an Intel 8088 processor. It had 56k of RAM. It had a floppy and a casette drive! No native software yet existed for it, so 8 bit programs were utilized in the interim. I also bought a Diablo daisy wheel printer, dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, and WordStar, all command driven programs, as no graphic user interface would be available for DOS machines until Windows 95. It all cost me more than a new Posche!

I became quite proficient in WordStar, and mastered dBase and Lotus well enough to teach classes in all three programs. I was even hired by Xerox to teach Lotus and DOS to their sales force.

I started law school the following year. Mine was the only computer on campus, although the…

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3 thoughts on “The Animal Movement Needs Cyber Warriors

  1. I agree with your principals and have thought of this. Automatic food and water systems would fail leaving millions of animals to suffer. Start at the export and import sites. Just my opinion.


  2. I am very concerned about the way you decide which sites are legitimate and which are not. I am not one to just participate banning anyone if I am not offered an explanation. I don’t believe in blacklisting. If there is a good reason for this practice then I would like to know. I am asking for transparency. I am sure you don’t think that just because your site says so that we all should just accept your information as fact without a more in-depth review… You just listed Sosvox as a site that is questionable. I would like to know why? What did they do to make you put them on the list? What are the determining factors for you putting any site on your lists?
    I have had a difficult time finding a way to contact If this is not the right department will you please give me a viable contact email or phone number to call.
    I will await your response.
    Jette G.


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