Toy store sells stuffed toys made with real fur

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17 thoughts on “Toy store sells stuffed toys made with real fur”

      1. RBC: The word is out that you are selling stuffed animals with real fur. Have you spent one minute considering how those animals live and die to provide the fur for your frivolous crap?

        For God’s sake, do the decent thing and stop selling them.

        ThisPlaceIsAZoo: I suppose I could stop selling the furry animals and they could just throw the fur in the garbage after using the animals for meat. Would that be a better use of the by product? The animals are not raised just so they can provide fur for these animals. People eat. Fur can either be tossed out and wasted or used for something productive.

        RBC: Would you care to identify the type of fur, its specific origin, and the humane practices of the meat producer?

        ThisPlacIsAZoo: The animals used are primarily goats that are raised on farms in China. If you want people to take you seriously you might try a little respect and professionalism before you burst into your tirade.

        RBC: Perhaps you would find the Humane Society a credible source. As a responsible business owner, I’m certain you are motivated to do your due diligence with respect to the origins of the fur you sell.

        In a nutshell, Americans who buy fur and fur products from China have no way of knowing what they are buying.

        As you will see, the Humane Society’s investigation has revealed that most fur exported by China is dog and cat, intentionally mislabeled as sourced from animals deemed “acceptable” (e.g., goat) by the target market.

        Even purchasing authentic goat “fur” from China, however improbable that is, is to support the most abusive animal meat production practices imaginable.

        Ignoring the ugly truth to peddle toys to children is both obscene and cynical.

        ThisPlaceIsAZoo: I have a dog, I have a cat, I have a goat and I have had rabbits. I know the difference between the fur of these animals. I also can read the labels that are clearly marked on each item that I purchase. I can also read the certification that I get from my supplier supporting from 3rd party testing that these animals are truly what they claim to be and have been purchased from approved farms. So you see, many of the accusations that you ignorantly level at me are unfounded with no evidence, only speculation and hearsay. I agree that there are people who do inhumane acts to animals, but that does not mean everyone does. So I think I have heard enough of your arrogant and ignorant unsubstantiated claims and am done with this conversation. Hopefully you will not be judged with the same manner of unprofessionalism and disrespect that you seem to easily fling towards others that you know nothing about.

      1. I’ve exchanged e-mails with the owner. She states that the fur is goat and comes from a Chinese goat meat facility. I have pointed out that most fur exported from China is cat and dog and that even if it is goat, no matter how unlikely, she is supporting a vicious Chinese meat production industry. She states she owns cats, dogs and goats (how convenient for her argument) and knows the difference between their fur.

        Ultimately, she became angry, called me ignorant and unprofessional and refused further dialogue.

  1. Nice to see that some people out there have the balls to confront others regarding turning a blind eye to animal cruelty. Don’t be intimidated by them if they get angry at you. The phone numbers that are no longer in service were likely changed. It’s common knowledge that in China they skin cats alive for their fur to make toys for children and for pets in North America. It’s easy money for the Chinese. The Philippines is known also for cruelty to cats and dogs. They have open markets with dogs for sale for meat with their arms broken and tied behind their backs and tin cans shoved on their face to muzzle them. They lay there in agony waiting to die. The humans have no regard for their suffering. And, the Chinese are likewise. Any creature is food as far as they’re concerned. I saw a documentary about it.

  2. Have found a lovely sleeping cat which miows when disturbed among the stuffed toys donated for our animal-protection tombola. I tested the fur and it’s unfortunately real! What now?
    I will be the laughing stock of the family if I take out the batteries and bury it in the garden with our other departed pets. But to dump it in the trash seems utterly disrespectful.

  3. So because you have a problem with people eating animals and using their byproducts you’re going to try to ruin somebody’s livelihood? What pathetic, spoiled, sheltered little Tumblerinas you are. Grow up and harass people who deserve it like child molesters.

    1. Its not that i have a problem with it, it is wrong and it is pathetic that someone has to make their livlihood off of animal cruelty, get and education and get an ethical livlihood, and leave the animals the F alone!

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