8 thoughts on “Ted and Mary Taylor  9804 339th St. S Roy, WA 98580 have not let their horse out of his stall in over 5 years”

  1. Someone should tell these idiot owners, that a horse is not a piece of breathing furniture and that it needs more than be fed and “not harmed” – a horse needs company, needs to run and chase the wind, feel the gras and the rain, feel loved.
    They could buy a stuffed toy horse instead and put it in the stall and I believe they won’t even feel a difference.
    For Gods sake – let poor Magic finally be a horse!

  2. I agree with “Animals Voice Of Hope” I also feel there’s something not being told about this horse ,something the owners are hiding.Whats the point of keeping this animal imprisoned? Is it money the owners are after? I just don’t get it. There’s something “fishy” here.

  3. The owners are pos trash and need to be banned from ‘taking care’ of and being a ‘guardian’ to further animals! They don’t deserve the air they breathe!!

  4. SHAME on the owners, it doesn’t take much to let a horse out for fresh air and exercise!! Maybe they should be put in a small stall and not be allowed to go outside. Why do they keep the horse if they don’t treat it right???

  5. Strangely enough, this story was inaccurate from the beginning and every time it’s shared, the inaccuracies grow.

  6. Old time horse woman

    It is a sad situation if the horse truly has not been taken out…however, there are too many inconsistencies that don’t add up. Not sure I believe this side of the story, there’s obviously more to it.

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