8 thoughts on “Ted and Mary Taylor  9804 339th St. S Roy, WA 98580 have not let their horse out of his stall in over 5 years

  1. Someone should tell these idiot owners, that a horse is not a piece of breathing furniture and that it needs more than be fed and “not harmed” – a horse needs company, needs to run and chase the wind, feel the gras and the rain, feel loved.
    They could buy a stuffed toy horse instead and put it in the stall and I believe they won’t even feel a difference.
    For Gods sake – let poor Magic finally be a horse!

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  2. I agree with “Animals Voice Of Hope” I also feel there’s something not being told about this horse ,something the owners are hiding.Whats the point of keeping this animal imprisoned? Is it money the owners are after? I just don’t get it. There’s something “fishy” here.


  3. SHAME on the owners, it doesn’t take much to let a horse out for fresh air and exercise!! Maybe they should be put in a small stall and not be allowed to go outside. Why do they keep the horse if they don’t treat it right???


  4. It is a sad situation if the horse truly has not been taken out…however, there are too many inconsistencies that don’t add up. Not sure I believe this side of the story, there’s obviously more to it.


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