Vivisectors are Monsters


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“Pig In A Blanket”

i tell you about the animals-
how they suffer how they die,
you try to hide guilty doubt-
from me with an appeasing smile,
you never want responsibility-
for this murderous cruelty,
the wasteful piles of blood-soaked bodies –
you won’t let your conscience see.
ask yourself what makes you want this-
torn ripped flesh so desperately,
are you worthy of having this suffering-
brought about to fuel your greed???
not satisfied with killing animals-
you’re killing millions of people as well,
as the numbers increase of those dying-
in your man made 3rd world hell.
millions dying all the time-
locked in your abbatoir of greed,
whilst you destroy them + yourself-
by taking much more than you need,
there is no justice in this death-
no illusion i’ll let you hide behind,
the tradition you use to hide animal murder-
is nothing but a thin disguise.

1 thought on “Vivisectors are Monsters”

  1. THANK YOU so much, Alafair! Vivisectors are the epitome of psychopathology in action. They are born without the capacity to experience empathy or remorse and practice their evil craft to the detriment of both animals and humans. They are psychosexual deviates who enjoy raging boners while torturing and murdering animals and pretending to seek cures for human ailments but who will wail for sympathy if they have so much as a hangnail. They are fully aware of and thoroughly untroubled by the fact that countless people die awaiting cures that can never come from their fraudulent and immoral frankenscience for conditions that are caused predominantly by foolish lifestyle choices and poor planetary stewardship.

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