Nyoka Brown, 53, of Winthrop is a MONSTER

Neglected spaniel euthanized after found in ditch with legs tied: Owner charged

June 17, 2016

Potsdam Humane Society

In St. Lawrence County, New York, a terribly neglected cocker spaniel found by a good Samaritan late last month with his hind legs tied up in a ditch along a stretch of Route 11C in Stockholm last month was humanely euthanized on Wednesday after veterinarians stated the dog continued to suffer and had no quality of life, reported the Potsdam Humane Society on their Facebook page.

“In the short time you were with us you touched our hearts. In your last days with us we decided to name you ‘Joe’. We are very sorry you ended up the way you did-a stray-in poor condition, with your legs bound in a ditch. We are very sorry that you were allowed to get to this condition.

We are very happy that some very kind people found you when they did- that they saved you from an unimaginable fate. We are very happy that you came to PHS so you could be surrounded by people who cared about you in your final days.”

Veterinarians and the staff at the shelter said the senior dog came in emaciated with overgrown nails, bad teeth, had a hard time walking and had been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

“We cleaned you up, we fed you, we loved you. It was because we all loved you so much, that the very difficult decision to put you to rest was made. It was not easy, as we like to fix everything, but you were very tired, and it was your time,” concluded the heartbreaking message.

On Thursday the woman accused of neglecting Joe appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. Nyoka Brown, 53, of Winthrop has been charged with mistreating and abandoning her dog. Protesters stood outside of the court room; Brown will return on July 6 with an attorney.

Rest in peace Joe.
source: National Pet Rescue Examiner

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