7 thoughts on “Carol Auletta Cuts The Legs off Of Beagle Puppies ”

  1. Ironic this monster works in the “Life Sciences” industry…but, perhaps they dismember and torture animals to give life to humans……

    1. And that makes it ok? What make humans more worthy of life than any other sentient being? Have you ever heard the term speciesism? Like racisim,speciesism implies that one species is more superior, more worthwhile more deserving of life than another, and no one is in a position to make that call.

    2. Maybe cutting your legs off will save people. Testing on animals is obsolete, and places like “Life Science” are only a place to legally torture and maim animals. A prime example of the decline of humanity.

      1. No need to get snarky with me, Guyette and Alafair. Both of you obviously don’t know how to “read” sarcasm….I don’t subscribe to ANY sort of animal cruelty. There, now. Can you understand it now? dolts….

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