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NAMES EXPOSED-Four Teen Girls, Dejanae Williams, Marleigh Ferguson, Taylor Breanna Thomas and Ashlyn Boen, Torture a 3 Month Old Rabbit

UPDATE: I want to make a public apology to Seirra Fullard, as she was assisting in the investigation and not a participant. Seirra I sincerely apologize for any trouble this has caused you or your family.

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Three teen girls are charged with animal cruelty after a Snapchat video that shows a bunny being thrown around a room and slammed against the wall was posted on a Facebook group created by Nassau County residents.

The teens giggled and laughed as the bunny smashed against the wall. The video shows one of the girls kick the bunny as it tries to escape.

It happened at a Taylor Breanna Thomas’s, age 13, house on at Lina Road in Fernandina Beach.  Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Bill Leeper said deputies were at the home early Saturday morning.

NCOS said the three girls are between the ages of 13 and 14 and were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The bunny was taken to Yulee  Animal Services. He has a fractured leg and other minor injuries and won’t be available for adoption for a while as he receives additional care, Nassau County Animal Services posted on its Facebook page.

When reviewing the News Story and Facebook comments, people living in the neighborhood have posted alleged complaints regarding the 3 teens killing a hamster, torturing animals, encouraging dog fights, bullying daughters of neighbors and one neighbor believing his dog was possibly killed by the same teens. They reference a dog named Shadow from the property where the teens were arrested that was seeking shelter while showing visible signs of hip or leg damage, claim the Police have been called there in the past and the teens are left unsupervised in the home.

Their names are:

  1. Taylor Breanna Thomas
  2. Dejanae Williams
  3. Marleigh Ferguson
  4. Ashlyn Boen


The house where the incident happened is on the 85000 block of Lina Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034-1204

The monsters attend Yulee High School 85375 Miner Road Yulee, FL 32097 (904) 225-8641
The monsters pictures and facebook pages are as follows:

Monster 1. Dejanae Williams: https://www.facebook.com/dejanae.williams.399


MONSTER Dejanae Williams

Monster 2. Marleigh Ferguson https://www.facebook.com/marleigh.ferguson.1



MONSTER Marleigh Ferguson

Monster 3. Taylor Breanna Thomas: facebook.com/taylor.thomas.9083477



Monster 4. Ashlyn Boen www.facebook.com/ashlyn.boen





Please sign these petitions:

  1.  www.forcechange.com/157812/justice-for-bunny-allegedly-kicked-and-thrown-against-wall/

May 29, 2016
YULEE, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office states three teenagers were arrested Saturday morning and charged with felony cruelty to animals. The teens were transferred to the juvenile detention facility in Jacksonville.

“The Nassau County Animal Service Facebook page states the rabbit is safe in its care and has a fractured leg and the bunny won’t be available for adoption until its injury has healed”.
Rabbits have very fragile bones, they die easily from fright and shock causes severe illness.
In the video you can hear the rabbit being banged off the walls and seen being chased and kicked repeatedly. It is nothing less than a Miracle if this rabbit survives with only a fractured leg.

When reviewing the News Story and Facebook comments, people living in the neighborhood have posted alleged complaints regarding the 3 teens killing a hamster, torturing animals, encouraging dog fights, bullying daughters of neighbors and one neighbor believing his dog was possibly killed by the same teens. They reference a dog named Shadow from the property where the teens were arrested that was seeking shelter while showing visible signs of hip or leg damage, claim the Police have been called there in the past and the teens are left unsupervised in the home.


News References:
The rabbit, recuperating at the animal shelter, has a leg fracture, fractured pelvis and some bruising. The bunny will eventually go up for adoption once he has recovered.




UPDATE: JUL 4, 2016

Teen accused of throwing bunny seen on Snapchat holding a different bunny.



JUL 4, 2016 — Also seen is an image from one of the girls Snapchat accounts showing baby bunnies being kept in dangerous conditions – a glass fish tank covered with a blanket.



Other photos and video of the monsters:

imagesdownload (2)download (1)Screenshot_10

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44 Responses to “NAMES EXPOSED-Four Teen Girls, Dejanae Williams, Marleigh Ferguson, Taylor Breanna Thomas and Ashlyn Boen, Torture a 3 Month Old Rabbit”

  1. M


  2. Seirra Fullard

    I was not involved in such a cruel thing. I love my animals and I would never do that or anything like that. The only way I was involved was to give their names so the lady who first reported it could report them to the news crew on Facebook. The fourth girls name was Ashlyn boen. I was not there the only way I know those girls is because of school.

      • Jessie holland

        I am her mother and I also emailed you you have slandered my child’s named who is not involved with these children just because they are friends on Facebook does not mean my child dos it I suggest you contact me ASAP

    • Lisa

      Thanks for helping get them. They need a parent or jailors to take them oyt back and beat the s— out of them!

    • Susan Trear

      I know it’s too late to change, but “Seirra” is a misspelling, if you are wanting to be “Sierra.” How do you pronounce “Seirra”? Glad you were not involved.

    • Lisa Mueller

      Thank you for helping animals. Unlike those idiots hurting animals Future Killers

    • Anonymous

      I hope they get raped over and over again…and then thrown at the wall 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 so cruel and they laugh 😡😡😡

  3. David Shepherd

    I cn’t believe the ugly, inbred slappers did this and just laughed about it. The scumbags need locking up in an asylum – they are obviously subnormal to the max!!! Lock the ugly degenerates away!!!

  4. Darlette Anderson

    These girls obviously are sick and depraved. At the very least they need mental health care. However, I’m sure they knew what they were doing was wrong. They just don’t care. They think it’s funny to inflict pain on something small and helpless.If they do this now, it’s not a big step for them to do things like this to other humans. They need to be stopped NOW.

  5. Dion

    Subhuman PoS are what they are! Shame on all of YOU! Animal abuse is a cowardly act and also a felony in all 50 states. May your feet be held to the fire for this misdeed and may you receive the maximum penalty for your crime of hate!

  6. Linda Patton

    They all need to be charged as adults, go to adult prison and serve minimum 15 year sentences. Where were the parents of these twisted girls? It had to be obvious they were morbid twisted people. The parents obviously we’re not monitoring them correctly. Did they (the parents) play a part in this? Do they condone this behavior? Lock these girls up, they are a threat to society, the elderly, babies, disabled, school mates. In all honesty they all need to be beaten for days, give them the same pain they gave the innocent animals. Laugh about it as they did, hear them scream in pain, video it and post the video for all to see. I’d love to hear them begging, crying out for mercy, see their pain. People like these don’t deserve to be free! I’d love to get my hands on them, alone away from any eyes, out of hearing range for just 1 hour. I guarentee they would not exit as they entered! And I’d enjoy each minute of it! I pray they suffer for what they did, if I were their parents I’d be ashamed to have given life to them, I’d be ashamed they were my child.

  7. Leslie Lauersdorf

    They need to feel the full weight of a felony conviction on their records. Hopefully they will receive prison time and a long long probation with one of the rules of NEVER in YOUR LIFETIME owning, caring or having contact with an animal. You are despicable!! Lowr than whale shit.

  8. Yvonne Johnstone

    These scumbag teens should be punnished to the highest level & NEVER be allowed to own an animal! There is obviously something WRONG in their heads to want to commit such cruelty towards helpless innocent Furbabies! 😠😠😠😠😠

  9. Mickey

    Evil to the core. Best to lock them up now because children will be their next prey. This story deserves major media attention. Sick bitches. We are the only voice of those they harm so viciously.

  10. Carol Goldsmith

    Throw these $##@$$# of $$#@ in jail and have the other inmates throw them all over the cell.Then smash their head against the wall over and over and over again.Then have Karma come back on all of them ten fold😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  11. Crissie Chambers

    Put them in a youth detention centre for at least four years.

    • Peter J Smith

      How is 4 years adequate for torturing a living creature? Throw them in prison for 25 to Life, AT LEAST. They should be sent to the electric chair.

  12. Peter J Smith

    Hopefully, they will be hounded, and, tormented to the point where they commit suicide. Failing that, I will be more than happy to go to Florida, the asshole of the U.S., and, hunt down, and, torture each one of them to death.

  13. Steve

    Sick kids, they all must have excellent parents. Unless the parents are just like them. Demented, low life scum of the earth. They all should be made examples of.

  14. Lisa morris

    Evil has a face the only punishment I see fit is that they feel the pain that they inflicted yes they are sick monsters and are not human

  15. Shannon

    Shame, shame!!! Teenagers are out of control now days!! Where are the patents that are supposed to watching and controlling? This makes me sick! For a thought of doing something like that in a kids mind is scary!! I hope they get the max!

  16. Carol NIlsen

    Girls, Girls, Girls, or should I say you little Bitches. You never heard of the expression”What goes around comes back Around”. That means if your little brains do not understand IS SOME DAY YOU WILL GET BACK DONE TO YOU WHAT EVER YOU DID THAT WAS NOT NICE TO SOMEONE ELSE OR SOMETHING(BUNNY, CAT, TURTLE, DOG ETC….).SO be very careful, very careful you just might be tossed or thrown around by someone MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU. But for now I sure hope they put you in jail and throw away the key for awhile. Maybe that is the place you girls will get your come uppings and you can’t run away like the bunny, There are people out there that love animals. Good luck girls.

  17. Presley

    You should rot in Hell for abusing helpless animahs; throw away the key! Something is terribly wrong to hurt innocent animaks!!!

  18. Stephanie Zeitler

    This video is awful and this is so harmful to this rabbit and they thought this was funny and that was awful!!!

  19. Amber Yehle

    OMG They were obviously raised wrong! Charge them as adults! Lock them up for at least 10 years! We can’t beat them to death unfortunately. Society and animals do not need to be exposed to this scum!

  20. redpathjourney

    Some one should get in touch with others at the schools they have been in and could human abuse charges too. People who do this also abuse those they come in contact with. Then they would be charged with assault (cyber bullying, threatening bodily harm,1st Degree Assault, etc). Then they could be locked up for a longer time, with in depth psychological counseling to figure out the root cause (neglect, abuse, etc by family or by others). Then the adults would be prosecuted for what was done too. There is always a link between the abuse and the way they are raised. Here is am APA (American Psychiatric Association) link for clinicians, police departments, and judges to use as a tool to start the psychiatric evaluations through the courts. https://www.apa.org/education/ce/pet-abuse-family-violence.pdf

  21. Albert

    Stupid fucking bitches Inwish I live close to them because I will do the same to them until the brain and the bones are out and broke in pieces !!!! And then I post in all the websites stupid fucking abusers!!!!!

  22. Joanna Spooner

    Can i just ask..why would anyone in their right mind, want to watch a video of a poor rabbit being tortured?? To me, this is just as bad as the incident.
    Some people want to give themselves a shake. And, whoever harms any animal in such a horrendous way needs shown a quick sharp exit, off this planet. I can not abide cruelty to animals. It just proves what scum we have living amongst us today. Disgusting sub humans.

  23. veg4life

    These girls are sick and need to be removed from society, they are a potential threat to public safety & the welfare of animals. I say do the same unto them.

  24. AnimalJustice

    Mother fuckers, mate if i was their parent i would be so ashamed of who they have brought into this world but than again apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Get them 4 fucking cows and rip their throats off there is no space on this earth for such oxygen stealers. Man if i could get my hands on them they will regret being born. I hope the rot in hell as far as im concerned. Have no empathy for such scum.

    • debra richards

      i have made a “doll” for the four of you – you will scream like the little animals did when i dig the pins in with delight

  25. Shay

    We all know what this is leading to…this is the signs of a psychopath…for all 3 they should not be anywhere there is life..they have grown into this.. I am sure it is not the first time…and it will only get worse…the need to do this sort of thing will be a continuous thing in all their lives…they do not care what we post..or how we sound.. it is below them now…They can only think of the need to torture..and how they can get away with it.. As said in previous post.. they do not need to be in social contact with small children or animals.. and as they get older the size will grow…and then it will be adults..no telling what these girls will become..but I can tell you this…it will not be good.. knowing my hard earned money goes to these parents to help raise kids like this makes me sick…


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