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An anonymous call came into the Fulton County Animal Services about a three-month-old puppy being tossed over a high fence on Wednesday night. The puppy had severe injuries and suffered not only head trauma, but he’s clearly emaciated, covered in what looks to be old cigarette burns, and they found an “abnormal” anus! The medical team was so upset by his condition that a cruelty investigation is being started. There is no question that Caleb suffered cruel and sadistic torture over time. They also discovered he has a broken jaw. According Jackie O’Sullivan on the organization’s Facebook page early Saturday afternoon, “When we rescued Caleb the odds were stacked against him as he only had a 30% chance of survival, but we were going to try everything medically possible to give him every chance. Due to the abuse he suffered the damage was already so severe. So we knew, it would be an uphill battle. He had the very best medical treatment by our amazing team of Doctors who provided around the clock care for Caleb. He passed peacefully on his own which we are grateful for his little defeated weak body just could not fight anymore.”

A $5,000 reward has been offered by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Caleb’s abuse.  “We stand by the $5000 reward & someone knows who did this to sweet Caleb, so we hope he will get justice and that it will be reported. No doubt the sick person responsible will or is doing this again, so it’s very important they be stopped! Please call in and make a report if you have any knowledge of this crime!!!!”



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  1. Anonymous

    I hate people like this. I hope they find the worthless POS and put him away and while he is in there I hope the prisoners in there with him sodomizes the hell out of him. Sick demented POS.

    • Jackie Seekamp

      Even if this person is not caught they will suffer on judgement day god is watching all of us evil who give it will receive it in return maybe not today or tm but someday.

  2. Nawal

    Theres no words for this. That poor poor dog crying in pain? Why? My God, why? How sick and deranged can this person be? I hope they are found and punished not just by fines or jail but by the same thing done to them. They truly are a low life piece of scum shit that I wouldn’t throw piss on if they were on fire! I hope and pray they die a long and suffering horrible horrible death. Rot in hell for eternity which they will for doing this to that poor baby.

    • jpalcpa

      Jail time and fines would be a luxury for this (these) scumbag. He needs to be taken into a secluded area into the woods, gagged and restrained and he (they) needs to experience every horror that was felt by this sweet angel.To live the few remaining hours that they have on this earth in fear not knowing what is going to happen next. After they have had their bones broken, been burned with cigarettes, been sodomized with every object possible then they should be left with enough live in them so that the forest insects and rodents can have a feast!!!! Let him/them see the dark side of human kind………….YES I have been obsessing over this since I first learned of it.

  3. Rita Ceresini

    Why don’t we have a national animal abuser registry???
    We need to work to ensure animals are not hurt like little Caleb. I pray this evil person is found… I can almost guarantee he/she has not stopped abusing which means there is another little victim. So sorry Caleb angel…humans are the most dangerous animal. 😥

    • Joanne Vega

      This is a must! I just watched Calebs video yesterday and was shocked at this horrific abuse. I want to kill people capable of hurting innocent animals. There definite needs to. E a registry for this. They want better gun control, but the same people who should not own a gun should never have a pet! EVER

  4. Amber

    Completely ridiculous whoever done this needs to be tortured as well. Tie their ass up and burn them w cigarettes and sodomize them w foreign objects i mean wat kind of sick bastard would do that to a poor defenseless animal. Its a shame what this world is comin to.

  5. grace

    It takes the lowest of the lowest pieces of shit to do this to any animal it takes one sick bastard to do the things these wasted pieces of crap did and when any one is caught doing this castrate the sick bastard or women sew them up; sick bastards we live amongst once a crime like this done castrate the low sick warped prick and same with the women.like people the puppy well with love and understanding be ok and pray finds a good loving normal god will see he does improve and find a good home

  6. EW

    To the abuser: you will be found! Vengeance is mine says the Lord. You can not hide forever in fact I am sending more money to add to the reward. You see Caleb is in heaven now healed & living eternally with my Lord. But you are being watched….

  7. EW

    Every evening I post on my fb Caleb’s petition so people will sign. We have over 6000 signatures & I call Chief Turner once a week plus the news channels to check on investigation. To the abuser: things may be quiet for now maybe too quiet for you as the investigation is proceeding quite well — you will be found. 💜Caleb will not be forgotten!

    • Alafair

      Hi EW, maybe you have some answers for me, im very frustrated for the following reasons: the entire case is not clear, there is no number or place to report information regarding tips. There is no where to donate to the reward fund, there is no information that anything is being done officially at all. Someone tried to set up a crimestoppers tipline and to do so you need an active police case and when they called the police department they were told there is no active police case. Im very discouraged

  8. Tracey

    I hope this evil scumbag develops cancer or AIDS for the suffering he or she has inflicted on this poor defenceless gorgeous pup …catch them and kill the bastard worthless pos

  9. Sue Bradshaw

    This breaks my heart for the pain Caleb felt. I hope you find this worthless piece of crap and never let him out of jail. What is next, a child?

  10. Julie eldred

    Poor baby keep thinking about you the pain you must have suffered RIP baby run free baby
    I wish nothing but bad luck I’ll health with pain to the people that done this to you baby xxxx

  11. Lisa Embry

    Look you guys need to look at the Women who reported and claims Caleb was thrown over her fence, bc she has an OLDER DOG that looks exactly thecsame breed as CALEB except older and SHE CLAIMS that that one had been thrown over her fence 8 years ago and that she nursed him back to health. I say him loosely bc dont know if its male or female,how I know this is from other statements that have been made and pictures were posted. Apparently whom posted the pictures knew where the lady lived or maybe from being reported by local news team in Atlanta. I have the name of the person that made this comment I have posted these pictures to the Fulton County Distact Attorneys office. The 2 dogs look to much alike not to be related so before I say anything else do the math but thats where they need to start please push the DEA TO LOOK AT THE WOMEN WHO CLAIMS SHE FOUND CALEB SHE KNOWS OR SHES GUILTY!!! Look me up PM me Lisa Dawson Embry of Keystone Heights Florida. I will show pictures. I want JUSTICE FOR CALEB AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!

  12. Stephanie Johnson

    off with someone head omg you people who help and save these poor souls are the only reason i still believe in people

  13. Jackie Murray

    This is one very sick bastard , you need to get him arrested and put out of animals ways. He will do it again , that poor puppy, sad he didn’t get loved

  14. Irene

    Punishment for people who do this should be the same what they do to those poor helpless babys , those bastards, and put with somebody in the room who loves animals

  15. Anonymous

    Unfortunately those that commit such hanous crimes are sociopaths. They are usually a child or teen. Their abuse will continue unless caught. I pray that they find who is responsible. The punishment is to lite for animal abuse. Rest in peace little Caleb.

  16. Anonymous


  17. Dee

    Something has to be done and right now, a person or person’s that did this will do it again, or do it to a child or another person. What’s the matter with 6he police dept., in that city? If you live in that city I beg you keep calling the deceives. and put pressure on them to act and act fast !! Before it happens again !!

  18. Anonymous

    if I had this bastard there in front of me, I would burn him(her) testicles. It is unthinkable to make such a thing to a defenseless being. Unfortunately the law is not really severe for these vile beings. I wish him(her) to catch the AIDS. He(it) deserves only that. I spit him(her) right in the face

  19. Anonymous

    I hate hearing about these assholes who do this to animals! What’s wrong with these people we need stronger laws to help the animals!! For one if I see this their not walking out from where I’ve seen it happened, Done it before and not afraid to do it again!

  20. Nic miller

    I hope the people responsible die horribly cruel long drawn out unimaginable horrific sufferable deaths, they do not deserve to be alive, how evil, sick, & twisted can you be, this poor sweet angel baby deserved nothing but love & protection but instead suffered in hell at the hands of monstrous demons his entire life, thank God his last moments were with good caring people who showed him what kindness & love felt like & he died knowing a loving touch & gentle heart & didn’t have 2 suffer his last moments alone…my heart breaks 4 animals & the suffering humans put them through…there’s no reason 4 it, no creature should be deemed worthless or less than & go through the bullshit & exploitation people put them through…God people fucking suck

  21. Natalie

    I just can’t believe that it’s taking this long for them to find this piece of SHIT! He/she needs to be hunted down what the fuck is taking so long to be caught. This legal system sucks!!! Someone out there knows something. This is why I have 4 dogs because most people SUCK SHIT! They have no respect no morals no nothing and that’s why this world is completely going to shit. The government sucks shit too for allowing all kinds of things like to happen and people are getting away with crimes like this. Hurting dogs is on the same scale as Child molesters they all need to be found and wiped out from this world after they are all brutally tortured. So angry this shit scum isn’t caught yet. I’d love to get my hands on this person that even God wouldn’t be able to save him/her

  22. Alan Kent

    No more news? I hope the person or people responsible are suffering themselves. They crossed the line and they deserve to keep on suffering. FUCK THEIR PERSONAL PROBLEMS!!!

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