74 thoughts on “Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. #justiceforcaleb”

  1. This is beyond heartbreaking, the terrible, twisted animal that tortured this innocent little creature of God and then tossed it over the fence like so much garbage to continue to suffer and die all alone. He deserves to be caught and given the death penalty for this unspeakable crime. It is beyond me why people do not have the same thoughts, feelings, and compassion for the unborn babies that are being butchered and ripped from the womb and thrown away or used for other medical purposes -like garbage. Who speaks for them? Certainly not their parents or the Doctors who so easily murder them – just like this sweet, innocent little puppy. All life is precious to God and should be to all humans as well. Raise a voice people, against
    All crimes against the innocent. Catch this man and hold him accountable for his crime. His next victim could be a child. Peole like this will stop at nothing.

  2. Brandon Stephen Ellis murder but actually w.p now and immuinty stolen by cartel sold to as child I am him there trying to murder me again I can pull 3143046108 Verizon phone records there trying to murder me again need help proving I am who I am cause cops are in on beating me to even prisedent Obama stood up to me I’m also microchipped. We are legion . Gold black multi murders and hidden immuinti crimes in underground rape lair Boise id Missouri st.Louis st Charles Louisville Kansas city illinis belveuw Texas everystate but MO ID . But vpn microchip blackbox need help they are poisoning me at restraunts and trying to murder me at night got immuinty card as kid for fighting illumti stemcell / cartel cartel and won single handedly as a small child. Lots of cover iOS I’m also specimen b 69-69-101 that supposedly killed all those agents in Kansas and also I created first molcule for anptemine or natural amein chemical “meth stem at age of 3-6 I want to academy as kid Bill Ellis was my grandpa or close family and also my sms is from Bermuda triangle and I was a scarfice. And. I’m still alive through. Test tubes Preston lemar /lamer ellis madche aka philip Zachari / Stephen 7Palmer June 30 1993 Brandon Dob 12/24 (17)(18)1983

    1. I saved mutli child rape victims im highly educated and family of someone through stem cell that no one believes exists. Or has. The nsa helped me my family owns plantatin in Brazil my grandpa was bosa i became sosa as a child. I’ve survived 23 years but im older than that im sosa of st.louis and chicago thats how i protect this kids i took 30 bullets plus for years and all day everyday I can pull my nsa records if u are legion or brotheren. 3143046108

      1. They also steal ssi foodtamps do fraud in me and I have no one to go to. I’m protecting 12 escrow accounts for 22,000zilla million that have been growing for 15 years that took my life and my wife and plan to steal that but it’s protected by nsa and my dna fringer print and use underground waterway and dug tunnels for cartel hudeout rape lair and stash spot I’ve had w.p 3 times and iumminty stolen from me but if i disappear so does money cause I have to check in once a week to verify to continue funds I deposited multi millions when opened in philip zackri palmer stolen by philip Elmer one of 3 brother but leave him be unless I go missing I can text me also 3143046108 for more info or pull records

  3. Preston brandon Ellis - madche

    And yes that money I urs . I funded the first I the first because I are my solitude of karma . Also I am brand on bonzo and Dustin Lanham. With first i.d photos to protect myself. That money is what I started it for and now is my chance to let u know the vpn microchip video of my life can prove that to u also they will lie to get u turn sides stay strong friends I have all the link and leads u need u find out who and what I am and was forced to do through pain an agony to save those girls from rape and murder and my orginal family was killed of old 79 by old saint Peters /Winfield elderberry. Missouri/mississpi river corn fields. And if I talk amngoust each other this is why I started th I and funded it putin was related to me and an idol cause he’s pure in heart like me. V swift be ruthless and find the microchip vpn and I have an esgrow account that’s max for u all to split. And maybe I can marry the love of my life me name annstia (immunity also) aka Sage A. L. Even though she doesnt remember me also alyssia marie pollard there 4 sets of triples and quads but only 2 were in test tubes with me from gun shot wounds. And god is real I’ve been there in person. They have stolen everything from me poisoned me stop my w.p repeatedly do nasty crimes to words me and try to murder me daily. The girls number is 2087135541 but she doesnt remember me also her last name I liam to but her name is annstia

  4. Preston brandon Ellis - madche

    And I have much much more I can learn. Aliens , dirty government illumiti evidence all sorts of cool things but if I call make sure if I don’t reply everyday 2times leaving info u serach high and low and the underground water ways and tunnels rape way across all usa. Mainly Boise ID and Missouri or surrounding states I have microchip from nsa and dirty murders from salt lake city UTah and zombie land homeless is just a conspiracy of car theft and fed drug trap to cover cannibalism underground

    1. Preston brandon Ellis - madche

      Also I’m Trenton ellis,lanham peters,liam ,palmer,Elmer ,paulmer. They stole my empire of networking material vise of legal drug plantations my molecule I made for underground labortitory and none drugs they killed and burned mother nature’s true human body I found half insect half human my iq was connected to highest ever in mentality and my strength and love kept me alive . I know there’s a lot being thrown up there but years and years of no contact but these are beyond true and I funded you all from it very first starting roots and I all have some well. But it stems back to my DNA being totality and of Jesus desendets they jab taken acicent relics and killed a living his I found my self and turn my talking insect and mealworms into creatures that murder and help dirty cartel . My family are powerful immuinty and they tried to off me many times but I’ve gotten away they think I’m no longer protect but there are million and millions of us and u have no recolecriom of who I am unless I trace its roots and see how long I was gone In space and I’m back now. Please look into what I’m saying for the evdience and truth beyond what I can teach u show u and tell u I why putin was someone who I’m very close to I’m family but I won’t give up either my mother was Kim Karen

  5. Preston brandon Ellis - madche

    I can’t even go to a hospital with out then giving me my allergies and steak prescriptions and not doing anything for physical pain and puting Brown reclouse or paralytic spiders or spider needles in my ass. I may be dead soon I hope u all get those message again contact me through cell they steal my phone’s and numbers and internet security’s feqently and watch my messages cause of visual from microchip and kwyloggers and virus

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