Netania S. Anderson 8158 Waring Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 is a Monster


On July 3, 2016, a woman named Natania S Anderson (maiden name Jordan) was seen at a self-serve car wash in West Hollywood, spraying a dog crate with the pressure washer that is intended for washing cars. THE DOG WAS STILL IN THE CRATE!! Not only was the dog in the crate, his/her mouth appeared to be bound shut with electrical tape or something similar. The witness could see urine and feces flowing out of the crate with the soapy water that was being sprayed into it. He also said that the poor dog looked terrified. No surprise there.

There was an eyewitness to this egregious act of animal abuse, but his name is being withheld because he has endured enough for doing the right thing. He took several photos and when he approached Ms. Anderson to tell her that what she was doing was wrong, she continued to torture the poor dog with the car wash sprayer and then sprayed the witness.

13872674_10153629719937312_10394374096484647_nAt that point, the witness didn’t know who the woman was, but he took several photos of her and her vehicle so she could be identified. He posted several photos on social media to try to determine her name, so he could report her conduct to law enforcement. As it happens, he didn’t have to search public records for her name, because she outed herself when she served him with a temporary restraining order, claiming that he was harassing her.That wasn’t the only false statement Ms. Anderson made in her restraining order application, which is made under oath and under penalty of perjury (at least in theory). She also claimed that she was being represented by an attorney and gave the name of an attorney who works hundreds of miles away from Los Angeles, in Inyo County. In fact, that attorney said that she had never heard of Ms. Anderson, had never spoken to her, and was not representing her.In a court hearing on Monday, Ms. Anderson turned on the water works and played the victim like a professional as if she’s rehearsed the part extensively. It turns out that Ms. Anderson has far more courtroom experience than most people. A search of public records reveals a pretty impressive resume of charges for things like theft and forgery, crimes that indicate little regard for telling the truth.
When the judge asked Ms. Anderson if the dog was still in the crate when she was spraying it, she admitted it! When asked why she didn’t take the dog out of the crate first, Ms. Anderson very casually explained that she was washing the dog because it was covered in feces – as if that was the most normal situation in the world!! She clearly didn’t see anything wrong with what she did. Sadly, the judge didn’t seem to either. How did the dog get so covered in feces that she felt the need to wash him/her with industrial equipment?? If that’s how she treats animals in public, how does she treat them when no one is watching?

What kind of person thinks of using a pressure washer/car wash to clean a dog in the first place? It was surreal listening to Ms. Anderson talk about pressure washing a dog without any remorse or empathy for the dog (which she claimed was hers). In fact, the only emotion she showed was pity for herself, claiming that she and her daughter are afraid to go outside in their own neighborhood because of comments people made about her on social media.
Strange – she didn’t mention a child in her restraining order application. In fact, she requested that the witness be kept 100 yards away from her dog and her dog’s daycare, but not a word about a kid! That didn’t seem to bother the judge either.
Ms. Anderson’s performance was polished, but her lies were not. Nonetheless, she managed to play the victim well enough to get a restraining order for a year.
So far, neither Los Angeles Animal Services nor Los Angeles Department of Animal “Care” and Control has done much of anything. LAAS claims to have gone to her home and reported that the dog appeared fine. Do they know it was the same dog? LA County hasn’t done anything either. They claim they didn’t have her address. It’s public record! There may be an issue of jurisdiction because apparently Ms. Anderson lives in the City of LA and she pressure washed her dog in the County of LA.
Contact LA County animal control and politely urge them to follow up and properly investigate this egregious incident: (Frank Medina) and his boss, Marcia Mayeda:
Also, contact officer Gonzalez at Los Angeles Animal Services: and his boss, Brenda Barnette:
Surely between the two agencies they can figure out who has jurisdiction and what to do about it. Plenty of people are prosecuted for animal cruelty for a lot less than this!!
Do not make racist (or threatening) comments on this thread. This is a matter of ignorance and lack of compassion and has nothing to do with race.
***Ms. Anderson, if you are reading this, keep in mind that all of the information is a matter of public record because you chose to make it so. If you don’t want people talking about your abuse of the dog, don’t give them anything to talk about. You can’t silence everyone!
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205 thoughts on “Netania S. Anderson 8158 Waring Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 is a Monster

      1. To those throwing racial slurs about – you are just as bad as his woman. There is no call for your predijudice here. We can hate her for her actions, not the color of her skin. Shame on you.

    1. I would have taken the damn spray wand, soaked the bitch down, cut her tires and taken the dog away from her and home! I can’t help it, I would not be JUST taking pictures. That is blatant abuse!

      1. Who is going to stand and allow you to cut their tires…you might not be around to talk about it if you had done that to the right person…no one is afraid of you boy!!

      1. So you live in LA. The police would not have shown up for at least 40 minutes. And that’s if you get them to take the call. Photo evidence is enough. It’s now the courts move. Keep on them to get action

    2. if I saw that I would have taken her dog away from that lady. that’s correct, illegal or not I would have stolen her dog. she’s an evil bitch!!

    3. Mel Phillips, having nothing of value to say, seizes upon the occasion to deliver random racist garbage. Sorry, dude, it’s no more welcome here than it is anywhere else.

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  1. Absolutely sickening and so sad for the most inocent puppy. Whoever condoned that it is ok for this person to keep this puppy needs to be fired, that’s how I feel. So glad that the very kind human saw this and documented it. Having companion animals is a freaking privilege and the should be treated as we would like to be treated. Thank you for your blogs.

    1. Stupid “cow”? So you believe a beautiful sentient being is on her level? What about the person who pays for the cow’s abuse, torture and death for their pleasure of it’s taste? Which one is the worse?

  2. Ms Anderson you are a disgrace a bitch. You have no right to abuse an animal!! God will send you to hell where you will suffer for all eternity

  3. Why wouldn’t the judge charged this trash and take away the dog. Why the Eff doesn’t Animal Services do their job?

  4. She is absolutely hideous for treating an animal this way. If she did this crime in West Hollywood, you should check what the laws of that municipality is regarding something like this. They take animal cruelty seriously. It’s against the law to sell animal fur or to declaw your cat there. It’s a separate municipality from Los Angeles.

    1. It’s against the law to declare domesticated animals in California at all, unless for reasons of ensuring the animal’s health.

      1. But I bet you are a good witch..Good witches have dedicated familiars and they embrace all of the animals in creation. bad witches hate everyone and everything…I could have been a bad witch when I woke up this morning but , as always, I chose joy.

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  5. Perhaps post the judge’s name? Should be public record… will be very embarrassing for them if anyone googled their name to read this story… might show there are serious consequences to these cases… that go beyond just the animal welfare.

    1. She is a nasty B what the heck why can she keep the dog? She has no regard for living animals isn’t that considered a psychopath? GIVE THE DOG UP!!!

  6. I respect the fact that each of you are compassionate for only
    dogs. Unless each of you is vegan, YOU are in the exact category you denounce by paying for the heinous torture of every fearful creature devoured for your tasting pleasure…..Google “factory farming”. MAKE THE CONNECTION!

      1. Read the quote that the website is based upon. It is clearly NON-SENSE how you can claim that a dog’s pain and suffering is any more than a factory farmed animal…..which you BLINDLY choose to abuse because you like the taste of their body pieces. Humans don’t need to eat meat to survive. I used to eat meat too, until I was educated about factory farming. I hope that you too will see that, FACTUALLY, meat eaters are equals with this woman, and I am trying to keep ALL creatures from heinous suffering. I am just praying,,,

      1. FYI…I am not trying to win a debate with you, just trying to educate and enlighten. Anyone can justify what they WANT to see because they don’t want to face the truth or change. Almost 100% of meat these days is factory farmed, , and the “free range”, well, tell yourself whatever you want, but facts are facts.

      2. I am not trying to win a debate with you , just trying to educate and enlighten. Nearly 100 % of meat is factory farmed and for the free range animals you would like to believe are living a grand life until it is killed for your pleasure, here is an excerpt from PETA or you could google it elsewhere: As people become more aware of the horrors of factory farming, companies are responding by labeling their products “all-natural,” “free-range,” “free-roaming,” or “organic.” But these labels are misleading. Most “free-range” animals are still mutilated and forced to endure long trips to slaughterhouses without any food or water. Moreover, they all have their lives violently cut short and are denied the opportunity to engage in anything that is natural and important to them.

        Companies want consumers to believe that products labeled “free-range” or “free-roaming” are derived from animals who spent their short lives outdoors, enjoying sunshine, fresh air, and the company of other animals. Labels—other than “organic”—on egg cartons are not subject to any government regulations, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not regulate “free-range” or “free-roaming” claims for beef products.1

        The USDA requires that “free-range” animals have access to outdoor areas, but there is no provision for how much time they must be allowed to spend outside or how much room they must be provided with to do so. The Associated Press reported that the USDA’s regulations don’t “require the birds to actually spend time outdoors, only to have access.”2 Even if a farmer opened the door to a coop with thousands of birds inside and then closed it before any chickens went outside, he would still be able to use the “free-range” label.3

        You are entitled to justify your world to satisfy what you want, but facts are facts. Still praying

      3. Organic free range meat?! Hahaha! That doesn’t exist! Unless you raised it and killed it yourself.

    1. PETA steals and kills animals.
      When I see a farm animal crated and being power washed I eill be outraged at that too. But we are not talking about farm animals, we are talking about a dog.

      1. It is hard to see past what our culture has bred into us. Remember that plenty of countries eat cats and dogs and see nothing wrong with that either. A life is a life and I hate to know any of them suffer. All I am doing is all I can do, by at least making people aware of how their food gets to their plate. Maybe, just maybe, someone will hear and that is all I hope…..but change only happens when you want it to.

    2. Shut up! I can love dogs and eat a steak. Your the type of person that enjoys acting all high and mighty. Your not…no one cares about your diet they care about the dog.

      1. I hope when you die you come back as a factory farmed animal. And you’ll die from eating them. lol. You are also an idiot because you can’t spell. and I’m not saying that because I’m all “high and mighty”, you are just an idiot.

      2. This website was named for you, Jackie. You just exposed yourself, harming a cow unable to protect itself from you.

    3. Why in heaven’s name does one of you ALWAYS come to an article like this and rant when the article is about PETS, not animals that are bred for food, factory farming, etc. STFU and go away. YOU nutbag extremists are the reason animal advocates are given a bad name.

      1. 1. Not wanting to see any animal suffer does not equate to being a nutbag extremist, it makes one an empathetic human.
        2.. YOU need to go away. This website on which the article appears is called “The Monsters Among Us”, created by a vegan to expose people who harm animals.

    4. Companion animals are not the same as food animals. I am not a vegan, as you seem to be, nor am I a whining pussy, which I have no doubt you are..You have swallowed that PETA propaganda and appear to know nothing about how the food industry really works…..My family owns a packing house and the only thing that those animals experience is a split-second charge of electricity to the temples to render them unconscious,,That death is far more humane than most of the execution techniques still in use on death rows throughout the world.. Food animals do not spend their lives suffering your so called ‘heinous torture’ . Stressful living conditions would result in a poor quality of meat as well as a high mortality rate from stress related illness and overcrowding…STFU and go eat a rice cake..Pernicious anemia is just around the corner so at least you have some thing to look forward to..Imagine the self-righteous pride you will feel when you confess/boast that you have become deathly ill and unable to stand “all because you want to save animals’. Take my advice,..if you love the non-human animals so much then I suggest you explore to potentials benefits of cannibalism…..

      1. Hit a nerve, huh? Of course because you profit from the death of animals, they live and die happy. Meat IS mostly poor quality and “stressful living conditions and a high mortality rate from stress related illness and overcrowding” is exactly why 80 percent of all antibiotics are fed to animals, you moron. Like I can’t get B 12 from vegetable sources such as pumpkin seeds, or vitamins. The strongest man in the world, Patrik Baboumian, is a vegan. You are a factual retard. Why would you want to attack someone just because they don’t want to see animals suffer? If that makes me self righteous, why are you even at this website, created by a vegan to expose ALL animal cruelty, “The Monsters Among US”? This is all about you, the animals that YOU like, the ones you deem YOUR companions. F all the rest. Go spend your time creating a blog, slaughterhousefucktards

      2. Our companion animals are food animals in other countries and our food animals are companion animals in other countries. How are they not the same?

    5. You are wrong when you say that people can live a healthy lifestyle without meat. While they live a mostly healthy lifestyle, they are not really healthy. Humans cannot produce some of the amino acids necessary for life. They are only found in other mammals. Eventually, people who subsist solely on a vegan diet will become ill. It is particularly bad for children since a vegan diet is missing B12. Yes, it can be provided via supplement but as in calcium pills, it is harder to digest.
      I give thanks to the food I eat for giving up its life for me. I don’t wear fur because no food animals have fur but I do wear leather because it is disrespectful to the animals to waste an part of them. That you choose not to consume meat is completely up to you. I’m not trying to convince you to change your diet. But it is my choice to consume meat and I reject your attempt to condemn me for my choices. In the end, if you are correct I will reap my karma. You will reap yours for the pain you cause other people by your screaming at them. The other person on this thread is disregarding your arguments just as I am. You are not hurting either of us. Do as you will but the harm you cause will return to you nine times. We will learn at the turning of the Wheel, which of us was correct.

      1. I have not been yelling at anyone, only stating fact, If you wish to take that defensively, that your issue. It is proven that vegetarians live longer and healthier lives…Look it up. When one is faced with the fact that their diet causes abuse and torture to another life, you either have to own the title of abuser, (something no empathetic person wants to hear, but not my fault), or spin your guilt on the fact teller, telling them that they are yelling, screaming, condemning…That’s is what you hear as your defense but it is not what is real. It’s called gaslighting

    6. It doesn’t matter who wrote the article. What matters is that it is about a DOG, not about vegans, yet you turned the entire comment section into a personal crusade about veganism, attacking everyone here. You are a nutbag and one of the reasons people look at the rest of us as crazy. The word ‘obnoxious’ doesn’t even go far enough. You don’t even realize that arguing with everyone here makes you a TROLL, no matter what you think. Telling ME to go away also puts you on the level of an authoritarian who does not respect the rights of others, Mr. Trump. Now STFU and play nice, if you ever learn how.

    1. Damn Lauren you too your a sorry racist soul too. Man i had good hopes for you oh well my mistake. Go jump off a building do us that favor please dont call your family just do it it would be better someone of a little more importance needs your parking space you sorry bitch with saggy bitch titties

  7. This poor dog…..she is a heartless bitch. You are a sick twisted individual and I wish I could treat you the way you have treated that dog…..he is a helpless animal and you had him confined to a crate in which he could not escape your abuse and to top it off you had his snout taped……that means he could not breathe easily. You are a disgusting human and someone should hold you accountable.

  8. So glad and sad that it wasn’t me that saw this happening. For folks, I have no doubt I would’ve run up to her and grabbed the crate and ran with it, at the very least opening the crate and pulling the dog out and running with it. Guess I would have been sent to jail with this judge for sure. What is wrong with this woman??? What is wrong with this judge…are we dealing with sadist here??? Sad and so very sick of both!!! Too angry to continue comments… 🙁

  9. The owner of the carwash should be notified. He can sue her misusing equipment. Disposing os hazardous waste in a carwash that uses reclaimed water to wash other cars. There are many ways she can be charged.

  10. Can we start doing this with bullies too? They need to be publicly shamed as well. They suffer no consequences while their victims get all the press.

  11. Wonder if she would like being put in a create and be power washed. The poor dog would not have been covered in feces if it was allowed out of the cage!!

  12. Well, the courts should take legal action against her, but if they don’t we’ll take ILLEGAL action against her. To hell with law. If I cared about the law I wouldn’t smoke pot or have a false address on my D/License. -(-A-)- AntiFa/ALF!

  13. She lied about the restraining order. She assaulted the witness with the spray wand. She committed animal abuse. And yet she walks away scott free. So wrong on so many levels.

    1. I wonder if the witness can sue in civil court? The proof required is lower and I believe the judge could invoke the same penalties. It wouldn’t go on her criminal record but it would save the dog and punish her for her horrible actions.

  14. This woman is sick and heartless scum. Why wasn’t she locked up for all those lied. The witness need a protection order against. Take this poor dog away from her.Don’t allow her to have any pets. Fine her, lock her in jail, tie her up, cover her mouth, power wash her.

  15. Egregious!

    1) If the alleged’s name and address are being made public, why has the license plate number on the vehicle been redacted?

    2) What is the court and name of the judge indicated to not have any issues with this woman’s “cleaning” method?

  16. Good luck on the fight with animal control. Tried it for years. The city of west Hollywood saying its animal control, animal control saying “we don’t do West Hollywood!” They push the blame back and forth and you will get no where. To bad judges like that one (WHATS HIS/HER NAME?) are allowed to be on the bench. Vote them out! I recognize that car wash. Coulda got a hose from another bay and hosed that cow down.

  17. Some words are hurtful. I get that. But you can’t compare a word with what these poor animals suffered at the hands of these black and white monsters!

  18. This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a person who has blatant disregard and disrespect for other living beings. Shame on her. And shame on others who do the same thing hidden in plain sight. Karma’s a bitch.

  19. I know where this car wash is located.
    I wished the witnesses called 911.
    Under California state law, a police officer (WeHo Sheriff patrol car would have come quickly since there are so many on patrol along Santa Monica Blvd), could have arrested her on the spot for breaking animal cruelty.
    I know local police does enforce it (e.g. Woman got 6months jail time for keeping her dog in a hot car taken away by Beverly Hills police).

  20. You all have left a comment on on her nasty ass but have you taken the time to send emails to the relevant agencies who could/should do something about this?

    1. i will ask for the judge to step down as he is breaking our laws by not enforcing them. this judge is sick & does not belong on the bench. also we must charge whoever & whatever agency is responsible for enforcing animal abuse laws for ignoring this abuse. our tax dollars are paying them to enforce cruelty laws. we must network in large numbers to hold them accountable, fire them,change the entire staff & leadership. if we do nothing, it will continue.a commenter above had been through this for years. think of all the animals suffering through all these years. get involved.

  21. A woman like her should not have a pet if she can’t take care of him/her in a humane manor. Why do people get pets if they treat them like this. So sad!

  22. The dog that took the internet by storm named “HARLEY” lost an eye because the puppy mill owners decided to use a power wash on him. Poor little guy…He has since passed away but was rescued & lived a full life with the people that took him in & gave him a good life! RIP HARLEY, YOU ARE MISSED BY MANY!

  23. the way i see it,the witness taking pictures was not illegalhowever the wretched cunt abusing the dog was,& spraying the witness with the hose is assault,with a weapon,as she could have caused him to lose an eye or other harm. if she had sprayed me,that bitch would have been on the ground with the hose down her throat,drowning.
    blow that you whore.
    i hope she gets threats for the rest of her useless life.
    p.s- has anyone called children’s services to tell them this psycho is abusing animals?kids may be getting abused as well or just end up dead one day.we all know the link between animal abuse & human abuse.

  24. What a horrid act! Natania S Anderson you are a horrible human being.
    Would you wash the child you own in this way? The pressure of that water is enough to rip your skin off. You are a stupid stupid person.

  25. That soap they use in car washes is HARSH!!! Harsh enough to get oil, tar, bugs and road kill off. A pressure washer at that range would hurt the dog no to mention the chemicals in the soap. What a lazy POS. And the judge??? He’s a sack of excrement. I hope someone breaks into your house and takes the dog away from you. If I lived in LA….I’d find your skanky, lying ass and do the same treatment to you. And THEN take your dog. I have no sympathy for habitual liar. What goes around, comes around, bitch.

  26. is there nothing animal control can do? find out where this bitch lives and steal her dog……id like to smack this mentally unstable witch…why do people get dogs when they really cant deal w them? to abuse them and take out their rages? makes me sick…STEAL HER DOG NOW! id rather see it put down than have to endure who knows what kind of tortures….im sick.

    1. Omg this is terrible. She sdmits to her crime and still has the dog. This needs to go further. Please I’m in Massachusetts. Their must be something that can be done about this.

    2. Omg this is terrible. She sdmits to her crime and still has the dog. This needs to go further. Please I’m in Massachusetts. Their must be something that can be done about this.

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