Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley from Hamburg Arkansas SLIT A DOG’S THROAT FOR FUN

*SIDE NOTE* just an explanation of the Bastrop kill pen [Since has been changed to Bastrop ship pen]; they are supposed to be a rescue group that takes on abandoned, dumped and discarded horses and sells them to the public to prevent them from being shipped to Mexican slaughter houses. But the shipment to the Mexican slaughter house might just be a kinder road for these poor unfortunate horses if they happen to end up at this torture chamber that is ran by the sadistic Stanley clan



Facebook Group dedicated to “Justice” the dog murdered by these psychopaths:

Steven Richard Sadler  Birth Date: 03/04/1994  Phone:  (870) 737-3032
2428 Hwy 425 N Hamburg Ar 71646 14100331_1251768104854060_2252638220522920121_nstanley brothers slaughter horse feedlot la 2 19 2010

Bastrop, Louisiana – The horrific video of Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler torturing a Pit Bull type dog before slitting its throat repeatedly has led to their arrest.  Boots Stanley is son of Greg Stanley, who owns and operated Bootstrap Louisiana Kill Pen.  The kill pen ships horses into Mexico for slaughter.  Any horses that they think they can sell for more than meat price they put on their Facebook page and allow people to pay their inflated rescue cost.



A former girlfriend of Boots Stanley, Lisa York, told an anonymous source that he frequently engaged in beastiality with the horses on his father Greg Stanley’s killpen The father of Boots Stanley, Greg Stanley Send horses to their death  to a mexican slaughterhouse

[wpvideo K8TkBCah]

Call To Action For Dog Tortured in Snap Chat Video: Please Sign this petition to urge Morehouse DA to ACT

In the Snapchat post, one of the men can be seen wrapping a rope tightly around a dog’s neck while comparing himself to Michael Vick. The video then cuts to a man riding a horse with the dog hanging on the back end of the horse. The man has the rope tied to the horse saddle, applying force to the dog’s neck. In the next video it allegedly shows Steven Sadler slitting the dog’s throat several times with a knife. The dog bleeds out as the video ends.

[wpvideo K8TkBCah]

Please help take action by flooding the Prosecuting Attorney for this case with calls to demand the maximum sentencing for the vile act of torture displayed by Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler from the Bastrop Kill Pen in Louisiana. The two men ruthlessly uploaded a video of the torture and killing of a sweet Pitbull on social media. After tying the Pitbull to a slaughter bound horse and terrorizing the animal, the men enjoyably slit the pitbull’s throat four times before putting him to death.

This is a felony act of animal cruelty and nonetheless cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.  must receive the harshest and most severe punishment for their vicious crime. If the law does not seek proper justice for this crime and the case gets disregarded, ARM will send investigators into the county of Morehouse Parish, Louisiana where this kill pen is located.

Please call the Prosecuting Attorney at Morehouse District Attorney: (318) 281-4907)

Please Sign this petition to urge Morehouse DA to ACT


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Boots Stanley, the son of one of the infamous Stanley Brothers, the millionaire horse kill buyers, was arrested along with his pal Steven Sadler, for torturing and then slitting a defenseless dog’s throat bath the family’s kill lot in Bastrop, Louisiana.

I became familiar with the Stanley Brothers in early August, when I saw a horse that they were going to ship to slaughter to Mexico being offered for “bail” money to save her. Even though the bail money was double the price of what they would get for meat money, I bailed her out and two other horses, and helped bail a mare and her young foal who was headed to slaughter. I am not going to go into the horse slaughter business here. You can do that research if you are brave enough to do so. Just the basics. The US banned horse slaughter, so now we ship our unwanted horses, many who are loyal and safe camp horses at the end of the summer, TBs who aren’t fast enough, lots of Quarterhorses who got into bad hands, and lots of draft horses from the lovely Amish, who treat their animals horribly for the most part. This girl was a big Belgian draft, and I bailed her, quarantined her on a Stanley lot that I was told wasn’t a Stanley lot,  where they starved her for 3 weeks and ignored a serious medical issue. There are pictures out there of Hal Stanley slitting the throat of a mule he’s laying on, and a much-repeated story of them dousing a horse in gasoline and lighting him on fire. But I digress. They are now under federal investigation, since the local good-old-boys have never acted on these other horrendous stories.

This man and his friend tied a rope around a dog’s neck, hanged him from the saddle of a slaughter-bound horse, and then put him on the ground and slit his throat several times. Sadler did the slitting; Boots encouraged him and video taped it. They will be arraigned on Sept. 20th for two counts only:…

How did this family get away with so many abuses, and still be able to deal with animals?? You tell me. I tried to call the Bastrop, LA District Attorney to find out about the past accusations, but don’t expect a call back. Please call them and demand that the monstrous Stanley Brothers don’t buy their son out of the horrible crime!! If you love animals, please…call:


Here is one of the many petitions out there regarding the horses.…

Many people are following up on the horse abuses and this, but the more people who call, the better. Thank you for caring.

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  1. Signed. Our justice system SUCKS! All animal abusers should be wiped out period and to all the judges and lawyers out there get your fucking head out of your asses and do your fucking job and punish these scum bastards to the fullest extent and showing no murcey whatsoever. People who hurt dogs are just at the top as a child molester and should be placed in once place to be brutally tortured to the fullest extent all at once we don’t need those kind of people in our world. If I would ever see a dog being even slapped I would fucking beat the fuck out of that person so bad God wouldn’t even be able to save them. ????????????????????????????????????

    1. WOW!! Do you hate them much! LOL I feel the same way. Nothing but POS walking the streets. What do you expect watching the Stanley’s ( father and uncle ) abusing horses while they were growing up.

      1. Susan can you give me more information on these people
        Anthing you can tell names date, what where, ???? Thankyou.

      2. I read on a fb post….that person was there picking up a horse they bought, only to watch the ‘stanley’ clan’ unloading & beating a mule on the head!
        Sick fucks indeed & this place needs to burn to the ground!

    1. it has been said on prior blogs from girl friends , his ” 1″ ranger” does not work. That may account for all his enjoyment of violence

  2. Sons of bitches if I would ever meet them I would slit their throats and cut off their balls!!!! Pathetic excuse for a human!! ????????

  3. Shirley Mack 13950 Eaton Pike New Lebanon, Oh

    These two men are your textbook psycopaths, sociopaths, who are known to be capable of the same sick nature with anyone or anything who are are vulnerable or innocent. They will take advantage at any time they think they can get away with it. They must be stopped. They are sick. Problem is, they think these cruel, vicious, acts are OK. especially when they think they’re going to get away with it. Please stop them before anymore innocents are their victims.

  4. Please investigate these people this is horrible treatment of animals? And need to be addressed quickly! People like this should not be walking around free, but locked up! And their business should be shut down!!!

  5. The brave dog didn’t flich when this dispicable coward cut him from behid. A civilized country like ours must not allow thes pathetic psychos to run free and continue killing.

    1. Also from what I’ve read if the D.A. doesn’t …. there are vigilante’s that will! Honestly I’m surprised someone prior to this video release hadn’t hurt or worse one of them. THEY have scewed many people on buying horses & the conditions of them. This kill buyers ”feedlot” needs to be completely shut down!

  6. The world will be watching the prosecuting attorneys to make sure justice is served to the fullest extent. No more “good ole boy” system, no more buying their way out of prison time. We demand real justice for this very real horrendous crime. These men shouldn’t be walking free amongst the general public.

    1. If they get off they had better watch their backs. So many people hate them. Daddy will probably send him out of the country.

    2. I already read law enforcement stated they would not pursue this. They are friends with the families.
      Good ole boy network is alive and well and hard at work.

  7. Cowards like this are more dangerous beause they are too chicken to face you but only kill from behind. They will be everybody’s bitches in prison..

  8. Please protect all animals from these pieces of shit. My heart is broken for the innocent animals abused by them. Thank you in advance to the people who assist in their Justice.

  9. I hate what they dud but get your damn facts straight if you’re gonna tell them !!! The dig was not being forced or tortured to ride the horse, yes he was attached to the saddle & almost slid off but had ridden there before & was not being forced or mistreated at this point !!! Yes the dog was wearing what appears to be a cut collar (used when huntin hogs ) but I see no actual rope being tied to the point of distress !!! I hate what happened & am all for 100% justice being served but don’t escalate the crime by exaggerating the damn circumstances !!!

    1. Did u see the nails of a dog digging into that poor slaughter bound horse to stay on ?
      I guess that never crossed your mine how the horse also was being abused also .

  10. These horse slaughter kill pens r breeding grounds and gathering places for serial killer.
    These horse slaughter lull pens is where all these types of animal thrill killers get to polish up and practice and sharpen there need to torture mutilate kill vulnerable innoscent victims to follow threw on humans

  11. Did you see the coward jump back when he first cut the poor animal. He’s a real piece of shit coward. The dog was a lovable pet who trusted humans and stood there while this whore bitch cut him up.. He died a horible, painful dealth and all descent people must assure he.gets the maximum sentence

  12. Although I don’t like a pit, but this is one time Iould have liked to see the pit come out on top in this deall.mAnimal abusers more times than not, grow into people abusers Hope justice is coming for this poor dog. j4P….This pit is not an isolated incident, the Stanledy owned Bastrop Kill Pen ARE aware of it happening on a daily basis on a to dogs, horses, Colts, ponies, pregnsant, newborn , thoroughbreds, jacks, Jenny’s, mules…name it, if it has 4 legs and he can’t make a dime on it, they are expendible.. Reap what you sew. Kids repeapt what they see, stop the lies.

      1. There is a picture of Hal Stanley sittings on a horse, slitting its throat. With their money, they buy out the good-old-boys network. They are now under federal investigation. They also doused a horse in gasoline and burnt it alive.

      2. God bless you for what you are doing….someone knows more…they need to come forward!!!!!!They are afraid & I understand…but please, do the right thing. if you do nothing, the next human they kill will be on you!The national humane soc is on this, they can protect you, too. If this is interstate, the the Feds w/b involved. Evil thrives, when good folks do nothing!

  13. You both are a bunch if wasted space walking the earth. You are little bitches and I hope justice is served for this innocent helpless baby!!!!

  14. Worthless bitches. I hope justice is served and you two pricks get what you have coming to you!!!! Your nothing but wasted space walking the earth in a form of scum

  15. I just can’t understano how nobody around these Satan’s doesn’t decide to finish this cruelty.And you know what I mean.Humans are next target,if it is ofany importance.Those two evils must be stopped…

  16. There can’t be any real punishment via laws.These two satans commented many terrible crimes before and they are about to continue their satanic job.So I can’t understand,how does nobody from their neighbourhood react in a proper way?And you know what I mean…

    1. Iagree-then they must do the sane acts- first of all how were they in possessionn of this dog? Did someone else bri g it to them to get rid of it? Why are they out on bail? They have evidence- it’s just as bad as killing a human.

  17. Bastrop Chief of Police Allen Campbell we need you to do your job and assure these psychos kill no mere animals, or later children. Please protect the innocent and helpless.

  18. You two need your hands beaten so badly with a bat that every bone is broken and some one has to feed you for the rest of your hell bound life

  19. Please end this cruelty before they move on to people next. Majority of psycho killers started with animals then moved to people. Only a matter of time. Go John Wick on their ass!

  20. I am so sick to death of animal torturers, abusers, killers. I have no time or patience to know any of their excuses anymore…hang the bloody lot of them very slowly. Punishment cannot be anywhere near enough vengenance. Also a note: doesn’t this start to tell you what they do to the doomed horses at the kill pen?????

  21. This savage video has even reached Europe. We must show the world the majority of Americans are not discusting cowards like these two pieces of shit are. Tell Bastrop Chief of Police Allen Campbell to do his duty and remove them from our society.


  23. Someone needs to give these bastards street justice! Would do it myself if given the opportunity! Special place in hell for these jerkoffs

  24. If this goes unpunished then it’s obvious there is a payoff and if they are not punished for murder then it’s time to get rid of the ones that allow this to happen, close the dump that is nothing short of a massacre, what is wrong with humans , thst us why this world is going yo just self destruct and I hope all the evil goes with it. The parents should go to jail to, thus cannot be looked at as killing if a dog, people spend millions of dollars on pets and then to see this murder happen snd yo video it tells you something about these demented. People that need to be taken out of society

  25. USA: We Must Pass Horse Slaughter Ban Before November!
    Take action at

    The current two-year session of the U.S. Congress is over at the end of this year and most of the work will be done before November’s election. We’ve already made great strides building congressional support for the SAFE Act, but time is running out for legislators to pass this important bill banning horse slaughter for good!

    You know horse slaughter is a cruel, unnecessary, predatory industry. But what you may not know is that the SAFE Act is not new legislation. Anti-horse-slaughter bills have been introduced in each Congress for the past decade. Despite widespread bipartisan support, not one of these bills has made it over the finish line. In those 10 years, approximately 1,000,000 horses have been sent over our borders to horrific deaths. Enough is enough.

    The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (S. 1214/H.R. 1942) would end this cruel practice by prohibiting the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the U.S. and banning their export abroad for that purpose.

    Every horse is just one bad sale away from slaughter. Until a federal ban is in place, no horse is safe.

    What You Can Do

    1. please take a moment to send an email to your U.S. senators and representative urging them to actively support the SAFE Act and finally pass it this year. If any of your federal legislators are already cosponsors, they will get an email thanking them and reminding them to make passage of this bill a priority in the remaining weeks of the 2015-2016 session.

    2. Then, be sure to spread the news on social media.

    Urge your Members of Congress to pass the SAFE Act to protect #horses from slaughter! Take action at

    On behalf of America’s horses, thank you!

  26. I hate the two of you with such a passion that it hurts and i hate the justice system that can allow scum like this to be amongst us

  27. This is one of the reasons I am an atheist as I cannot believe that any higher power can allow scum like this to even exist

  28. Why know if this was going on along time ago why now it have to suffer a innocent dog so someone do something about this.i hope this monster pay what they n not just them the father uncle to.

  29. Well it’s Louisiana, they’ll pay a fine – maybe 1,000 and get probation. LA doesn’t really see animal cruelty as a serious crime. Considering every dumpster has a family of dumped dogs & cats/kittens, every shelter is packed, and fosters are in short supply. Suggest some of you look into adopting a LA pet, it’s less expensive to adopt & pay for the transportation North than it is to adopt locally – plus these pets come spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and with a clean bill of health. Rescue Road Trips runs across the South all the way to Vermont every two weeks. (check it out of FB)

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