The thing [Stephanie Lopez]that gave birth to innocent little baby Brianna will be released from  from prison in a few weeks so i wanted everyone to remember what she did to her child.

Brianna Mariah Lopez was tortured every day of her 5 month old life and then she was murdered. Her mother Stephanie Lopez, father Andrew Walters and uncle Steven Lopez



The autopsy  concluded that Baby Brianna died from cranial cerebral injuries. She suffered 13 human bite marks through-out her entire body, bruising and scraping injuries throughout her hebbad, as well as on her upper forehead. She suffered a blunt force injury to her head in the last three days or less of her life which resulted in a large subdural hematoma on her brain. Baby Brianna had bleeding within the membranes around the brains, as well as around her optical nerves which meant that she had been violently shaken. Additionally, she had a significant abrasion on her buttocks which went into the buttocks and was consistent with sexual assault. The baby’s anus has no muscle tone and gaped open, at her autopsy it was observed that her anal opening was dilated a full inch. The internal examination showed a half-inch injury inside the anal opening as well as significant vaginal trauma to the labia minor, and three tears to her hyman. Brianna’s skull had 5-7 day old fractures in two places, on two different bones. Both old and new blood were present, indicating a previous injury to the brain. Brianna had two rib fractures that were weeks old, bucket handle fractures on both thigh bones, and a fracture of her left arm.

“Baby Brianna” (February 14, 2002 – July 19, 2002)

Brianna Lopez who is also known to many as “Baby Brianna”, was a baby girl who was born in a New Mexico hospital on Valentines Day, 2002 to her mother, Stephanie Lopez and her father, Andy Walters. She would have turned eleven years old on February 14, 2013 but sadly, she never made it.

When Baby Brianna left the hospital after her birth she moved into a home in Las Cruces, N.M. shared by her parents and Uncle, Steven Lopez.

The abuse started almost immediately. Instead of hugs and kisses Brianna received slaps and pinches. She was tormented on a daily basis, both verbally and physically. Slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, raped, etc. You name it this infant endured it.


Mugshot photos of Brianna’s parents, Stephanie Lopez,  Andrew  Walters and  Steven Lopez

When Brianna would cry at the pain that was inflicted on her, her abusers would laugh and stuff her mouth with clothing to muffle her screams. Her own mother would bite and pinch her when she got frustrated by the crying, but for the most part it was the infant’s father and uncle who tormented her while Stephanie sat back and ignored her daughter’s cries.


Baby Brianna was what many would consider a strong baby because she managed to survive 153 days despite coming into this cruel world weighing only several pounds.19278_102102099819498_1000005912460

On the evening of July 18th, 2002 Andy went out to purchase beer and when he came home they all proceeded to get drunk. Stephanie claimed to have had only a few beers before heading to bed in the same room the others were in. During this time both Andy and Steven decided to play their own sick, demented game where they would toss Brianna up in the air, let her hit the ceiling and watch her tumble to the ground. They would later tell authorities that Brianna was screaming and wailing when this was happening. Apparently the baby’s mother didn’t hear her daughter screaming and crying in agony.

Early the next morning on July 19, 2002 at approximately 7:15a.m. Stephanie awoke to Brianna crying and noticed fresh bruises on her and asked the others what happened. They told her that they may have been “a little to rough with her last night”. She accepted their answer and ignored her child’s injuries.

That same morning Stephanie noticed Brianna needed a diaper change and Andy volunteered to do it. During the diaper change he wrapped a baby wipe around his finger and inserted it into Brianna’s anus. He also sodomized her with foreign objects. When Stephanie noticed Brianna near death she ignored it and decided to wait several hours before calling an ambulance. When she did find the time to call them, she lied and told them her daughter had fallen from her high chair. Apparently she was delusional enough to think authorities would buy that story.

Brianna was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 11:10AM. She was just 5 months and 5 days old.movie_0001-010_00122910

Left: Large bite mark on Brianna’s arm Right: More photos showing the abuse this precious baby endured

This photo shows the back of Brianna’s head where you can see a large bite mark to her earlobe.brianna_lopez_autopsy_photo

The first officer to see baby Brianna in the hospital was Detective Lindell Wright. He remembers one thought going through his mind: “I’ve got a lot to do.”

“Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot.” said Governor Susana Martinez who prosecuted Brianna’s family.

movie_0001-007_00117353-1They took sadistic joy out of torturing this infant. Not one family member cared about her, not one of them attempted to protect her and there’s zero proof to suggest she was ever shown love in her short life. She was there for their own sadistic amusement.

When police searched the home they couldn’t find one toy or even a photo of Brianna laughing or smiling. No evidence to indicate she enjoyed one moment of her life.

Many relatives including Brianna’s grandparents knew what was occurring but ignored it. They knew their granddaughter was being raped by both her father and uncle, they knew she had pinch marks from head to toe in different stages of healing, they knew she was being tormented and had marks, cuts and lacerations but they turned a blind eye and let it continue for five, going on six more months until baby Brianna’s little body couldn’t handle the abuse any longer.

Officer Wright has seen a lot during his career but Brianna’s case will haunt him for life.

“I cried my eyes out. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. It tests you to the point you’re not sure you can speak,””You’re afraid that the emotion will take over.” said Wright.

At the time Brianna was murdered a person who committed intentional child abuse resulting in death faced a maximum of 18 years in prison.

“Eighteen years for the life of a child?” State Sen. Mary Jane Garcia of Do Ana said. “I thought it was absurd.”

It took three years of trying and in 2005, Senate Bill 166, also known as the “Baby Brianna Bill” was officially signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson. The bill made child abuse, which results in death, a first degree felony in New Mexico and set the mandatory minimum sentence at 30 years in prison.

Three relatives, including her grandparents, were sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to report the abuse. The maximum is one year.

Stephanie Lopez was convicted of negligent child abuse after she failed to do anything to help her child. The New Mexico Corrections Department said that she could be released as early as September 28, 2016. Less than 15 for her daughter’s torture death. The New Mexico State Parole Board said that it’s almost certain that she’ll be released, provided that she finds a suitable home and can meet the requirements of her release conditions.

The public was outraged when they heard about the possible release. Dozens created petitions which quickly gained signatures and many called the Governor.


Thousands of people in the community weeped over Brianna’s horrific death. Mourners who never had the chance to meet Brianna in life came together for the baby girl in her after-life. They paid for her casket and burial and claimed her body when nobody else did. Her gravesite became a memorial site with dozens of toys and flowers, something Brianna’s family didn’t approve of.

Brianna’s family and relatives didn’t put a penny towards the child’s funeral, burial and grave-stone. Heck, they didn’t even claim her, the community did. Her family didn’t want Brianna to receive love even after her death and went out of their way to purchase a cage to go over her gravestone in an attempt to shield her. The cage is a mess, unkempt and full of trash.

The community refused to let Brianna and her story simmer and still placed flowers around the cage. They’ve also created another memorial site to visit and remember the little girl who never had a chance.

When asked why they put a cage over Brianna’s grave-site, Brianna’s family had little to say.

“They were asked, and they said they just wanted to be left alone and they wanted Brianna to be left alone,” Martinez said.


Inside the cage is a cherub with a finger raised to her lips. Some believe it’s a message.

“My first thought was, ‘Let’s not talk about what’s occurred here,’” Lopez said.

The community vows to not let that happen. People still visit and leave flowers and have built another marker as well. Brianna’s story has been told dozens of times and is still being told over a decade later on websites and online memorials including Brianna Lopez Last Memories and Facebook memorials such as In Loving Memory of Baby Brianna

Detectives, social workers and prosecutors who worked on her case will also remember Brianna.

“Before they started the autopsy and her little face was lying on a white sheet and I thought she looks asleep,” Wright said. “So I just took the picture.”


The picture was photo-shopped to edit out all the marks, bruises and scars she had. It’s the Brianna the community likes to remember.


The picture hangs on the wall next to Susana Martinez’s desk.

“It’s a reminder, of course, of why we do what we do,” Martinez said. “If you forget you’ll either become calloused or you will become Jell-O. “You can’t do this job well unless you are in the middle, and that’s just a good reminder why we do it.”

Brianna is never far from the detective either. “It drives me to work harder to prevent, to be a voice for every child of abuse,” Wright said. “That’s what it does.”


Brianna Mariah Lopez was buried at Dõna Ana Cemetery in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA

July 19, 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the death of Baby Brianna. She would be  11-years-old RIP Brianna M. Lopez








  1. R.I.p baby girl. What these evil 😈 fuc#ers did to you they deserve the worst imagineable torture anyone could think of!!! I hope someday they face the same fate that they put you through.


  2. That biych need to fukn die like how why tf u would let sth like thst happen to ur child to ur bby girl nd u participated u need to burn yo i got 4 children nd 1 is a girl nd i wish sumbody would i kill a bitch or a nigga for mines bitch u sick all yall need to get locked in a room nd set on fire alive


  3. I am at a loss for words. How can anyone even think of hurting a precious little child…a baby at that??? I don’t understand people!!! I hope those animals get what they deserve they should shown the same kind of treatment they gave to poor baby Brianna….but a trillion times worse!!!!! God bless you baby Brianna you are in a better place now….rest peacefully…


  4. What a bunch of sick people they need to be locked up.and they need to be tourchered by there cell mates and die slowly.that will be some kind of justice for there baby they didn’t deserve


      • I am a loving mother and was totally shocked when I read what she allowed to happen to her little baby… how do you carry a baby for 9 months, give birth to a beautiful baby and treat her worse than an insignificant object? I will never understand the twisted thoughts of the criminals that did those horrible things to the innocent baby girl. If they didn’t love her or want her many families would have been glad to adopt and love her.


    • I wish nothing but the same for them that poor beautiful baby girl Brianna endured..Pain, torture and death..I hope the short time in prison has been hell for each of you..meaning u are with the scum of the earth killers rapist etc..i hope u were beaten raped even which I men probably enjoyed sodomized anything that prisoners x an get away with needed to be done with u not daily. .when u get outta jail Stephanie I hope u are recognized n beaten by per strangers..possibly killed..if i ever would,’ see u I would spit in ur face..Andy and Steven the same if not i hope do uble for u in prison u f’ing scum of earth. .I will not be able to go anywhere I hope ..its,a National story n u scum deserve to die a terrible n horrific death..a baby I sick f*cks..I want everything that was,done to that helpless baby to happen to u,.RIP Baby Brianna u are definately in a better place..aThis was one was has made me not only mad but emotionaI there is no way u will be able to live in the state’s..I would go in hiding..I will never have,a job n i hope u will have nothing but nightmares or h aunted by this baby..N to u grandparents may u n ur only 30 days FOR IN HELL with slong with the disgusting scum u breeded.ur just had sick has ur children for not helping ur grandchild out..I soy nd like al embed trailer TRASH!! DONE VENTING..Just cldnot let it go without this book..Brianna my ur memory live on..


  5. How could a mother even participate in something like that let alone the father of the baby and uncle. They are one sick bunch of low life’s that don’t deserve a second chance at life. If I was the mother I would have have gotten rid of both of those scumbags and rather tourcher them and see how they like it. But then they may have gotten off on that time of sydistic crap. People that do things like that to an infant, should be electrocuted themselves. They all deserve to fry. R.I.P. baby Brianna. Your suffering is no more honey and truthfully you never had parents to care or show you any kind of love that a normal child would be shown throughout their entire life. I am so sorry that you had to endure this pain baby girl.


  6. I think those pieces of shits should all be tortured everyday of their lives like they did to that poor innocent baby. This mad me angry and cried that this beautiful baby had to suffer everyday of her life and no one helped her. No one cared , no one said anything. I hate people who can do such a horrible thing to such a beautiful baby. May you all rot in hell you bastards. I wish I was the one who could determine your faith because I would make sure the rest of your lives where what you did to that poor baby.


  7. these monsters should be dead who in there right minds let’s people live that have done this ohhhh it makes me so mad God help me the sadness I feel for this baby ohh I’m so mad I can’t even comment anymore I have a 7 month old oooo I’m so pissed right now


  8. Baby Brianna,

    I hope you can see this baby girl. I hope you can hear my voice, even.. I cannot express my anger and sorrow in words but I can express my love for you, Brianna. Let me tell you, people are all sorts of wild and crazy. And wherever your beautiful soul rests.. I hope it’s nothing but pure bliss for you.

    People in the world suffer different levels of pain.. And all face their own challenges. But sweetie, what you had to go through was unethical. These were monsters who brought pure you, a magical beauty in this world. You have captivated all of us with your existence and I will never understand why your own parents did not feel the same. I’m so sorry that you had only mere months before your life was forcefully taken.

    We love you Baby Bri, I hope you can the feel the love we all feel for you. R.I.P.


  9. May these savages suffer a very painful long life in jail. If anyone of them gets out let’s hope that they are taken into a dark hole chained and tortured. May they suffer the same fate they provided for this precious child. Baby Bri you will be eternally loved by all who read your story. R.I.P baby girl!


  10. Well first off the one who rapped her needs to feel how the little girl felt.. why doesn’t he let a man but a baby wipe on his private part and put it in his but forget a finger let him feel the pain she went through. I hope I never see the mom in public cause I would have to beat that ass for what she did to her own child I’d be damned if anybody ever hurt my child and for both men I hope someone people catch them walking down the street and just beats the dog shit out of them for what they did… anybody who knew it was going on deserves the worst thing that could happen to them for not speaking up.. they don’t deserve to see the light of day ,they should sit in jail and rote away for life


  11. that fucking bitch needs to be burned alive, why do the let that slut come out of the prison??? so she can make more babies and do the same shit with them. i hope somebody will kill your ugly fucking ass


  12. This gave me chills down my spine,and made me cry.This is the sickest thing I have ever heard.These people are pure evil,and deserve to be beaten and raped for The rest of there lifes.this makes me very angry .The mother should never get out of prison .You piece of shit.


  13. THEY DESERVE LIFE IN JAIL!!!!!! if they can’t sit there everyday and beat and rape a child and not care y should they be release is it so they can do it to another child on the street or in there own family soooo keep them all all locked up for life or kill, beat and rape them so they can see how it feels!!! They don’t deserve freedom!!! KEEP THEM IN JAIL!!!


  14. My prayers are with you beautiful baby girl 😇 I pray that these three monsters are getting what they deserve and that they will not get parole this week!! I have heard that child molesters in jail get beat so so very badly, so I just know that the inmates that are with these three monsters will and would’ve been giving them what they deserve on a daily basis!! I really think that our justice system should look at the crimes people commit and if it’s murder, abuse, on either humans or animals that they should be given the same treatment they inflicted on their victims every single day of their life to the point that going back to their jail cell at bedtime is like a spa!!! I’m so sick of hearing about people doing such evil acts and either getting away with it, not doing enough time and going to these prisons that are not hard core prisons!! My brothers ex roommate was a fighter, he would go to parties and get drunk and pick fights with people that would go on for so long to the point that his victims ended up in hospitals severely beaten! And he never did time for it!! The one time I remember clearly it was thanksgiving long weekend so he had to be in jail till the Tuesday (5 days) and when he came home he said he had fun and didn’t want to come home!! He also said that his cell had a flat screen TV and that it felt like a weekend at a spa retreat!!! But he got out only cause the prisons and jails are so full that they will and people home! This time he went to jail was cause there was a few guys drinking and being loud in the park behind his house (behind his back yard is a elementary school so the schools field is attached to his fenced yard)and his sister was being woken up from this nice so he went over there with a small axe and put it in the back of one of the guys head!!! And they let him out!!! So the point I’m trying to make is its not right or fair that people are getting away with murder!!!!


  15. I honestly hope someone slits tbis mother fuckers throar. After shoving needles under her nail beds repeatedly. Shoves a hot curling iron up her ass, smashes her fingers and toes w a hammer pulls every tooth w pliers uses her for an ashtray pour skin dissolving acid all over her but in slow agonizing drips! Poke her fucking eyes w glowing red hot needles. Ihope someone catches a bunch of rats and doesnt feed them for days and locks them in the same small space this evil wretched monster is chained up like a dog w slow dripping bloody wounds and the rats chew on this bitch until she eventually dies a slooooow agonizingly tortured death!


  16. Baby Bri,
    You are safe in God’s care. What an amazing little spirit you are for enduring all the unspeakable acts brought upon you. Only you and The good Lord know what’s to come for the 3 people who visited such horrendous acts on you. The means will ALWAYS justify the end. You know the end already. There is no doubt in my mind that their end will be justified. My heart broke as I fought through the tears streaming down my cheeks trying to finish reading you’re sad story. It is impossible for me to be able to begin to comprehend how and why. I choose to believe God puts people like that here as an example for the rest of us. May he have mercy on their souls. Regardless of how they felt about you, its very clear that you are very loved. You represent so much more than people realize. Sleep well sweet angel. You are safe now.


  17. The lord allowed this little girl to come to this world and she’s been a victim of these terrible Assholes I pray that something big touches the judg and the govoner in the name of Jesus so that they don’t come out and do life in prison because this little girl never got a chance I’m so sorry she was raped and tortured with no help it’s heart breaking sad I don’t know her and I would have placed my hand in the fire for her just to give her the chance we all de serve 😥


  18. Poor wee baby rest in peace. You came into the world and these people were meant to look after you but they didn’t. I think of only you with a tear in my eye and hope what comes to these adults will be pain but will never match yours. Your in my prayer little one.


  19. It’s so hard to “like” this article; “appreciate but in horror” would be a more apt rating. I’ve known of Brianna’s case for years now; this is the first time I read about all the sickening, grizzly details. It’s hard to believe the 3 of them were not already executed and that that female was let out of prison this past Wednesday. What’s next, are they going to let the other 2 out because she whines she’s lonely for them? This is a fucking ass backwards insane asylum we live in. Evil has got to be destroyed and purged, but instead people coddle and feed it…via the slaughterhouse and all related to it. Humans are “a loving civilization”? Until someone helpless meets one of our well nourished killers (monsters) at an opportune time, that is.


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  21. The disgust of what they did makes me wonder what the he’ll were they thinking & being there family didn’t do Shit about it makes me think they did it too. They taught them too. This is how I c it…. A live for theirs. They should never have a life. Do what’s right & not let any of them sick people have a chance bc baby Brianna never did.


  22. it took me forever to type this its all i could do to think of any other reply!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE SWEET ANGLE your in loving arms now!!!!!!!!!!


  23. You are safe now in the arms of the Lord! These monsters will meet their maker and have their judgement day! Rest in peace sweet baby Breeana.


  24. I pray that someon gets ahold of these sick fuc** and takes their lives slowly especially the sorry ass mom. Poor baby girl shes a queen in heaven now and revenge will be sweet


  25. These people are creatures of the devil.It’s heartbreaking that this beautiful baby had to experience such horror.A mother and father is suppose to protect their child.It makes me more than angry that these 3 sick fucks are out and free.The judge and jury (if there was even a jury)was probably smoking crack in deciding the verdict!! Fucking nightmare! I hope someone gets a hold of them and torture them.Karma is a bitch!!


  26. This is absolutely absurd . she is not a mother he is not a father and he is not an uncle these people I will only refer to as Satan because no human on this earth could be more disgusting and soon Satan will be back where he belongs n will be there for eternity with sweet angel will look down with a peaceful grin of honor she won this fight she beat them she will now live forever in peace while they live in fire and torment


  27. This is what’s wrong with the system. Nobody protected her when she was alive and now after death nobody will protect that monster of a mother. One of her conditions should be sterilization so that she can never do this again. And I hope someone spits her out and gives her everything that poor baby got. Nothing would satisfy me more then to see her anus ripped open thrown up to the ceiling bites all over and bruises all over her. She’s a monster and one day she will be found and trust me she will get what’s coming to her. That poor lil baby did not ask to be here and it’s obvious she didn’t want her I am surprised she even gave her a name. She could of gave it up for adoption so she could of had a chance at life. All this country does is protect the perpetrator where is the justice in this… Smh I just don’t get it!!!!
    #heavens Angel Brianna #your in Jesus arms now baby girl #Everyone is sorry we could not protect you


  28. God promised that vengeance would be His! Brianna is in heaven with God the Father for eternity! She is blessed by her heavenly Father!!! This evil comes from Satan, and he too will soon be punished by God! Many blame Gid for not stopping this kind of horror, but God promised man freedom of choice, and if God wasn’t good on His promises, then He wouldn’t be God! But….He did promise to punish evil and those who commit these horrors! She will see her torment justified! And trust me….God can inflict deserving punishment! But it has to come from God, or we end up becoming the monsters! Get your hearts right, because Jesus is returning very soon! Want to see baby Brianna????? Love for Jesus….and you can spend eternity with her, and love her forever!!!!!! God bless all with this living heart!!!!


  29. R.I.P. you beatiful precious creation of GOD.My heart aches and cries, for baby Brian’s.She never even had a chance.Her life had not even begun.Taken by those even demons.I can imagine the things I’d do to child molesters, rapist and child murderers.But my GOD say, “Vengence is mine saith the. LORD.”I do not understand why animals like these are set up in protective custody then set free after taking an innocent and precious life.I’m trying my hardest to understand and not judge because that is my GOD’s. Place. To judge us all.But why allow those animals a life and freedom. I don’t condone drugs but a drug dealer gets many many years more than those animals without parole.Please LORD what is wrong with our judicial systems.Baby Briana’s life was taken in such a horrific way please rid those animals of their life’s also.


  30. Let me just say the first time I sawl this was just recently and I can’t stop thinking about how horrible it is. And to look at the pics of the nasty sob’s who did it the pos mother is smiling. It makes me really sad for her.Rest in peace poor lil baby!!!


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  32. Precious child you were. You rest now. Yr time is now with the Lord nd all the angels. My heart aches finding out how they tormented this beautiful precious little angel. This is a cruel world we’re living in. I hope nd I pray that someday these monsters get what they deserve! Hell right back to all three of them!!!


  33. There is no punishment on earth torturous enough for these monsters. When they stand before their maker, may God declare punishment we can’t even imagine. Nothing less will do. RIP sweet Baby Briana. Fly high with the angels, you have more than earned your wings 💜😇


  34. rest in peace sweet angel you didnt deserve to be treat likes this these 3 evil people should die in prison and jail your love and missed you have your angel wings


  35. I literally cried on this story. It is shocking to me that there is this kind of evil in the world. I don’t understand what the point was of this child even being born. God could have easily prevented that woman from having children. This was a senseless death and the fact that this evil piece of s**t is now out of prison is just insane. How is she ever able to walk out of those prison doors is beyond me. If you take a life especially the life of a defenseless child you should either be put to death or rot in a cell til you die. Take 80 plus years from someone and you only spend 13 years in jail for it? How? I would really like to meet this evil c*nt and put a knife through her vagina. Yes, I said that. She deserves 100x worse. Pure evil and sickening. Then to even deny her love in her death you are the true definition of evil and the devil!!!!!!


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