MONSTER Daniel George Kopulos Enslaved hundreds of birds and other animals in a house of horrors

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Home [HOUSE OF HORRORS] of Daniel George Kopulos age 41

danielexploit 82 Newtown Turnpike, Weston, CT 06883  (212) 927-5552 Daniel owns Fauna NYC Uptown Birds in New York City Business of horrors. Daniel George Kopulos perpetuates the evil exotic bird criminal trafficking racket. BIRDS WERE MEANT TO FLY FREE NOT LIVE IN CAGES LET ALONE BEING SMUGGLED AND CAGED AND THEN IN THIS CASE TO BE KEPT IN A DISGUSTING HOUSE OF FILTH AND DISEASE. wf-web-animalabuse_aviary-9-16image1__2_wf-web-animalabuse-9-16

Rhode Island Parrot Rescue worker with birds recovered from 82 Newtown Turnpike in Weston.animal-abuse-bird-rescue Upon her arrival at 82 Newtown Turnpike, last week, Corrie Butler said she was overwhelmed by the “cloying, suffocating stench of death and decay.”
Butler and a team of volunteers from Rhode Island Parrot Rescue arrived at the Weston home on Friday, Sept. 16, and removed more than 100 exotic birds to take back to their headquarters in Warwick, R.I.
The day before, Weston officials had found hundreds of birds, snakes, and reptiles, both dead and alive, inside a home and aviary outbuilding on the property. Rhode Island Parrot Rescue was called in to help.

Butler, the Rescue’s facility manager, said the smell was so bad in the two-story aviary that the team had to wear full isolation gear and respirator masks. “The floor was littered with debris, old cardboard boxes, broken down pieces of equipment, open bags of rotted bird food, and clutter,” she said.
The walls and ceiling, she said, were covered with “thick bands of spider webs” that coated the rescue team from head to toe as they entered and exited the building with arms full of carriers containing birds of all shapes, colors and sizes.

The team sorted through the “dessicated corpses” of many birds, in an effort to identify them. A number had decomposed quite a bit. “Amidst the corpses were the remains of what can be described as more beak than body of one bird,” she said, adding that the bird was possibly a toucan.

She said a number of boxes were covered with feces, seeds, droppings, and mites, and were “crawling with insects that no amount of wiping could begin to remove.”

The floor, she said, was covered with at least three inches of “foul, unidentifiable urine soaked refuse.”download

Canvas bags marked “Uptown birds,” were scattered throughout the building. The name on the bags may possibly have been a reference to the property owner’s former business, Fauna, a pet shop located on the upper west side of Manhattan.

On the second floor of the aviary, Butler came across hanging, mesh cages which she said were filled with malnourished, starving birds coated in droppings and refuse.animal-abuse-group-1-880x1024

Erica Collins, media coordinator for Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, called the situation “heartbreaking” because parrots are “beautiful, intelligent and emotional creatures.”

“People don’t realize how intelligent exotic birds can be,” Collins said. “You should have seen their little faces looking out through the carriers as they were brought inside.”

Daniel George Kopulos has been involved in the Scarlet MaCaw project that was probably some psuedo project as nature does not need our help it just needs us to let it be and leave its animals alone.


She said volunteers receiving the birds in Warwick became extremely emotional as they unpacked the impoverished creatures. They immediately assessed their health and put them in clean cages filled with food and water.


“At the end of the day it really took a toll on us,” she said. “If you saw the conditions the birds were living in you would be sick in the pit of your stomach,” she said.

Altogether, Rhode Island Parrot Rescue took in 130 birds from Weston. Quite a bit more than the facility is used to accommodating. Collins said they usually have up to 40 birds at any given time.

To ensure public health and safety measures are followed, the rescued birds are being quarantined for at least 30 days, Collins said.

To help with the substantial veterinary costs and care of the birds, the group is accepting donations on its website, Click on the tab marked “donate & wishlist.” Donations should be marked “Weston Birds” so they are applied to this case.

The public can keep track of the birds by visiting and the Facebook page — Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, where the group gives frequent updates about the birds.

Editor’s Note: The property at 82 Newtown Turnpike, Weston, is owned by Daniel Kopulos, a New York City pet shop owner.

Daniel George Kopulos (age 41) lives at 82 Newtown Turnpike Weston, CT and is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is a male registered to vote in Connecticut

Fauna NYC Uptown Birds

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26 thoughts on “MONSTER Daniel George Kopulos Enslaved hundreds of birds and other animals in a house of horrors”

  1. I can personally testify to the intelligence, sensitivity and emotions exhibited by exotic birds. My beautiful Calypso, a blue-and-gold Macaw I lost to my evil ex, was just like a little kid…sometimes sweet and loving and sometimes ornery as she could be. The Monster Kopulos story is so dreadful, so depressing… Please keep us updated.

  2. is where you can help by making monetary donations and following the latest updates on the Weston birds. They are doing wonderfully and are settling in nicely.

    1. Really? Not the response of someone who cares about these animals being severely neglected. Why don’t you contact Daniel Kopulos? He is the criminal here. Your photos are on his website. Oh, right you probably know him so you accompanied him on his conservation trips…..

  3. I was completely taken in by the façade of care and concern for animals and especially birds. I am truly shaken by this news. He cannot call himself a human being anymore. If he was overwhelmed with the responsibility, and or in a desperate financial situation, he should have reached out to other organizations for help. Even now, he is still concerned with his reputation, and has not even shown any remorse for the horrible cruelty he inflicted on these innocent creatures!

  4. Photos are being posted from this site around the world, causing psychological unrest. Some of them are from 2013 or earlier. What use is it posting a vile photo without stating if the abuser was prosecuted? And about this subject, here. Are we truly concerned about the animals’ welfare, or are we just concerned with how many unwanted animals we can collect, for cruel animal experimentation, or for grinding up into pet food? Both are for profit.

  5. And what does it matter if he was prosecuted or not, many times abusers escape prosecution so sorry but that is not the barometer if an animal was abused or not.

  6. Everyone has a right to say what they feel, but I find it really horrible to judge someone without knowing both sides of the story. Everyone is so quick to judge and ruin someone’a life only because what the news reported. Find out real facts before you judge. I’m a bird lover with a parrot for 31 years and can’t believe he would do this to any Animal.

    1. As a volunteer at the rescue who took in all of these birds, I can attest to the horrific conditions. I have seen many photos of the inside of the “aviary” and of his home, and I saw the state of the animals as they were brought into our facility. This case is truly horrific. There is no excusing his behavior, this was not simply a hoarder, or someone who got in over their head. These birds are all bonded pairs, except for those whose mates have died. These birds were undoubtedly used for breeding and we’re being neglected. It’s heartbreaking.

      1. I havent seen one photo of what your talking about. I’m sorry I need more info and photos to prove what you saw, did you see the inside or just photos? I
        Would never call anyone a lier, I find all this very very hard to believe.

      2. I havent seen one photo of what your talking about. I’m sorry I need more info and photos to prove what you saw, did you see the inside or just photos? I
        Would never call anyone you a lier, I find all this very very hard to believe.

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