Psychopathic Stanley Family Savagely Beat a Concerned Neighbor for Asking Questions about Dog Whose Throat They Slit And Tortured

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Andrew Payne’s life is in danger from the psychopathic Stanley family; We must support him as much as possible..

Bastrop, Louisiana –Two members of the Stanley family have been arrested and charged with battery since the original dog killing video was released for assaulting local resident 65 year old Andrew Payne. Payne drove past the Bootstrap Kill Pen to find out more about the dog that was killed. As he was parked on the road, Boots Stanley’s father, Greg Stanley, and cousin Michael Stanley, assaulted him, hitting him with a board and fists through his car windows. Payne says he decided to drive by and check out the Stanley family’s property, the auction barn.

“He [Mitchell Stanley] said ‘We’re going to call the police’, and I said ‘Fine.  I’ll wait. . want me to wait for the police?  Someone pulled me over from the right, from the passenger window and said, ‘You’re waiting for me,” says Payne.
“Mr. Payne advised that he was battered by a Greg Stanley who was on the passenger side of the vehicle that you cannot see in the video,” says Chief Campbell.
Boots’s father, Greg Stanley, was arrested and charged with simple battery.
Boots’s cousin,  Michael Stanley, was arrested with aggravated battery.
“I left right away, I had blood coming out, so I just went to the police station and filed a complain right there.  I’m really not sure of what to do at this point. . I’ve had people say you need to get out of town, and I can’t let that drive me out of town,” says Payne.

This Psychopathic family feel that the law does not apply to them and also they are managing horses and other animals can you imagine the horrors the animals face daily? The following photos are of Boots

Boots Stanley Sitting on a horse that he beat to death with a stick for getting stuck in the mud

Stanley after he beat a horse to death with a stick because it was easier than trying to get him out of being stuck in the mud.
Boots Stanley, son of Greg Stanley, own and operate Bootstrap Louisiana Kill Pen a facility that buys horses and sells them for slaughter in Mexico.  Stanley, and friend Steven Sadler,[ LINK TO ORIGINAL STORY ] were arrested after posting a video of themselves torturing a pit bull and then slitting his throat and watching him bleed to death. They were released on bail and entered a plea of “Not Guilty” on September 20.  A new photos show Stanley sitting on a horse that he beat to death with a stick for being stuck in the mud and the other photo shows Stanley holding up his blood covered hand, with the horse’s blood splattered across his face and shirt, grinning like it’s the best thing that has happened to him.


42 thoughts on “Psychopathic Stanley Family Savagely Beat a Concerned Neighbor for Asking Questions about Dog Whose Throat They Slit And Tortured”

  1. Bootisie is wearing a cross pendant on a chain. There is NOTHING Christian about him, his associates nor his Daddy. Personally I think (in addition to his deeply disturbed mental status) that he suffers from an inferiority complex as you will note in his booking photo he fails to make eye contact and has a tense jaw. Most likely impotency issues as well.

    1. Definitely impotency issues; an ex girlfriend of his wrote me privately and said that not even viagra worked for them; he is completely impotent and in the one inch range when it does work. Ewwww yuck.

  2. I found this back when it happened and put it on my site. These guys are just inbred thugs. Myself and other board members/officers from my org are going to attend the next hearing on December 5. This family is so accustomed to buying there way out of trouble…not this time! They are all so generous in filming these crimes for us. Greg’s brother Michael, had video rolling on the assault. Dumb does get dumber. Oh, I also found when I was researching that they have changed this business name (at least on pages/sites) to “Bastrop Ship Pen” instead of “Kill Pen”. As if we don’t know what murdering bastards they are and we will forget. Not happening, no way!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Hey im involved in so many different cases i cant keep them all straight sometimes can you do me a favor and anytime you find something new on these inbreds can you message me? either here or text me 657-777-2712

      1. Sure… I am always working several at a time as well but these guys are specifically on my radar, a “pet project”. The little punks have daddy’s money trying to save them. Then there’s always “number next” so it’s going to take all of us! Always another one! Damn…. these people are freakin’ everywhere and national “animal welfare orgs” won’t usually touch them unless Federal AWA is involved or publicized case…it’s a problem. It’s part of our mission, though. One did get finally get involved in Stanley case after the media showed up and that’s fine. Just throws more noise at these twisted hillbillies. They found another girl in LA just a couple of hours away in next 48 hrs or so with her throat cut too. Never found nor will they find that sick POS “copycat”. That baby was wandering in a huge empty area (a “dumping ground”) and she didn’t make it.

    2. excellent debbie bury these scums, i wish i was their i would jump on every one of their heads, i dont give a fuk who those inbred putas are to ms13 you aint shit, cant wait for your pretty white arses to hit jail

  3. So. we have this inbred family of hillbilly psychopaths ecstatic about their infamous rise to fame, knowing that whatever shit hole they live in is so terrified of their degenerate family, they can get away with actual murder. Big, mutant, mordant fish bottom-feeding in a fetid, scummy, little mud hole. Will anything…anything at all happen to these PsOS? Will justice be served for that poor pit bull or the horse and the undoubtedly multitude of others who have suffered at the hands of these monsters? Probably not. I can only pray.

  4. As the victim, I am glad to see this story getting spread around. The more press, the better.
    You know, Bastrop has such a bad reputation as the most dangerous town in Louisiana, you would think that the authorities would be up in the Stanley’s face every day watching their every move just waiting for a chance to shut them down.
    Unfortunately, the kill pen brings in much needed dollars to this decaying town and bottom line, its all about the Benjamin’s.
    In any event, thank you for publishing this article.

    1. Frankly, I’ve spent some time in Louisiana, have always loved it–Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans–but never heard about the insidious reputation of Bastrop. It’s always about the almighty dollar, isn’t it? We’ll try to keep this in the news…and in the authorities’ faces for as long as we can, Andrew. These scum-sucking bottom feeders should not get away with nor, for God’s sake, derive pleasure from animal cruelty! God has a special place for these lowlifes in hell.

    2. Thank you Andrew for emailing me back and thank you for standing up to these inbreds. No town needs to make money off the backs of animals, that kill pen is a hideous disgusting place and those horses need to be let go either free roaming or to a good safe home. If a town needs money leave animals out of it. Make money some other way. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way!
      I want to help you in anyway to bring these idiot Stanley inbreds to justice. If in anyway i can run a campaign, send letters, contact officials let me know i can gather large groups to do this.
      Thanks again Andrew.

      1. Received info that the DA there resigned. So we’ll be dealing with a “new” one, it appears. Nothing on change in court date though. We still plan on being there Dec 5.

        Somewhere on that page is a post listing a lot of contact numbers for officials.
        The state attorney handling the case, Stephen T. Sylvester told me that they have received a ton of mail about this case.
        His number is 318.281.4907
        His address is 100 East Madison, Bastrop, La 71221.
        Other than doing a drone strike on the kill pen, I guess that is all that can be done for now.
        I wouldn’t know how to get media attention on the case. The Stanley’s don’t seem to mind the media attention.

      3. I love the drone strike idea, anyone know where i can get one of those drones that they use in the mid east but control from here? Oh Gawd i would love to have that capability!

  5. Sent an email with update on the DA plus another. He’s out mid-term. After many, many years and “doesn’t want to leave” he stated. Very generic reason, no emergency. Hmmmm….. And he worked in juvenile diversion. These killers were juveys not so very long ago, weren’t they? What do you think he knows that makes these rednecks nervous?

    1. I’ll help get this out. Thanks for sending. I saw it before but didn’t realize it wasn’t getting attention.

      Sent from my iPhone


      1. Thx! I just checked and it’s barely moved. I don’t understand why as when I first tweeted about Bastrop people I didn’t know were tweeting me like crazy so the fact that it’s stalked is puzzling. 4377 signatures and it was started 7 months ago. As far as petitions go, this one was written quite well. When I tweet it, I use pictures that I’ve added text to as I feel we are a visual society. Don’t know what else to do.

    1. Next hearing is 12/5. They pleaded not guilty on 9/20 despite the video evidence. Myself and Officers from my org will be attending on 12/5 unless postponed or “filing of motions” only. If that’s all that’s on agenda for the hearing (it’s being checked), we have other cases to get to “at location”.
      Of course, in the days following the 9/20 hearing Daddy and relatives physically assaulted Andrew, as Alafair reported, because they are accustomed to getting away what whatever they do. Again, on video. Sometimes “stupid” is an asset for us. Then, suddenly both the current long-standing DA and the Sheriff resigned, DA eff 11/4/2016 (quickly). Resignations required interim appointments and special elections. Hmmmm…wonder what all they know about these boys? Oh yes…then evidence was found that Daddy Greg was accused of sexual abuse by former students (when he was a teacher).
      Blood money from their slaughter has protected them thus far (even from the Dept of Ag despite multiple complaints against their bloody business. Not this time! These bastards are going to pay. We shared a letter template addressed to the DA requesting any and all sealed records that may exist on these two twisted POS subhumans be opened for the court. These boys were juveniles not long ago, DA worked closely in “juvenile diversion”. Let’s see what’s going on in that county! Why does the county protect them at every level, at what cost? Fear, money?? They are bullies with a lot of dirty money and they need to be stopped. Lock the little twats up!!

      1. Y’all are going to be there? Well, as long as others are going, I’ll give serious thought about going myself.
        I’ll check with the states attorney to see if I can.

  6. Does anyone know the petition writer? Kenny Barber from Hudson, FL? The petition just now is only at 4,440 which basically means it’s dead in the water and I think I know why. Its too “factual” or as we say in nursing, too “clinical”. It is precise in stating what they’ve ben charged with but I think it needs more passion, more emotion, I think if the writer added the atrocities they participated in more people would understand. A writer needs to be intelligent and state the facts & charges but also needs to infuse the sheer horror that they’ve inflicted. Not who punished/didn’t punish them and what it cost/didn’t cost. The way it reads now is too factual and less emotional. I feel like I’m reading a statute:

    The Stanley Brothers, with their long involvement in the horse slaughter trade, have had numerous convictions and complaints filed against them. The Stanley Brothers history includes: 1. Cruelty complaints filed locally concerning dead animals on their property, with the officer finding dead horses, cows and sheep both inside and outside the barn. However, no investigation was launched and no charges filed (a local official told investigators that the Stanleys have money and influence and are thus unlikely to have any problems with such complaints). 2. Conviction and fine of $10,550 for violating Equines to Slaughter Regulations, which included a violation for transporting a horse blind in both eyes. 3. Conviction and fine of $12,800 for the illegal shipment of EIA infected horses, breaking the laws regarding both the Animal Health Protection Act and again the Equines to Slaughter Regulations. 4. Violations of Federal Motor Carrier laws include: False or no log book; False report of drivers record of duty status;No medical certificate on driver’s possession.

    Trust me on this the, wording like this doesn’t grab at the readers heartstrings, doesn’t hit them in the gut. And that’s what this petition needs ~ hard hitting examples of terror and inhumane acts.

    1. If you think it should be re-written we can do it through NARWAI unless you plan on doing it. I pretty much thought the same. We find this in many petitions. Verbiage is everything with them….and presentation. Or if you have more information and were doing one that’s great… We’ve been gathering a ton of the information on this family for our member site. They need to be held accountable for their actions like another other animal killer and violent criminals…All of them. There’s a lot to add to what’s there now as well.

      1. I sent a PM to the writer and I just popped in to FB and noticed he’s accepted my friend request (didn’t realize a pm was the same as friend). To be honest I am not well versed in this atrocity because until just a few months ago I strictly advocated for K9s that died due to handler incompetence ~ usually hot car deaths. I truly don’t think I’m qualified based on my lack of knowledge. I’ve put texts on their photos and added their YT videos to my tweets to generate interest. I make a point of checking signature status every few days as I schedule tweets and this one was concerning me especially since it went out 8 months ago.

      2. I am having a terrible time with ForceChange over petition wording. The writer put a photo of a springer spaniel in a red sports car up for a K9 in AR. Ten she targeted the letter to the wrong agency. They finally changed the photo. Now it is a GSD K9 bomb singing dog who died in 2015 after retirement. He worked in WI! His badge is on his collar. And petition targets someone else but still wrong. I have commented on page as well as many others.3 LEOs and I have emailed FC yet they refuse to acknowledge us. So we are trying a different approach. FWIW, it was the third erroneous petition in a row I caught. One was written by a copyeditor!

  7. Ok I’m at my wits end! Just checked and petition has 4,889 supporters! This is crazy! It’s been up for 8 months! I sent a PM on FB to writer, he accepted my friend request, I did an extremely PC pm to him and never received a response. The Bastrop FB page is quite active and reads that local tv media did 2 part expose on kill pen. I am at a loss as I’ve added text to pics (we ARE a visual society after all) and even used the dead horse that the FB page has as their cover. Anybody?

  8. February 27th, 2018 9am Bastrop, LA courthouse. This is a jury trial. I’m attending to get justice for the beaten old man, 100s if abused animals and the dog that got his throat slit.
    I want justice done against these cowards.

    1. Feb 27th is a “status hearing”. It was reported back in Oct (after that hearing) the trial would begin on the 27th but that is incorrect.

  9. We (NARWAI) planned on going but then found out the details. Decided instead to go to other locations where action is needed. However, advocates ARE attending this hearing so I don’t mean to discourage you from attending. We simply thought that (since others are there to be a presence for the victim$ we should instead get to some other locations for cases that really need to be handled “hands on”.

  10. As we thought, the hearing would NOT been time well spent for NARWAI. Defense requested postponement, granted by judge. HEARING DIDN’T HAPPEN, much less a trial as was announced after Oct hearing.

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