Sisto Michael Fea, 24 Wilminton NC RAPED a dog

Don’t Free Man Accused of Raping Dog

WILMINGTON, NC , Wilmington man is accused of raping a dog outside of a home on Bagley Avenue.

Wilmington police say a witness sitting in a parked car at a nearby church saw Sisto Michael Fea, 24, walk out of the home holding a small black dog.  The witness told police Fea raped the dog. When the dog reacted, Fea dropped the dog and kicked it. The dog then ran off.

The witness claims a short time later, Fea walked out of the home and did it again. The witness turned on their headlights and Fea went back inside.

Police obtained a warrant for Fea.

He was arrested on Saturday. The dog was taken into custody.

Fea is charged with crimes against nature, felony cruelty to animals and a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals.

His bond was set at $50,000.

According the the StarNews, during Fea’s first court appearance Judge Sandra Ray was not willing to release Fea without a bond. Instead, she reduced his bail to $25,000. If Fea makes bail, Ray ordered, he is to be on electronic monitoring.

Lola, who is currently being housed in the New Hanover County Animal Services shelter, is going to stay with a foster family, Jordan said in court. Ray ordered Fea to stay away from the animal and that Lola not be released to Fea’s roommates or family

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10 thoughts on “Sisto Michael Fea, 24 Wilminton NC RAPED a dog

  1. Let’s make a deal to avert each other to this abuse. I’m particularly interested in K9s who are abused by or die because of negligent handlers. My life was saved by one a long time go in a subway station (he had cop with him of course but it was the dog who reached me first). I have dedicated my adult life to paying it forward for all animals but especially K9s.

    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France


  2. This is so sick! This sicko must do time for this horrid act plus put his fine back up to $50,000 & ban him from ever owning or being around any animal!

  3. This cruel pervert needs to serve appropriate time in prison, among the general population, so he may find out what it is like to be grossly and painfully penetrated on a regular basis and then be drop kicked across the room for good measure. He is a hideous, sick demon. Poor dog. Wishing her a most happy, safe life from now on.

    • Hi, I just received an e-mail saying his bail was reduced to $2,500 and he made it. Of course, $2,500 is nothing. I thought bail was originally set at $50,000 and the judge reduced it to $25,000. Could it really be that he only paid $2,500? If so, that judge needs to go. I’m ready to write her a scathing letter.

      • I have added her FB page and the reduced bail yaddy yaddy to all of my wets about him. I schedule tweets so I stayed up last night and changed all the wording. Even included her photo.


  5. hey everyone I just wonder if anyone knows if they are going to make him not able to ever own an animal again, I mean just restrict him from Lola is not enough in my opinion, can we make a petition on this somehow anyone ?

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