Uzya Baktybay Skinned his Dog Alive and then forced him to “SIT” for a photoshoot




The man you see in the above image above painfully skinned his dog while he was alive after sedating him. Then he took pictures of the poor skinned dog and proudly posted them on various social media sites. He continued to brag about the experience stating that he “enjoyed the process” and even noted that he had given the Staffordshire Terrier dog special sleeping pills to get him to fall asleep in the beginning, then woke him up forcing him to “SIT” for a photo shoot. This low-life human continued to brag as reported via social media and major Russian news sites.

A public outrage and 2 petitions have been created: 1 Petition + 2 Petition   these horrible acts demand that the man who did this is found and strictly punished. The man has been identified on several Russian websites as Uzya Baktybay. Reports also note that he lives in Taraz, which is in the southern part of Kazakhstan.

Many of his friends on social media were also reportedly encouraging and mocking the dog who had been skinned alive!

Outraged people posted their anger on VKontakte, a Russian social media platform, and shortly after, the horrific photos were deleted to conceal the crime. Baktybay even went as far as to delete his entire social media account, but thankfully someone had already copied the image and now thousands are demanding justice for the horrible acts that have happened.

People also noticed other disturbing images on Baktybay’s social media account which depict him organizing various series of dog fights in his garage which point to further acts which we may not even know the extent of now.

There is a Criminal Code of Kazakhstan (According to Article 316), which prohibits the mistreating of animals and it is punishable by law, but action at this time and as we currently know has not been fully taken.

We are asking you to please sign this petition demanding that justice and a full investigation is taken to stop this dangerous animal abuser. Any horrible human who would do such a thing like this deserves to be held 100% fully responsible.

Some may question if this really happened, however the story has major news coverage on many Russian news networks as seen below:




Demand justice—Please sign and share these petitions: 1 Petition + 2 Petition

The picture below was of the dog before he was skinned


Here’s what happened after he was skinned


Here’s Uzya Baktybay, the person who was reported posting these images on social media before deleting them


Videos of Uzya Baktybay from his VK Social media Profile, his favorite past time seems to be #dogfighting one of the most heinous of all activities

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[wpvideo sxVIBRJa]

[wpvideo 1PolGGew]

[wpvideo vi8fo4eg]

[wpvideo n8v5411u]

Demand justice—Please sign and share these petitions! 1 Petition + 2 Petition

This is his VK Profile

25 thoughts on “Uzya Baktybay Skinned his Dog Alive and then forced him to “SIT” for a photoshoot”

    1. tessa connorton

      Lock this #savage away and lose the key. children will be next on his list…. WARNING… a bullet in the head is probably better. rid the #world of this #scum.

      1. No he is a god among men.
        He isn’t held back by LAWS that serve only the weak.

        My name is CHRIS VERDI and I support abuse in all forms. Philadelphia is my hunting ground. I love easy targets like kids.

  1. I’m completely HEARTSICK over the DEPRAVED kind of TORTURE that poor dog was made to endure, drugs or no drugs the dog would’ve suffered immense pain and SHOCK!!! This is a NIGHTMARE, like something out of Silence of The Lambs, only it’s for real!!! It’s the epitome of EVIL. The DERANGED BASTARD who’s responsible deserves to be hunted down…there needs to be a bounty put on his head. Perhaps then someone will come forward to rat out where he is. My WISH is for an eye for an eye kind of JUSTICE/REVENGE for him ASAP…nothing less would ever do!!! As for his perverted CRUEL friends there should be SEVERE PUNISHMENT for them too!!! Actually there’s no punishment that could ever be enough for those SCUMBAGS. In the photo’s of him posing with family member’s I hope like hell the toddler isn’t his, if so the child needs to be removed and taken into safety at least until that ANIMAL TERRORIZING PSYCHOPATH is apprehended.

  2. omg..this is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. I am distraught over this act of horror.  Someone, please find thins “thing” and do to him what he did to this poor dog, helpless dog…..

  3. this piss of shit should have the same should be done to him without sleeping pills get that lowlife putin to regulate animal welfare now!!!!!!! most russians are lowlifes

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